Need some help on offtank visuals

Doomfist, basically?

I like the crosshooks better

Alternatively, having a Doomfist gauntlet as an offtank icon also would be cool

the tank icon is a shield so i think the weapon or tools being a symbol is better than just dva’s face

though if you’re making a mock up for an off tank queue i think that would just make queue times worse imo

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Like the cross hooks, but from a symbolism standpoint, I think it relates too much to Hog, and not enough to an off-tank’s role. Like, if a tank is a shield, then an off tank is a smaller shield and sword. Something more neutral like that.


Perhaps, but so far I’m not including Doom in the Bruiser category. (Despite what PlatChat says about the concept).

But it is true, that when people think of “problematic CC heroes” that Doom and Mei are top of the list.

Working on a Reddit low brain power version of this idea.

1-3-2 with 1x optional offtank

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

Try imposing the DPS image over the tank one but make the part covered by the DPS portion transparent

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Yeah, a shield with 3x cut outs of bullet icons on it.

I could try that.


I don’t like neither, I’d rather go with a cannon or a shot gun since both DVa and Hog have a shot-gun like weapon or both Zarya and DVa have a cannon weapon.

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Lol was originally thinking a mace and shield, but that gets to be confusing with Brig

I would rather see a heavy weapon you know?
Or just a big size one.

Like an Axe?

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Tanks are shields, shields protect people, often used in videogames next to a defense stat, it’s intuitive. DPS is shown by bullets, overwatch is a FPS, a good 90% of the roster primarily use ranged weapons, we all associate bullets=guns=shooting=damage. It’s intuitive. The support being a cross is a classic icon meant for healing, either you press the cross button to heal, or your medkit has a cross on it.

All of them are intuitive because they are commonly seen and recognized symbols that mean basic things that correlate to the roll. Nobody needs to tell you that the shield means tank, the cross means healer.

If you took the text away i’d be wondering what the point was in having a roadhog button, or a D.Va button. Symbols are powerful because they work without text. Adding text is just for flavor. If your symbol can’t stand on it’s own with no other information, it’s not a good symbol and needs workshopping.

Maybe a helmet and an axe?
But that’s just me.

Helmets and Axes are too brawly. IDK

So I take it, this doesn’t work.

What about a nuke? Fat nukes?

Maybe three nukes side by side instead of three bullets like it is for DPS

none of those, if what you’re aiming at is a general perception of the role you shouldn’t use specific hero icons but something more broad but for offtanks… the concept is so flawed that there’s barely anything that conveys what the role would be, you’d think bruiser would be better suited for an icon where you could use a punch or something like that, however that could be more related to attack than defense, so… you have to first define what you want to represent and then you pick the appropriate icon

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D.Va is better, but I think you could use like a Mech better, so that D.Va’s face isn’t this role icon.
You could also mix like the hook and the mech or something like that.

What about a Mini Gun?

Oh I get it, off tank. lol