New Experimental Patch for April 1st - Demo Video Now Available

This Experimental patch is miles better than the pro Experimental patch. These changes are truly meme-worthy, and some of the ones that aren’t quite meme-y enough are actually decent changes.


What are the sombra changes is she visible in stealth now or something?

Yo, Josh i know this is april fools but legit there are some changes in there which are actually good. No joke. If you keep the 0.7s delay on stealth, the rest could make it in. Would help Sombra alot for her downtime issue.

Speed boost nerf reversed to probably 75%.
0.7s delay going in and out of stealth removed.
Taking dmg while stealthed doesnt cancel the ability fully, but you get reveiled and slowed down for a second and then recloak after like a second of taking no damage.


She can act way way faster out of stealth, and taking damage doesnt de-cloak her.

This is the first time Sombra has felt good to play in a long time


The recon buff is obviously op but mini bastion is adorable and pretty useful


I dont think its OP at all. I think the Bastion change could stay in. Legit.

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You think so…? It feels terribly powerful. Recon does more damage than a lot of people think


Ok … I know this is meant to be a joke, but most of these changes sound very reasonable and it’s 10 times better than the “pro” ExC :neutral_face:


This is legit the best patch in a long time. all the changes are really good and should go live ASAP!


To have discussions with other players on different aspects of the game. Hence “general discussion “. The devs can then review those discussions and file that under “player considerations/input” (which they should take into account when making decisions, NOT flat out work on every single thing someone posts.)

The forums aren’t place explicitly created to force ideas onto devs. If they see your post, they see it, no need to hijack every thread with your own ideas in an attempt to get a dev to see them.


There are some meme changes like Torb hammer buff and D.Va mech doing ike 600 dmg on impact, or doubling Echo Ult duration.

I thought it was real until I got to doomfist. I forgot all about April fools.

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I lowkey also like the flying Reaper change. But i could see the issue with this.

These kinds of changes are what I expected from the Pro card. This is definitely possibly to make in workshop, too, I think?

Well done, Wyoming :smiley: This was fun to read.

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“Be back later, my people need me”

Reaper flies away


Hey I am just the messenger… all credit to the devs here.


Omnipresent Mei, unplayable Wrecking Ball.

I came over all the way from europe to say thank you. Because this is so much fun. It really is so much fun. Gosh, is this fun, especially as a hammond main.
April fools and thanks for the torture.

You’re still super useful though.
Definitely deserve that forums MVP title! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well then, thank you for being the messenger!

Is is sad that this card has more good changes to it than what the “pros” came up?