New symmetra is yet another tank killer

Her gun is basically built to shred barriers as well as whoever is behind them as soon as the barriers break. With the introduction of Brigitte killing rien, as well as the reaper and mei buffs to stop a “potential tank meta”. Not to mention rien is buggy as all hell. why on earth do they need more tank killers?


Because pirate ship meta is still on the rise. And another shield character was just added. I really love this change, I will miss the lock on but I understand why they scrapped it


Better than having 125 damage balls pierce the barrier?
Pretty sure her balls explode on barriers now, otherwise against a Rein barrier it’s just gonna be as if another Soldier is shooting the barrier but she’s gotta charge the weapon instead making it more effective against spam barriers like Orisa.


yes but there are plenty of options to deal with pirateship, such as…

  • better pirate ship setup

  • sombra

  • focusing the bastion with a well co-ordinated attack


3 counters to an entire meta isn’t acceptable. Symmetras rework is fine.


not when one of the characters she will counter is already greatly suffering. also, he is used less on pirate ship than orisa is. if they want to counter bastion bunker, make her counter bastion, not rien

Symmetra shouldn’t be left without the buff just because Rein is in a bad spot. They need to fix Rein and Symmetra both and they are on the right path. Sorry your main isn’t doing so well, hope they announce a buff for him soon.


i hope so, also thank you for the sympathy. i recall hearing a while back that they are planning on reworking an unannounced hero. i have hope that it is rien. fingers crossed


Honestly, Symmetra needed something bad, even moreso than Reinhardt. He’ll get his buff, but just need to be very patient.


She was already IMO a great counter against Rein because her orb already hits like a brick to the head and if you get 2 of them you’re giving that Rein a deadly time, especially if a healer isn’t on him…But this is better


i just hope they buff his shield health or make him cc resistant

While I’m not against the ability to break shields there are some serious issues I have with this design.

  1. Nothing about it says they’re going to increase the range. Okay, he does say they’re increasing the range but they don’t say by how much. I’m guessing at least 15 meters.
  2. It’s still going to be inconsistent damage. I rather have consistent damage.
  3. Sounds like she’ll still have a hard auto lock, where I rather they gave her soft auto lock like Moira with extended range. I really need to improve my reading ability. Apparently they’re removing lock on altogether so it’ll be more like a Zarya beam.
  4. Nothing about how her secondary fire will change. Read the actual post. Apparently her secondary fire will have 1 second charge up instead of 2 second, increased speed, and will no longer pierce through enemies, rather it’ll explode on impact. Not sure if it’ll still pierce through barriers but I doubt it.
  5. The changes of the damage isn’t going to help her much in high tiers but in low tiers players will suffer against her more.

These changes don’t really sound appealing at all.

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if the team is any good symmetra will be shredded by focus fire instead of gaining ammo back from shields.

but shooting the same damn thing is something only league players can do, right?

correct, also if there are multiple targets and not much communication she wont be focused down quick enough

So a longer, thicker, Zarya beam for Symm

I’d rather they kept the “pass through everything” orbs and save the impact = explosion bit for a fire based hero or something, but the beam change is nifty, and I say this as a Rein main.

I trust Rein will get his time under the microscope. 2 years later, and heroes are no longer just absract ideas cobbled together and tentatively balanced in such a way they can’t run away with their power. …Mostly. Blizzard has a clearer picture as to how Overwatch is optimally played and can now balance and rework heroes to better function within that picture.

One big lesson we’ve learned is that stationary heroes just don’t work so well in Overwatch. They all have to be able to play aggressively. Even the builders need to be able to pick up their stuff and move at a moment’s notice. They can’t afford upwards of 20 seconds setting up a nest that will get obliterated in two. Symmetra looks to be evolving towards working in a more active play style rather than her currently fairly passive one, and that’s a good thing.

I look forward to the new Symmetra, barrier melting/ignoring weapon included.


I just want her alt fire to still pierce shields is all. Everything else was amazing

i bet its gonna be the thiccest beam in the game


Extra thicc like her thighs


great minds think alike

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