My mic is muted?


Ok so i got to play overwatch on xbox and for some reason on every account im not allowed to be in voice chat i cant hear anyone and when i got to social, groups my mic symbol by my name has a dash through it as if im muted?

I have no emails from blizzard or xbox saying im being punished so im really confused

I want to add my mic does infact work but only in party chat?


I am having the same issue since the update. I called support and they said my account is not silenced. Just in case I had my daughter log in and she has the same issue. Worked fine (chat) prior to update. I’ve checked all the settings and two headsets. Chat is working in Halo…


I’m having the same issue. I’ve restarted the game, restarted mt console, unplugged my console for 30 seconds, and still muted.


Im also now having this issue. Got back from a doctors appointment to join people in custom games and I can’t hear anyone, no one can hear me, and i have a mute symbol next to my name when i check social. I have no idea what’s going on, but im really hoping this gets fixed soon.


Same here. Wish someone from blizz would reach out, thought I was chat banned


Same issue here. Muted on xbox one. Xbox chat works fine


I believe each of you are suffering a malfunction. If you were really silenced you would see the following dialog each time you logged into the game:

Start here to resolve most common voice chat issues:


Already did those. Worked before the patch, and afterwards it does not. My mic does work in the xbox party chat however.


Same here, i can be in a party and talk just fine and have no lag at all but I just can’t join voice chat at all as if I was silenced, but I haven’t received an email or seen anything on my screen telling me I can’t join


Ive tried all of that a well and none of it works. And just as the other two have said, party chat is fine, everything else is fine, its only with overwatch that im having this issue.


Hey guys,

I’m surprised this hasn’t already been addressed! I’m happy to rectify that, sorry for the delay. There is currently a known issue with Xbox One team chat that is being investigated.

We know that this is frustrating and can have an impact on your gameplay, but we’re working to figure out what exactly is happening to get it resolved. No current ETA on when this will be resolved, but the investigation has been ongoing all day, so I’m sure some progress has already been made. Thank you for your reports!



Thank you for reaponding! Hope its fixed soon comp isnt the same with out chat!!



I’m having a similar issue. When I play there’s a mute icon next to my tag under social/group. Does quick play still have team chat? I even played with a a friend in a group but it wouldn’t allow us to switch to team chat, sometimes the LB option doesn’t even appear. Any more updates on this situation?


It was fixed a day after i posted this, there are two options now

1 - its broken again some how
2- you were banned from team chat

I was just playing on xbox 30 mins ago and mine was working fine


I am experiencing this too. But my boyfriends account works fine, using the same console, controller, and headset.

Has anyone discovered anything that fixes this?