New ranking system

Hello everyone,

I really would enjoy if we could have a personal rating for our in-game performance. Sometimes you do your best, got 18k healing with Mercy but you still lose because people keep suiciding or trolling.

I feel that this isn’t fair. If you are very bad, but got carried up with a super team, you get higher ranks. If you’re unlucky, solo queueing, you’re almost blocked in lower ranks. The system whould consider our personal play, not the other ones.

For example, when you play a ranked game and half your team leaves … you need to stay until the end to avoid punishment … and you still got deranked … So you get a double punishment for playing your game … That’s not fair nor right. I know the world’s not fair, but if video games don’t even try … What’s the point playing. All I have from OW is frustration.

Hope that something will change, otherwise, no way I continue to play or buy OW2.
Not wasting my time with this system, the community who’s becoming toxic etc.

Played last game, got lots of healing, got insulted of not doing enough heal. And the extra thing, being a girl, I got asked to go back to my kitchen and let the men play real games alone. I quit the ranked game facing too much hatred. And I got punished for leaving. Seriously, you must endure this kind of behavior just to play.


Pretty interesting idea for sure!

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What would it judge?
It can’t be raw numbers. Stats are misleading and inflatable
Pretty sure we had an issue with stat padding in this game at one point before too.

Let’s take your mercy as an example.

You did a lot of healing, that’s great and all but mercy’s best ability is her m2. We’re you using that? Was mercy even yhr right pick? We’re you trying to keep up bad players instead of enabling those who played well?


My relativistic stat idea would solve the issue you described.

It’s a lot of data but could be “flattened” (by rounding damage or healing to the nearest .5k). The idea is and individual performance is compared and recorded to the performance of everyone in the lobby - even the enemy team.

As the season goes on, now those relative relationships have averages. So now if you lose, but you did 18k healing and relative to your performance your tank is low damage, then the system can recognize your relative performance.

The issue your recognizing is that we have stats and the game rewards or punishes based on individual stats. But in football, a great wr can’t have great stats if the qb is known to be bad. Or the opposite, wr coming from a great team turn out to be duds and we realize the qb was making them great.

Individual performance can be and will be affected by your teammates performance. How do you find the diamond in the rough?

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Well the enemy team had a Bastion in a small corridor … My team never tried to flank, they just keep rushing Bastion and dying. They died that way for the whole game … I don’t know sometime, you try to adapt … and not keep rushing.

Another game, people of my team keep going the same path all the time. The enemy team understand that, they adapted and took all the cancer character. When you suggest your team to change the route and flank them, the only answer you have is shut um scum.

@ [SgtSlaughter] I agree with you … Blizzard already do that for Heroes of the Storm. They say at the end of the game, you performed at 99% of all other players using the same character …

Talks about healing as mercy… :skull:

This is not good man, very bad to healbot


I think you didn’t even read the topic … you’re the perfect example of the kind of person I was mentionning previously. You criticize without having any element …

You also call me man when I write that I’m a girl… Proof that you took some time to read the post. Thank you for your opinion very cosntructive.


Did you swap off mercy at any point? Talking about adapting but only playing a hero that is only as good as her dps for the entire game would seem quite hypocritical.

Then play a hero that can make opportunities for your team.

I didnt get to t500 by only winning the games where my teammates played well.


I like playing lots of characters (Moira, Mercy, Ana, Baptiste, Lucio). But like all gamers, I have some characters I struggle with.

Just 5 minutes ago, I played Pharah, got pinned down by Cassidy, took Reaper and kill everyone.

I’m not the best player, but I have a brain … And just dare telling me that you never found teams where you feel desperate.

Also, you can’t carry a team alone. When your role is healer, and the two other roles lack, it’s not like you’re gonna take Lucio to tank or be the first dps. The only way to avoid this is to play the traditional ranked game with teams having no tanks nor no healers and I admit, when it happens, after losing one round (if I’m the only tank or heal), I swap and consider it as a loss.

You want a perfect example of the situation I am facing ? Yesterday I played with the pve missions. I solo queued the mission where killing an enemy heals the others. I played 5 games until I found a nice team. The four previous ones, people were killing different character. when you start aiming the same than that one Orisa, she switch target so that we never made it out of the first room. Try to swith your character, it’s not going to do any good.

Another problem I face, after one round lost of half of first round every 50% of the games, people quit …

Also when you play in lower ranks … it’s total mayhem. I see the difference with the three roles where I’m in three rankings.

You didn’t answer the question. Did you swap off mercy at any point?

Let me ask you this, you know all those unranked to GM streams? How is it that those players can consistantly climb to GM if one cannot carry?

Yeah that will happen when the devs abandon their game.

I have a few alts. It’s uncoordinated, yes, that’s only a bad thing if you can’t take advantage of the enemies lack of coordination.


this is an opinion stated as if it were fact

further, an opinion that many players, myself included, disagree with


How is this an opinion stated as a fact? If you want to heal, go baptiste, his healing is simply way better than mercy’s single beam. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. If you play mercy, the way you get the most value out of this hero is using the damage boost, the healing is not how you carry as mercy. Look at any OWL support playing mercy, being able to resurrect DPS and damage boosting them while remaining in an unkillable position is how it’s done.

If you play mercy and your main objective is to heal/damage boost anyone other than your DPS and occasionally peel for your other support, you’re playing her wrong and you might as well switch to a main healer which outputs way more healing than mercy.


big healing means that your other support will have not enough ult charge… your primary job is to damage boost =\

similar thing with DPS players… big damage numbers means they are bad at securing thier kills… widow that does only 2000 damage and kills 10ppl alot more horrifying to enemy than widow that does 6000 damage and kills same 10ppl


I did read the post, I was criticising the first part of your post which is you mentioning 18K heals as such as it is an achievement, it is literally the opposite by indicating you are a healbot that focuses only on healing and doesn’t utilize the hero’s full kit.

Just stop, its Mercy’s best usage is objectively pocketing a DPS and damage boosting. She is not meant as a healbot, watch some higher ranked gameplay and you will know. There is a reason games are balanced with the highest ranks in mind, because they KNOW how to play the game correctly.
Its not a coincidence that healbots are stuck in low to mid ranks =]

Yes you can, you can DEFINITELY carry as Support heroes, ESPECIALLY Zen, Lucio, Bap, Ana AND Moira.

There is a reason me and other GM supports can walk through Bronze to Masters like a breeze with atleast 80% winrate

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From every high rank players that live in an Ivory Tower, I can tell you one thing … People who doesn’t live to spend their life on the game and that doesn’t take OWL like a super ultra reference, (And guess what ? It’s the majority of players) will end up stopping the game. In fact, if you check the numbers, OW lost so many players with the years.

And you guys are not helping the building up of a strong community by always criticizing like if you hold the very and unique truth. From my window, people whjo thinks like that are the most extremist and the most dangerous.

Just to mention also that I was talking at the first place of a New ranking system. Not of you play right or you play wrong. But as usual people can’t focus, they need to show they have a big ego. Consider that my last post / answer at the moment.

Enjoy staying with your kind and enjoy seeing the game dying little by little.


Ah yes- “people who are better than me, have no life” =]

Like its not due to the fact that the game had basically zero updates in years? :thinking: :thinking:


For these people, everybody below them is trash but everybody above them is a no lifer with thousands of hours. They fail to see the blatant hypocrisy.


They always have these dumb ways to cope :yawning_face:
(Hulk stop stalking =] )


No, stats CAN be misleading, that doesn’t mean that they’re inherently misleading or that there’s no correlation between stats and performance/contribution. As for them being “inflatable” I don’t know that I agree with this logic (particularly if the absent-minded inflation of numbers is likely to lose you the match, which it arguably is). If a gm is dropped into a gold match, they’re going to have higher numbers because they’re doing more. “Inflating numbers” and “high numbers with high value” are discernible from one another in any competent rating system.

It doesn’t have to be all raw numbers, but raw numbers can and should be a factor in the allotment of points. If a Junkrat gets 30k damage, putting his performance in the 95th percentile of all junkrats at that rank and in similar circumstances, and the player loses, in my opinion that’s not a good outcome. And I think most people would be inclined to agree. This is why star athletes are compensated differently for great stats even if their team’s performance is abysmal. And for obvious reasons, there is no concern that a star player would “inflate” their stats by, say, never passing allowing them to get 50 points a game while guaranteeing constant losses. Yes, their individual stats matter, but the system is structured in such a way that losing is still a disincentive for inflationary behavior.

False. Mercy’s “best ability” is situational and varies from match to match, team to team, and circumstance to circumstance.

If this player’s best hero is Mercy, then Mercy was the right pick. And you know that playing meta heroes or having large hero pools is irrelevant at lower ranks. There are several valid reasons for someone to play Mercy, and Mercy is flexible enough to do well at any given rank (there are TONS of players who have one tricked mercy to Diamond/Masters/GM). Focusing on this players performance, particularly when you don’t know how well they performed seems tangential.

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You and I both know there are tons of scenarios to pick Mercy and pump out lots of healing, particularly in lower ranks, where keeping players alive/resurrecting them can and often does matter more than bolstering questionable damage output.