My personal issue with widow, hanzo, doom etc

Yes and no. A development team that can’t learn from others won’t succeed either. Many games use and share mechanics to be better. This is how many industries work. You can’t just disregard the everything else everyone else did and tunnel vision one thing. Learn from others success and failures. That’s the entire point in comparison.

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Teamwork includes trivial things like standing still behind cover as genji for your ana to heal you. It is laughably simple and yet still ignored by a lot of people.

Take my own example, when I carry the game as dps, which is rare but still happens, more than 3/4 of those games I start to meet 2-3 enemy players that dedicate themselves to chase me down. And in that case usually, our team plays 5v4 or even 5v3 w/o getting any frags, not even a kill trade, not even when i say in vc that there are 2 people on me for 10 sec and they fail to capitalize on that.

This is the lack of teamwork coming in, because, if I don’t get help when carrying, at least I’d expect team to see they have man advatage in frontline and make use of that to get kills. But instead I get both no heals from the 5-10s 1v2, and team are sitting expecting others to do their job for them.

In those cases, enemy team just outplayed my team in matter of coordination and efficiency. That’s is just a typical indication of lack of teamwork on my side even when I try to communicate.

If you are allowed to carry w/o getting countered/harassed/mass-targeted, that means enemy teamwork is not better than the ones of your team.

The game is made so that w/ mobility u can constantly achieve more vs less w/ mobility, and that’s where the solo carry is killed by better teamwork.

Yeah, of course you’re influenced by other games, but that doesn’t mean you can treat an apple like an orange.

Of course, you definitely can compare things (i’m sorry if i offended you there) but its of limited use when your game is a unique and special unicorn. Saying “1 shots are ok in TF2” isnt a justification for them being ok in Overwatch.

Doom and road hog should have masive damage reductions since the cc they provide is already valuable imo. Having snipers makes shields usefull tho so I don’t think they should be two shots. Although Hanzo is too deadly close range for being able to one shot across the map…

But you can compare an apple to an orange. Both are fruit, so both have seeds. Both can be used In a salad. Both can provide juice. You can make vinaigrette’s out of both an apple and an orange. Apples can be sour just like an orange. Apples can be tart just like an orange. Apples and oranges can both be used to make beer. This is my whole point. It’s extremely easy to draw comparisons between two items. Whether we’re talking about fruit. Or FPS games. One shots are fun and rewarding. Many FPS games allow snipers to one shot. Some games allow pistols to one shot. Some games allow grenades to one shot. I think overwatch did a good job of having some one shots but not making them a necessity for victory. One shots are healthy for the game and maintain a hardcore FPS audience more than some other heroes.

That’s definitely one way of looking at it. But I don’t really feel like this is a teamwork thread.

I will just post that it hasn’t been the goal for a while, and in this regard, hanzo s one shot is one of the fees things I have left from my initial intrigue of the game.

This hasn’t been balanced for teamplay for a while. And I’m not going to act like I bother forcing it to be. Which, hanzo can benefit from…but ultimate doesn’t need a team.

I just gotta get better

For the person doing the one shot, sure. For everyone else, absolutely not.

Correct, both are fruit (both are FPS, both are shoes).

Yes, 1 shots are fun and rewarding, many FPS allow snipers with 1 shots. Yes, certain players want them, but this isnt Quake3 Instagib.

I personally disagree that 1 shots are healthy for Overwatch - they’re annoying to play against, they drive up the need for shields and they cause damage/healing creep.

Your argument that 1 shots are healthy is instantly invalidated when you’re not even talking about Overwatch.

Well yeah. But I hate getting slept. I hate getting stunned. I hate getting booped off the map. I hate aiming at a double jumping wall climbing ninja that can deflect my bullets. I hate seeing damage get healed faster than I can put out. But my biased hatred isn’t a valid reason to remove mechanics.


Everything is annoying to play against. Overwatch to me has always been a collection of very unique and broken heroes all put into one game to see who is the most broken of all.

they could make it so reinhardt has to charge people twice before they die but that does sound kinda stupid.

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Actually, it is. A game designer will always be paying attention to what you’re talking about and evaluating the impact of your frustration. If CC becomes too much and players hate it, they’ll see that as a problem to try to solve (not by deleting CC, but by toning it back a bit).

I think I forgot to mention the connection, on that part I apologize.

1-shots are ok for the game when compared to the heavy emphasis on teamwork because, u can only carry that much on 1-shot heroes before the difference of teamwork and other 11-players come into play. Enemy might have a pool of players that is willing and able to swap as much as possible to maintain an advantage while your team is a bunch of semi-1-tricks. You can do whatever you can and u still loses said specific game more than 3/4 of the time.

The solo carry part is only really showing in the matter of overall game statistics. U will have a 50%+winrate if u are indeed that carry player in the game enough of the time. But to make that sufficient u need a lot of games as a large-enough pool to counteract the effect of other 11 players. Not to mention the effect of anchor stats and such.

TLDR: My…reply is mostly towards that initial statement of yours, and I think just connects w/ the thread like the ones u do. We are basically talking the solo carry potential of the 1-shot heroes and their effect on the game. I do think it has been a good talk, btw.

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Not everything is equally as annoying to play against - counterplay means you stand a chance to fight back. Instant 1 shots remove counterplay.

Everything being “broken” is actually a sign of a very highly complex and interesting system. That system might benefit from a little love and a few tweaks.

But one shots have always existed in this game since day one. It’s something we all know by now and for the most part can all work around in some way. Even now Mei is better than most one shot heroes. Hanzo is the only one that beats her out. But if one shots alone were the issue then hanzo widow doomfist would stand at the top alone. And currently they do not.

Yes, and they’ve been unhealthy for this game since day 1. Like i said, they cause damage/healing creep and the essential need for barriers (all things people hate).

All the metas that have ever existed in this game are anti-sniper. Snipers drive the meta, even if they arent the best heroes IN those metas.

Put a barrier in front of the sniper. What’s widow’s max body shot? Like 120 right? Rein can take thirteen one shots before his barrier breaks. But plus 2 more shots to get the kill on him. Assuming I then head shot.

Buffs and nerfs in general create that creep. Creep would exist regardless of one shots. Those are natural occurrences in a live service video game that constantly gets updates.

Yup, that means barriers are essential.

1 shots are the only static number since release. Every other damage number is compared to them. Every other hero has been balanced to be competitive against 1 shot heroes. Damage and healing has increased over time because of this.