New Hanzo abilities make him a McCree?



Thank you for keeping us informed.


I like the way the testing is sounding from your post, and I thank you for your informative language.

Is it possible that when the sound and animation is done that it will be up on the PTR so that players can test it out?


Aren’t you describing power creep? Mccree’s FTH is 45 x 6 dealing 270 damage at close range. Hanzo is 6x80 at all ranges. McCree has no passives, Hanzo has wallclimb. McCree roll has cooldown, Hanzo’s version lunge is described to be passive with a cooldown, I’m guessing a short cooldown considering its passive? Both of their ultimates contain zoning elements with ton of damage if they land fully, the difference being burst vs dps and their utilities are flash bang and Sensor Arrow which aren’t comparable traits because they’re exclusively different types of skills.

Still, McCree’s gun is one of the best weapons as shown by pine and many other superstars, while no one has really shown any potential thus far from hanzo’s bow, at least not yet.


Hmmm, I don’t know if you have made more changes since Geoff last spoke about Hanzo but I can’t see how either of his new abilities would make Hanzo more reliable at long range.

Hanzo has always been a short/medium range sniper. If you are trying to “Snipe” with Hanzo, you are going to have a difficult time. Hanzo’s arrows are just too slow to be reliable at long range.

Volley from what I understand, shoots arrows that are essentially the same as Hanzo’s normal arrows but fire faster and deal less damage. Wouldn’t this just make him better in his current medium/short range role?


We’re trying a sped up version of his base arrows. It gives him more reliability that puts him more on par with Widowmaker. Feels pretty good so far.


but…hanzo is better than widow…

oh crap i just questioned our god


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Have you seen the great work of puppetssquid?
If so: any comment?
else: please take a look, its really the work of a player who loves the game.

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Awesome, Its going to be a pain to learn Hanzo’s new projectile speed but I’m not complaining XD


Thanks for the update big daddy Jeff.

Obviously you are more aware than anyone of the current state of the rework. My personal experience with OW was as a McCree main, but not one trick, in the first few seasons and then a hanzo main once he got the arrow speed buff.

My experience with McCree was a bit frustrating at times because at first he was pretty strong, however after the nerf to foth, he took a back seat to soldier outside of pro level aim. That was frustrating because I did enjoy the play style a lot. I still feel like foth is fairly weak, and I see a lot of players just flash bang and left click head shots instead of faning.

As much as I am worried about hanzo finding a place with the new playstyle, I’m also concerned about McCree taking a back seat yet again to widow for long range, hanzo and soldier for medium range and other characters for short range, such as doom fist, reaper, mei, tracer. It seems that his short range brawler status is somewhat jeopardized if you’re not really good with your aim. I’ve always thought combat roll healing for a bit will give him some more sustainability and a 5 damage buff to foth will help deal with some of the other short range characters that have 250 hp, I don’t know how many times I flash reaper and put 4 or 5 fan hits but then he 1-2 shots me because of the close range, or I combat roll out but still get finished off.

Back to hanzo, considering the lack of 1 shot, is the movement penalty needed still while loading a regular shot ? Does moving at full speed make him OP while shooting or is that part of the fantasy of how a bowman should work ? Is there a speed penalty while using rapid fire ?

Oh you really do post in the forums. I never come here maybe twice in 2 years and it’s nice to see you posting. I enjoy your Dev updates on Youtube!

That’s good to hear! I know bows bring a cool and fun mechanic to the game, but it’s indeed very inconsistent and unfair in Overwatch. I wouldn’t really mind if one day his bow felt kinda like Mei’s M2 and maybe a future hero could inherit the bow physics/arc mechanic, but one that can’t one hit kill someone without even having vision of (the lack of sound and trails from Hanzo’s bow make it feel even worse).

Pls make them work hard on him, papa Jeff. Make him priority #1 on the to do list!


I’m sure it’s going to feel a lot like AoE control instead of just bursting

That is why I do not understand the rework, he is balanced, good DPS, but easily countered… Why are people always upset over his scatter? There are plenty of instant killing in this game… The arguments against Hanzo are like saying Widow should be nerfed to never one head shot kill on a squishy. It makes zero sense man, they are ARROWS! Arrows were the deadliest thing for thousands of years before we had gunpowder. Archers were one of the most vital parts of a military, they would pick off a charging force, reduce it down to something easily to defend against.
Arg, get over the scatter, seriously man, people need to just learn how to play the right counters to him if you are up against him.

Changes sound good. I actually started playing Hanzo more in preparation for them. I had started a thread about the movement update to his kit (but it died) and was curious about the use of it. Geoff said it would be similar to Genji’s double-jump and bound to the same key. I feel like this is going to create problems in accidentally using it while dodging or trying to climb. Can we please get it as a new ability bound to left shift by default and move sonic to the reload key since it is unused?

Yeah he needs that movement ability, he is a ninja… I always felt that was missing from him, especially since it was kind of implied in Dragons short.

Yes, also in his highlight animation.

Because shoot near feet to deal 480 damage to a tank with minimal counterplay is fair?

Its kinda silly when I can tell as a support when a tank has been hit by scatter without seeing the arrows at all. It is the only thing in the game that can deal that level of damage that quickly outside of an ultimate.

Even widowmaker head shots only deal 300. She needs 2 in a row to kill most tanks. Hanzo just needs scatter + bodyshot.

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