NEW SHORT STORY: Pharah is Lesbian & Baptiste is Bisexual

Blizzard just released a new short story titled “As You Are” and it officially confirms Pharah is Lesbian and Baptiste is bisexual. You can read it here:

TL;DR: Baptiste, Pharah, and Cassidy are on a dropship heading to Gibraltar. Baptiste feels tension and insecurity about joining Overwatch due to his past as a mercenary. He mistakenly assumes Pharah and Cassidy are in a romantic relationship, but Pharah clarifies that they’re just close friends and she’s a lesbian. They discuss their connections to other Overwatch members and Pharah’s complicated relationship with Mercy. Pharah encourages Baptiste to relax and assures him they’re in this together. Baptiste finds solace in their similarities and looks forward to the future.


Of course they are :roll_eyes:


Bap be thrown out so many hints its ridiculous.


Why would the lore team feed the shippers this way?

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Neat? I guess? Moving on.


Oh boy, i can predict this forum going to be on fire in the next few hours!

:fire: :fire: :fire:


Oh I can already smell smoke.

The fact that Mercy is heavily implied to already be with Genji is going to be the knife through the heart of these people, the shippers that is. So close yet so far.


curiously the rate at which these heroes are coming out of the closet seems to perfectly correlate with when Blizzard does something stupid or evil and needs an easy PR boost.

I expect Overwatch to be a gay dating sim by the end of the year. lol


More tokenism yay

Remember tracer is also lesbian despite it rarely getting brought up, soldier 76 is gay which has literally never been brought up again since it was announced and lifeweaver is pansexual because apparently the hero didnt have enough about him with his 17 different abilities and passives :man_shrugging:t2:

Blizzard do realise just saying a character is a thing is not representation right? RIGHT!

You cant just say they are a thing to say you have that thing in your game. That is tokenism :rofl:

Either actually make them gay/les/pan…… and do something with it to advance their character or dont bother. At this point its just checking off a list


Huh this adds to my theory that after every major controversy at blizzard they make a hero gay


Bro it has to be some kinda strategy. :skull:

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This should distract people from the PvE fiasco, right?



I guess this is what is considered good writing nowadays.


Just lile making soldier gay distracted people from “dOnT yOu GuYs hAvE pHonEs” fiasco right? RIGHT??

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Cue eye rolls. Another out of the blue character that LGBTQ+. There was nothing I am aware of that hinted on Pharah being a lesbian.

Please get some better writers that know what character depth means.

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Very coincidental that its pride in 2 days and now they drop this nugget. As though they are just doing it for publicity

As soon as pride is over it will never be brought up again. According to blizzard lgbt only exists 1/12 of the year

It started as a meme, but it really is depressing just how clockwork this “In case of fiasco, break glass” routine seems to be now.


Also, this game has a lot of of non-straight characters, hasn’t it? (Not that it’s bad of course.)

But if we look at statistics are roughly 5% of the human population lgtbq. It’s clearly more than 5% in the Overwatch universe.

Just something I noticed.
Is it weird? It’s in a universe with robots and magic. This isn’t the weirdest thing.