Name the dumbest balance change you can think of

Buffing Hogs damage and not removing the buffs he got to compensate for lost damage previously, making him extremely OP

Oh wait

Anything involving nerfing Ana.


isn’t that a waste tire is gonna kill or seriously main someone anyways

Torb’s turret now fire’s ana’s sleep darts instead of damaging bullets

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sym’s Infinite tp.

:clap: ONE :clap: DOESN’T :clap: SIMPLY :clap: SPIKE :clap: UP :clap: THE :clap: DOWNTIME :clap: OF :clap: A :clap: SHORTER :clap: RANGED :clap: SQUISHY :clap: HERO’S :clap: CORE :clap: TOOL :clap: TO :clap: ENGAGE, :clap: DISENGAGE :clap: AND :clap: BURST-COMBO :clap:





Geoff Goodman: Adding Brigitte

For me personally, its the physics momentum change for boops in March of 2019. Pharah’s Concussion Blast has never really felt the same since…

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Giving slowdown on resurrect. That’s the dumbest thing ever.

I’d rather they made resurrect target raised on 25% hp and half the initial invincibility time for the target (so mercy still can only resurrect only when it is safe or the target would just be killed again instantly). rather than giving it slowdown that makes her clunky.

Hog’s hook now hits his allies.

D.Vas Pistol is now Hitscan :crazy_face:

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junkrat as a hitscan

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One I’ve seen many times and really dislike is making Mercy’s beams straight like Zarya’s so “she has to aim”.

Anyone with basic understanding of her kit would realize exactly how horrible that idea is.

Any damage to a frozen target shatters them

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  • removed herobrine.


When echo duplicates an enemy their ult is online instantly. once the ult is used she can duplicate a new enemy. repeat for duration of Echo’s ult

  • Doomfist uppercut recovery increased from 0.20s to 0.35s

Zarya is a playable hero :flushed:

its all doomfist’s fault ik

Barriers are solid now. Imagine your Rein trying to fit through a choke point only to get stuck there with his shield up.

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Giving widow reverse fall off