[Workshop Mode] Passive Abilities


by sweetenereboy


After watching a youtube video about passive abilities, i thought that it would be interesting to create some in the Workshop. I have created passives for all heroes except Moira, Tracer, Symmetra and Ashe. I have read the next patch Workshop update, and I would like to experiment with Ashe ammo, Tracer and Symmetra charges and Moira resource.


—> To play: 2YS1G
—> To experiment: PPCSJ





If Orisa has not used any abilities, attacks or received any damage in the last five seconds, then she gains a movement speed increase of 20%


Deal of the Day:

Healing Roadhog charges the healer ultimate faster


Impulse Control

Sigma melee deals 10 additional damage (40 damage in total) and applies knockback


Better Defenses

The Barriers Projector cooldown is instantly reset whenever a teammate is eliminated

Wrecking Ball

Lab rat

When dropping to 150 HP, Wrecking Ball gains a movement speed increase of 50% in ball form.



The Quick

Critical hits will reduce the current cooldown of the Roll abilities by two seconds



Frozen enemies receive an additional 10% damage from all sources

Soldier: 76

The Legs

Sprinting will speed up the cooldown of Soldier’s other abilities


My baby!

Having the turret active, gives Torbjörn a movement speed increase of 20%, and reduces damage received by 20%.


Spider’s Sense

When Widowmaker eliminates an enemy with a headshot, she can quickly see where other enemies are through the map for 2.5 seconds.



Coming next patch



Coming next patch



Coming next patch




Ana heals herself 30% of what she heals her allies



Coming next patch


True Harmony

When both orbs have been applied for more than 2 seconds, Zenyatta receives 30% less damage, and his healing is increased by 30%.


In the Workshop editor, there’s a rule for customization only. Maybe its a little bit confusing, so I’m gonna explain it here. Ingame there are also some explanation, but I also wanted to explain here.

Percentatge customization:

With some heroes, the values are over 100. So, 100 is the default. For example, if you want to modify Orisa passive and set 70% movement speed instead of 30%, you will have to put 170 in the variable. Another example is Torbjorn damage received reduction. If you want the reduction to be 40% instead of 20%, you will have to put 60 in the variable. This is because 100 is the default damage received, if you want -40%, you will have to substract 100-40 = 60.

Percentatge multiply

In some cases you have to subtract the percentage. For example with Ana, the healing received is 30% of the total heal. What the script does is multiply every heal by 0.3, and then heals this quantity to you. If you want the healing to be 50% instead of 30%, you will have to put 0.5 in the customization variable.

Blatant numbers

In some cases its so much simpler, you just have to put the number that you want. For example, in McCree case you just have to put the number of seconds in the variable.


–> Script: All done by: sweetenerboy#2602
–> Ideas and concepts:
----> This video has been very helpful: Video
----> This reddit threat has also helped: Threat
----> This post has also helped with Zenyatta: Post
----> If I have used ur idea and you don’t appear here, comment and I’ll add it

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For Ashe, possibly something like:
15% chance to restore bullet when firing.
Maybe for Tracer, Restore all Blink charges with elimination.
Moira could have: +25% healing power when healing resource is <50%.
Not too sure about Sym yet. Not sure if you’re even taking suggestions.


Yes! Thanks for the suggestions. With Symmetra I was thinking something like getting an elimination at low health restores you a turret or -3 seconds on the portal cooldown. I’ll think of something, thx for the feedback!


Personally would suggest one blink restored with an elimination

Sym could be if all 3 turrets are active she gains a damage buff? Or possibly give her shields when her teleporter is up (with the new patch, you should be able to add that)

Ashe’s one is awesome

Moira’s is good too!


i have been working on the same thing 4 times its just that everytime when im done, i dont have a backup and acidently save another gamemode overriding the passives file making me start over.

Lmao I did like 5 presets of this because I spent a lot of time. What were your ideas?

I was and am greatly inspired by some of your ideas. I made my own workshop mode to play around and try some new things as well as a post describing my changes. I hope you enjoy and give some feedback! New Passives (concepts)