New Player Problems

So l’ve recently picked up Overwatch, and while i love the concept of the game there’s some things which make it hard for me to enjoy the game. So I’ll write them down to share my thoughs and purge my frustrated player soul, and perhaps ask if it gets better with time.

Aiming - This is probably the easiest. I’m finding it very hard to aim with many of the heroes. And fair play, I may not be the best player but I’ve played Battlefields, CoDs, MWs, even some more niche titles like Crysis or Destiny and I’ve NEVER had this level of difficulty with aiming. And that’s a real shame because it means that there’s heroes i would love to play because I like the design or gameplay of them but I can’t because i can’t hit anything. Simply put the shots just don’t seem to land where it feels they should. And frankly that’s not helped by the lack of zoom aiming.

Hero Balancing and Headshots. I’ve grouped these together because of their ability to just ruin my enjoyment of the game. My personal choices would be Hanzo because of his headshots, Moira because she can heal her team and still do as much damage as an average dps and all the while keep herself unkillable too. And Genji, because i hate characters who are hard to kill because they move around too much. And again, I’ve been faced with headshots in other games, but for whatever reason, they seem to be much more of a pain in the AZ then in any other game.

Arcade - This is just so bad, that I felt It deserved a post of its own. However bad you are at the game, however toxic and stupid other people may be, this mode just makes it all so much worse. And to top it off - the Win/Loss progression towards the lockboxes.

Well that’s my thoughts, Apologies for the wall of text, It turned out longer than I was planning. So I suppose my question after all this is: Is it worth to try and suffer through all this to get better at the game or should I just quit it now?

PS. The Matchmaking is of course also pretty bad but I’m not going to complain about it because it always seems to be bad in any shooter game so It’s not really an Overwatch specific issue.

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I completely understand you, but I lack time atm i will be happy to teach you about basics and strategies just add me in discord, I am chatty, patient and like meeting new people :smiley: Xperiums#2883

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Well, these are kinda the problems of any average overwatch-player.
Unfortunately, there is not much that I can advise you, cause it’s true.

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The only thing bad about Arcade is the elitist people in it. It’s a chill mode and you just play to win but losing does nothing to your character stats. Tryhards need not join arcade modes at all. Also if you join a match, stay till the very end. Stop leaving just because your team loses a around.

This your first shooter game?

You’re new to the game, you will soon learn how to counter her. She’s not that hard if you know what you’re doing. Also don’t 1v1 her.

Well if everything is so bad, go back to BF5…
Nothing you said makes any sens when you play the game for longer then 2 games and try to understand how everything works.

Find your correct sensitivity first.
Use this

Then find a crosshair you like.

Then turn all your settings to low, except model textures, and your render scale to 75%

It will bring your aim closer to your other shooters

You are welcome.

Overwatch is one of the hardest fps games on the market right now. There’s just so much movement and different things you have to track that aim becomes a very difficult task. Overwatch lacks movement acceleration. That allows the player to move in any direction with no penalty at all.

When the shots look like they should’ve hit, that’s on your internet, it’s a no reg.

Cod and other shooters are very one dimensional as everyone is just running around on foot at the same speed.
Its easier enough to aim in those.
OW however has heroes with abilities moving around in different ways and different speeds.

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Welcome to our hell! We all keep coming back, and we don’t know why!

The aiming in OW is not really the same as most other FPS games as the pace is so much faster. Depending on which heroes you’re using, you’ve either got hitscan or projectile.

Because its easier to talk about the hitscans, lets take Widowmaker, Soldier:76 or McCree as a good example. Where you click is instantly where they will hit. There is NO travel time whatsoever and no leading of shots like in other FPS games. This can be jarring, but it makes a lot of sense gameplay wise. If you’re having issues with the aiming, just take Soldier until you get it down.

Hanzo IS totally BS. His hitboxes (contrary to what the forums would tell you) are outrageous and will apparently never be balanced. Moira actually DOESN’T do as much damage as you think and when you take her on in a 1v1 she doesn’t fare very well. It’s more the perception of how much damage she does that leads people to think Moira is a good DPS. She is not.

Genji is a weird case because of his mobility. Stay with your team, don’t shoot his deflect and he’s not too hard to deal with at the skill level you’ll be at in the game.

Just stay away from the arcade other than Misery Heroes if you hate your life and want to face down 3 Orisas and a Bastion on a 2CP attack. For serious though, arcade is all just a mess around really and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

We know :frowning:

Enjoy your stay with Overwatch!

Spend a couple hours in the practice range working on your settings and movement.

Heroes like Hanzo are probably giving you trouble because you haven’t learned how to strafe and dodge shots. Walking in a straight line almost guarantees getting headshot by a sniper. Vary your movements.

As for heroes like Moira, they have VERY low damage but it’s super easy for them to aim. If you’re dying to Moira, it’s usually a symptom of bad aim since even Mercy can outdamage Moira with good aim. Go in the practice range and get your settings together.

Aiming just gets better the more you play. believe me no one was a defran at level 80 (or even at level 600 if you count me).

the arcade is super chill and the loot boxes there are really fair.

i think the start of the game was super fun to me because everyone was just as bad and i was figuring out how to play ow with its fun unique characters. you should stick around for a bit more before deciding to quit

That’s odd. I have this issue in many other games but not in Overwatch. In many other games aiming feels “smoothed” or “spongy”. In Overwatch it feels responsive and accurate.

And Genji, because i hate characters who are hard to kill because they move around too much

You ever played against a good tracer?

My personal choices would be Hanzo because of his headshots

Blizzard will forever deny that hanzos arrows are OP. because they are soooo skillbased and headshots are not lucky at all. Even the dmg is not too high…

Would depend on your playstyle in those games. What kinds of guns were you preferring? PDWs like MP5’s? That would be Sombra and Tracer. Do you like running around with Desert Eagles and Magnums? That would be McCree. M14’s and G3’s? That’s Ashe.

All that said, the TTK in overwatch is rather long and is probably what makes shooting feel bad. The guns just don’t feel powerful. This is BF3, which is already known for having long games for an FPS.

That is a sniper with a PDW (MP5K), you point a gun, the guy in front of you dies. This next one is Sombra who also has a PDW (MP7).

It does get frustrating at times.

Main difference between Overwatch and conventional shooters tho, are the extremes. You’re not just going to unequip armor to get a bit of mobility. Oh no. If you pick a flanker, you get insane mobility.

With a lot of the heroes, you don’t pick them up for the kills.

It would be nice if you actually got something that isn’t a pea shooter, but that’s just how the game’s balanced. They want players to live long enough to react even if they’re already being shot at.

If in your previous games, you’re used to regularly getting the top 3 on the scoreboard, you’re going to lose a lot more games here. If you want to keep your sanity, do not play to win.

The way the MMR system works, no matter how good or bad you perform, you will always get in matches where your chance of winning is 50%. So just let go of the competitiveness you built up on your previous FPS games, and just play for fun. You’ll have close to the same win rate regardless, and your blood pressure won’t pop your head.

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Ok. Here’s a bit of explanation about your problems.

1- Aiming is indeed harder in this game. That’s because heroes are more mobile than most games, and we got a lot of projectile heroes and different types of hitscans or basically different guns for each hero. So It’s always gonna be hard to aim. But you eventually can get better at this.

2- Heroes you mentioned will get easier and easier to deal with as you improve. Back when i first started, I considered roadhog to be the strongest hero in the game. He had a lot of hp. He could heal. He could oneshot people easily. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it. For example, Moira actually is by far, the worst support in this game. She might be easy to use and easy to heal with. But she doesn’t provide anything useful like ana nade or sleepdart, or zen’s discord, etc.

3- Arcade isn’t a balanced mode at all. It consists of lots of random game modes and was meant to be more fun than balanced. You should practice with AI or do quickplay for now.

DPS Moira is the biggest issues I have in this game, I have so much tilt being on teams with Moira only out to do DPS and doesn’t give a turd about her team.

As far as headshots, hanzo in particular , is the hardest one I’ve found to do because it’s not instant like widow so it’s rewarding when you pull it off so it’s going to be an instakill.

On the aiming: You should first try out which heroes you find it easier to aim with, projectile or hitscan, then try using first the heroes of that kind for this matter. It’s also important to reduce your input lag (follow this thread ULTIMATE Reducing Input Lag Guide (SIMPLE) 🤓)
On hero balancing/HS: While the Hanzo problem happens a lot (getting him the nick of Spamzo), in fact good part of the random headshots will reduce as you get familiar with the maps, where each kind of player usually hits from, etc. Same happens with Moira. Key to deal with her is to not be alone if you can’t kill her fast. On Genji, unless you have a hero that can deal with him reliably, call for help.

Arcade: There are MANY types of arcade but I guess you are referring to Mystery Heroes, which is great to learn new heroes, but it WILL be a problem if you’re still starting and have no one to use VC to give you some tips on the heroes you don’t know. Ideally try to avoid Mystery Heroes until you at least have in your mind what good deal of the heroes work.

Thank you everyone for the help. And for the positivity.

We all take it for granted these days but Overwatch is one of the only competitive shooters with a 2x headshot multiplier. Recent Call of Duty games have varying multipliers from 2.0x to 1.1x depending on the weapon class and attachments. Mostly this is done to give all weapons a really similar minimum TTK (excluding snipers). Even if it’s strange game design it does make the transition to Overwatch real weird.

Phex, my friend, aim for the head with most weapons. Think of it like Halo 3 (if you ever played that in the past). The weapons where headshots matter will matter a lot.