MYTHRIL: The Premier Gaming Community for Adults [18+|NA|PC]

Have you been on the hunt for a friendly, welcoming, and active gaming community for adults (18+)? If so, you’ve found your match!

MYTHRIL is a gaming organization that focuses on our members experience – ensuring that everyone is personally welcomed into the community, and that each member gets the same invites to every game and event.

And while our primary titles are Overwatch, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Valorant, you’ll find a community that loves to game together regardless of title – whether it’s Jackbox, Dungeons & Dragons, Minecraft, or a slew of other games.

We also offer our members coaching, competitive teams, weekly events (such as Jackbox, weekly PUGS/in-houses, and more), and an active social experience where we share pet photos and debate pineapple on pizza.

We welcome each new member with a group Meet & Greet, where you’ll get set-up, introduced to everyone, and most importantly - get into game!

Join now and attend a Meet & Greet - hosted nightly Tues-Sun @ 9PM E/8C/7M/6P (no app/rsvp needed). If this time doesn’t work for you, please let us know in our #recruits-guest-chat

We look forward to meeting you!
website: mythrilgc(.com)


Totally fun community, you should join if you’re interested in tons of social events such as one that I host, Movie Night, we’re more than just gaming we’re a community. And in these trying times for everyone it’s so nice to be surrounded by people who are amazing and kind. :slight_smile: But don’t worry we also get tons of games in too, we have very active members and we hope you’ll join us.

Joined this community when I switched from Xbox to PC and it was sooooo worth it. There are so many active players constantly looking to play and help newer people, and from not being able to find people to play with, to always 6 stacking, was such a welcome change for me. If you’re looking for high level people to play with, or to learn from I would highly recommend this server.

Come join us for tonight’s competitive Overwatch events! Always looking for new, friendly faces to join.

Tomorrow we host our Overwatch in-houses, and Wednesday our Overwatch Competitive night. Looking for a fun, active, 18+ community? Drop by and get set-up!

I wasn’t sure about joining a group when I got back into Overwatch, but I was so happy I did. It’s a great group of diverse people; I’m glad I joined. The meet and greet is such a great way to get acclimated to the server and immediately jump into a game. Feel free to ask any of us about it!

We are still in search of more friendly and active 18+ OW players. All skill ranges welcome, OW events this Sunday and Wednesday!

Are you tired of the toxicity of voice chat? Do you long to find a team for comp matches? Or, do you just want to hang out and enjoy the simplicity of casual with friendly people?
If you find yourself agreeing with any of these points, then maybe Mythril is the community for you! Not only do we have a great server for Overwatch, but we are also a dedicated host to a variety of other titles including Apex, League, and much more.
Worried about your skill level? Don’t be! We welcome anyone to join, and believe in fostering a positive experience for players of any ranking. I’m a low-level support main myself, still trying to learn the game, and everyone has been nothing but supportive and encouraging.
We also have a regular book club, and a movie night! So, if you’re looking for a great community, then come and join Mythril!

Looking for a active, fun, and lively 18+ OW group to play casuals and competitive with? Join us today.

Looking for a casual group to help you grind for those sweet, sweet anniversary lootboxes? Join us at Mythril! We’re an 18+ server with a fabulous community of active and friendly users, all of varying rank and skill.

Join us for our Overwatch in-houses tomorrow! Swing on by and get set-up.

FREEZE! DON’T MOVE :cold_face: and join Mythril for some fun Overwatch games! We don’t care about your sr or mmr, we just want some cool people to game with so we can hit some fat shats :boom::hammer: and wicked nanos :smiling_imp:. Everyone is very nice and welcoming, so even if you’re shy you won’t have a reason to be after a while. :wink:

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We have an extremely active Overwatch group, including our weekly Overwatch event which attracts ~30 members. If you’re looking for a fun, inclusive, and active place to call home hop on in.

Bronze NA PC West Coast time. Been searching for a group to play ranked with for over 4 years and yet to find one.

If you’re a friendly, active, adult gamer looking for a group that doesn’t care about your skill level, swing on by. We’ll get you setup

I just got dropped from the Mythril server with zero explanation after one week.

Hi Ethernyet,

I’m sorry to hear about this! If you can add me on Discord: Vil#0001 I will look into this for you, sorry for any mix-up, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are looking for an extremely active overwatch group for casual, competitive, and several other titles, swing on by. We have our Overwatch in-houses every Sunday too with 30+ OW members, it’s a great way to game and meet people.

Do you guys have an Apex group also? I thought I saw your post over at the EA/Origin boards…either way I will check out the discord.

Hi Irres,

We do have a Apex group in addition to our Overwatch, League, and Valorant group.

Hope to see you soon!