Need some help on offtank visuals

I actually thought of buffing MTs but that has one flaw

In 132 u can buff all the tanks no problem bc you will always have one guaranteed

In this 1-1-2-2, imagine you buff rein to perform better for MT queue and you still have zarya as his partner? That would be busted

And the issue that it introduces is that its harder to balance cuz you are opening the door for both pure 132 lineups or 222 lineups so the 132 benefit of buffing tanks all willy nilly is gond

You cant buff MTs a lot as long OT can be ran

I generally instantly dismiss “this would be bad because it would be a euphemism for bad” arguments.

It would be different. For sure, but for instance if you bump up barriers, but you also bump up firepower, that tends to cancel a bit.

Well like i said

Buffing the main tanks to make up for the lack of flexibility caused by bruiser queue is basically like if you buffed all the main tanks for 222 system, think of that

I understand what ur trying but…i think tgis is way too problematic, just a pure 132 for me is simpler

I play a lot of Roadhog so that just stood out more to me.

Except without the possibly of DoubleBarrier, DoubleOffTank, or 2Tank/DPS/Mei.

Which drastically simplifies BarrierTank balance…

But amplifies Offtank-maintank combos by a lot too

Our current issue is rein zarya too

Which isn’t inherently a problem as long as it’s balanced.

Yeah tell that to rein zarya

Imagine that but with a buffed rein

So we’re back to “bad because bad” arguments?

No im saying that you are amplifying a problem a lot more than you are fixing

1122 inherently benefits maintank-offtank combos, and fixes the issue of maintank-maintank or offtank-offtank, which isnt a problem in itself, it sounds like a good solution

But when you consider that the literal current issue we are looking at is a maintank-offtank combo and your idea is benefitting that, we would be making the current problem worse

Trying to get on your shoes

I think you are thinking that fixing maintank-maintank allows us to buff orisa/sigma without the fear of double barrier

Which i guess if you consider that it could work but i feel like it would still be problematic with Rein zarya, since you wouldnt be able to buff rein to equal power to the buffed sigma/orisa because zarya amplifies every issue rein has by 50

You’re making the assumption the only way to buff Barrier Tanks is just barrier HP.

Leaving out the possibility of buffing selfsustain, CC resistence, mobility and firepower.

No im considering that too in the equation

I think it could still cause severe issues

Id rather just use 132 which fixes all tank-tank problems

Only the issue with 132 is lack of peeling for supports and pressure on snipers…

So the only problem is a severe lack of protection for teammates, and you think that’s easier to fix than just pumping raw buffs into BarrierTanks?

Its not a perfect solution, for sure,

But if we want to pump hard buffs for tanks 132 allows us to do so much more liberally than 1122 for the reasons i explained above, could fix the issue if the peeling tanks where a lot stronger, enough to contest multitudes of dps

No solution is perfect sadly,

Anyways i should sleep its 3am

Take it easy.

So is it or is it not a separate queue from dps? You’ve yet to elaborate that part

It’s a “dibs queue” that only locks you into the Bruiser role for the initial hero select screen.

After that you can switch to DPS, then back to offtank.

However between the 3 DPS, if one of them picks offtank, then it prevents the other 2 DPS from picking offtank.

So if you swap away from offtank, and somebody else grabs an offtank, then you’d be blocked from going offtank.

It’s purely in there to prevent squabbling if you get two offtank mains on the same team.

Additionally, if the matchmaker can’t find an easy bruiser-preferred player, then it just grabs 3x DPS.

So it’s not exactly 3 queues for the matchmaker, but it’s pretty darn close to it.

I kinda assumed you read the concept. Or at least the first 9 bullet points.

You shouldn’t assume people have read something from a different thread. I may comment on your threads somewhat frequently but I’m not actively searching them out lol

This idea is probably still just way more complex for the game’s systems than you think it would be. It wouldn’t be a quick fix up, nor an easy one I don’t imagine.

Neither, the design would have to be far more simple geometric shape to fit in with the other slots. And nothing intricate.

A cube block or a circle to start with.

How about this?

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