New Experimental Card – June 23

They are likely still collecting data on how he performes, 1 week is too early to tell how he is doing.

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Because Ana doesnt give armor through enemy barriers to squishies without Ana using her ultimate.


I think the meta should move towards Dive.

Since close range being the meta is the only way DoubleBarrier goes away without some weird gimmick.

And Dive is more fun than returning to “almost GOATs”.


You definitely aren’t a Brig player.
This change is awesome. A nerf because of the armor pack, but playing as Brig with +50 HP shield is all many of us wanted

Hearing feedback from where, exactly? Flanker one-tricks who refuse to switch when they’re being countered?

No, seriously. It’s a running joke that genji players want Brig and Moira nerfed into the ground on the general principle of thinking that flankers should counter the ENTIRE support category. Why would you give into that???

Removing overarmor pretty much destroys Brig’s ability to do what she was originally designed to do: provide a counter to flankers and peel for teammates getting dove.

The nerfs to Brig’s shield far outweigh the hp buff. I would be more understanding if it was increased to 300 or 400, but at a mere 250 shield hp Brig will spend more time than ever with no shield - because the lower regeneration can’t keep up.


This comment just reeks of irony, I’m sorry, Molly.
Ana has notoriously been leading the Support role for how long now? So she gets -5 HP healed per shot.
Brig’s armor annoys a few players and what happens to her?

Hoo baby. Wow.


The past year says otherwise but I guess at least she’s being looked at finally

I’m sure most of the community seen that the buffs were abit too much before they went live

Just like the genji ones


As a brig player I don’t want to see her armor overheal go away just for 50 more shield health. Also they make it so the shield regain much slower and 5 sec cd after it break which is just another nerf


So? In return Ana can immobilize heroes for several seconds, has one of the best combo ults in the game, can deny healing to multiple enemies, increase her own healing


Because ana being picked a lot is not just caused by her being powerful (though she is definitely a strong hero), but also simply lots of people enjoying the character.

Brig is not a character that is very liked in the (high ranked) community. I don’t think this needs more explanation. So when she gets roughly the same pickrate as ana in GM, it shows something is off.

Let’s not forget ana did get nerfs to her sleep and her healing, too.


The meta should move naturally towards what is the best at the moment, not based on what people find fun or not fun,

cuz that, is subjective,

but i agree in that they should make dive stronger, but they kinda killed it harder lol

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Brig is fine. her whole kit is reactive to damage. This really hurts her style of play and support of squishier damage heros. Honestly, the dynamite nerf for ashe isn’t needed either, but I welcome buffs. I never play her because she feels so brittle.

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Please do not remove actually unique mechanics. You can do a million different balance changes here that wouldn’t homogenize her into playing exactly like the rest of the support roster.


Getting rid of the overheal into armor for Brig is literally getting rid one of, if not her best perk about her. The shield health is nice but any high ranking Brigette player knows that the shield is basically only used to block crowd control and abilities. Maybe the shield health can change that? But giving it another 50 health wont be that much against flankers. The armor was one of my favorite things about her so please don’t get rid of it. Maybe change the overheal armor from 50 to 25? That would at least make her still keep one of her best tools while reducing the amount of impact the extra armor gives. Yes it would still be powerful but not as powerful. It would be a nerf that still lets her keep one of her best abilities in her toolkit

Other then that, I can agree on the Dynamite cooldown because of how much ult charge she can get from it.

I don’t think D.Va should get a buff to her defense matrix. It’s already very powerful and reducing the cooldown will make it easier for players who make the mistake of using it too early, rewarded for bad decision making for making the gap smaller.

Honestly everything else I can agree with and get behind. The Rip-Tire buff is nice and was needed. The concussion mine buff is nice after the nerf they got last patch. I honestly really like the Micro Missiles buff. Makes them easier to hit and lay in damage. The fusion cannon buff is a plus because shes a dive character after all.

So just a quick summary.
Brigette nerfs: oh god please no (refer is paragraph for my thoughts on how to nerf but not destroy character)
D.Va Buffs: I like them besides matrix buff
Junkrat Buffs: hell yeah
Ashe Buffs: I like


Yo i really like the cooldown nerf on dynamite. Is the way to go imo for Ashe. Now about the cyborg ninja in the room. When do you revert the mess you created with the last patch?


Dive wasn’t as fun as you think it was.

But really this isn’t about Dive.

Sniping in this game is just too strong.

Snipers should have lower survivability


These Brigitte changes are way too much, they shouldn’t go through. Not only no more overarmor at all, but the shield is nerfed too, 50 HP don’t compensate enough for the big increase in its cooldown.


The thing is that brig is too strong, that’s a nerf, no one will say otherwise. It’s just that playing with a better shield feels better than enhancing an ally.
Giving more tools to Brig’s shield but more sanction if you mismanage will incrase the skill floor.


Also Genji is just mowing though teams…

It’s not fun watching

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Gg another support officially killed.

Back to Ana Lucio I guess, but wHeRe iS mY dIvE?! wHy iS iT aLwAyS bRaWl??