NEW! Developer update video - BlizzCon 2018 preview / 1.30 PTR NOW LIVE!

  • 00:12 – Introducing an upcoming feature: OVERWATCH WORLD CUP VIEWER!
  • 00:40 – The PC beta test will be available through the client
  • 01:05 – Watch OWWC matches from any camera or viewpoint in real time
  • 02:30 – You can also watch replays, slow down or speed up time, and observer tools
  • 03:00 – Beta testing the OWWC Viewer helps us work on the technology that will allow us to bring this functionality to all platforms and match type
  • 04:30 – While we’re not announcing a new map at BlizzCon, we’re working on new map content
  • 06:00 – Expect buffs for Reaper, Roadhog, Symmetra, and Mercy in patch 1.30
  • 07:24 – Thank you so much, and we can’t wait to share more exciting news at BlizzCon!

Furthermore, the PTR 1.30 patch is now live.


The World Cup Viewer is going to really rock.


i mean…is it only for blizzcon intendees? if not…might order some pizza for that day


Nope, everyone who has access to Overwatch on PC.

(And anyone can watch World Cup matches on Twitch without the need of a Virtual Ticket)


well…still damn,…i have it on xbox…


rip my boi junkrat, glad these guys are being looked into tho



But when are they going to let us review and replay our played matches?


I wonder how will they buff Mercy


Watch the video, he explains more details


everyone gets their time eventually, or as roadhogs says, She’ll be right


Yay! They’ll buff Mercy! A rework would be better but for now, this is fine. That aside, guess Bastion is invisible as always. :sob:

~ Signed
Secretary of the Mercy Ice Cream Movement :ice_cream::chocolate_bar:


can…can i get a hint?



WHAT?! That World Cup feature is AWESOME.


If you want replays of your own matches in the future, help test the new feature for the World Cup matches.




if we don’t get it, im blaming you


I heard the words “MERCY” and “BUFF” in the same sentence for the first time in over a year


Why are you blaming me? I am just here for the donuts.


Why…is Symmetra getting a buff?

EDIT What the heck? My name was Nova why is it now Celestial? I didn’t touch or change it?


Honestly, I almost feel as though the BlizzCon announcement was Dinoflask-esque. No map? I thought I was the most pessimistic member of the community, but some people called it. At least Reaper is buffed. I guess I care about nothing else.