My PC crashes and i get insta banned from OW COMP

NICE. i didn’t even played my placements matches, it was going to be my 4° game; Somehow they decided that since i lost my internet conection on my placement matches i deserve to be banned.

Played Destiny 2 last week for like 40hours and didn’t have any problem:

  • Nice comunity
  • Actually new content and cool events that feels rewarding
  • Not a single time i got any toxic player on my matches.
  • Queue times are no longer than 5min

Played 3 matches on COMP and a few arcade on OW:

  • Every match toxic players
  • Queue times peaked at 1h+ (so i gave up and went to D2)
  • Loose conection for non sense, before even the hero selection and got banned.

Why do i keep on playing OW then? Well, OW has it’s pros (team based game, very different playing styles around heroes, etc) and i wish i could enjoy this part of the game.
I don’t know what you guys want from OW if toxic players can run rampant on your servers, but players who disconnect once in the placement matches deserve to be banned.

I don’t even play this game that much anymore due to the lack of focus on the important things for the game and now the game doesn’t want players to play it.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:


Unless something’s changed, you don’t get instantly banned unless you’ve been punished for leaving a few times before. Sounds like there may be other issues here.


I talked with some people who i play with and there’s a different penalty for those who quit during the placement matches.
I just don’t know why they don’t specify that anywhere with easy access to players.

It looks like that if you leave during the placements, you will be banned for that day, so players won’t sploit the system. It’s actually a really nice feature, BUT i wish they specified that somewhere.
Simply writing: “Player banned” is not a nice thing to do. AT LEAST tell players why and for how long, it would have made this post unnecessary.

I mean yeah. You think they magically know that your pc decided to commit sudoku mid-match and you simply didn’t have time to rejoin the match?

Amazing. My adblock failed to block this destiny 2 advertisement. Oh and btw, the community there isn’t toxic because nobody talks to anybody. You aren’t forced to play as a team.

Jesus that’s long. My OW queue times are like 25 sec max

Being forced to work in a team while trying to perform as an individual usually leads to toxicity.

Are you even on the planet earth anymore? How in God’s name did you manage to pull a 1h queue time in OW?

This could be caused by you trying to connect from another planet/galaxy. Or maybe your internet just sucks.