My God I've Never Seen Such Terrible Matchmaking

That’s just how their matchmaking works.

You win a lot, you get people that are not winning, i.e people that are new to the game, people below level 50.

It happened to me when I played with a friend and climbed about 300 SR in one night. We were both at around 2600sr, got up to 2780sr and that’s when trouble began. How are these people higher SR than me baffled me…

I ended up with 83 kills in the game. I had to kill everything because my team couldn’t. Blatantly broken matchmaking.


love the people in denial, tons of people have left the game youtubers , streamers and pro players all say its broke and OWL can’t even beat ninja on twitch . but ya its all good, just bads complaining.


Played last night. We’re playing with a 1700 3 stack for some reason.

They all throw. In the 3v6 game we get payload 2/3 of way to first point as opposition pretty bad.

I lose 26 Sr for a loss that was not my fault at all. Reported all 3. No response yet. Not expecting one. One’s dropped 800 Sr in 4 days. Obviously serial throwers and still going.

Did the system think that these 3 guys were unlucky and needed carrying by far better players?

I’m playing vs. 2.1k to 2.6k players in qp, so I guess that my natural skill level is around there.

Can’t win games at 2k in comp as given idiot and thrower team mates


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I don’t even care about my rank anymore. I’m just tired of wondering what team comp I’m gonna get the next game. I’m tired of begging people to make a proper team comp and I’m tired of knowing its going to be a loss before the match even starts.

Blizzard needs to pull the stubborn stick out their you know what and just give us role select already and force a balanced composition for solo players. May still lose, but at least it will be less one sided because both teams have balanced comps and the headache and fear of every match will be mostly gone.


Dunno about balanced comp… Moira meatball is 4 tanks and 2 support and is a legit comp.

Just been playing qp and arcade tonight. Got smashed by some smurfs a couple of games, but was very educational. Am losing games vs. better players, not losing due to being given idiots or throwers to drag me down.

Is real fun. A real mix of ranks. Played a game including a 3.5k player and a 1.6k player. I can generally guess the Sr range by how often they die (or not).

I’m getting exposed to quality players and learning far more than banging my head against a wall losing constantly due to the vagaries of the comp matchmaker and where it decides it wants me.


no it doesnt…

See detailed explanation of the system

Blizzar’s debunk of forced winrate:

Scott Mercer, Principal Designer of Overwatch

We’re always trying to put you in fair matches that we think you have a 50% chance to win, and do it quickly so you’re playing Overwatch instead of staring at a queue timer. We never intentionally seek to put you in an unfair one.

I’ve seen comments like “I just won three games in a row, so the matchmaker put me in a bad stomp to get back to a 50% win rate”. It doesn’t do anything like that at all. It just keeps on trying to find fair matches. If you do win more than you lose, your SR will slowly go up. As that happens it’ll also put you up stronger opponents that match your new SR. That’s not so you lose, it’s to keep your matches fair.

There’s one other thing to remember, though. The results of a match that the matchmaker thought was perfectly fair don’t always result in a match that is hard fought every meter of the payload and you win by just holding them off from reaching the final checkpoint at 0:00 time remaining. Matches with teams of equal skill result in 3-0 stomps more than you think. Maybe an early fight snowballed out of control due to staggered spawns, maybe a player decided he was going to try to pickup a new hero that match, or perhaps your’s cat decided to play with your keyboard right before you used that Graviton Surge and it wildly missed its mark. We’re all human, and we don’t perform at the perfectly same level all the time. It’s one of the reasons competitive games are so much fun to play and watch.

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80% of comp games have been garbage stomps one way or the other. And I am getting closer games in qp. I am getting better team comps and more competent and team focused players in qp.

Comp matchmaker is busted.


if they are lvl 25 and already in Comp = smurfs, most likely. People complaining about levels in Overwatch rofl. Like it does matter in any way.

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My best advice is never try to carry or out perform. Otherwise you will get too many games where you have to carry.

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Agree with Zelda. And what is wrong with match making dear OW senior directors/engineers/managers/architects ?

  1. One ‘thrower’ in your team turns 50/50 game in unfair
  2. One leaver in your team turns fair into …
  3. One newbie in your team make it impossible to call it TEAM anymore, it’s just bunch of players, no teamplay - not comp
  4. More then 2 tank/support/dps main players in your team turns it into a bunch of players, no teamplay - not comp

Q. Alone or in the group of 2/3 you can carry/change the direction of the game?
A. Not anymore, with all those buffs/nerfs/new heroes, game is well balanced now. Congrats! So teamwork wins games now. But with the list above in mind, Do I have a chance to get a TEAM in lvl below diamond?
Q. So you guys has “fair” matchmaking ?
A. How mathematically you can explain win/loose streak in 10/15 games ? Don’t make an idiots from us, its disgusting.

Good luck with your game!

I went from having semi good games to trash games and have lost over 200sr due to leavers, trolls and people who don’t know that dva can absorb moria orbs or how to hold a shield up. This is truly one of the worst matchmaking systems ever. And it wouldn’t be so bad if my individual gameplay mattered but it doesn’t. So good luck with your trash match making system.
PS: if your wondering why you have toxic player problem THIS IS WHY!!

Lol I played 1 match today (been about a week) and won. Stopped and logged out. Don’t wanna press my luck with the mm any further…

LFG was announced yesterday.

It does. That’s why some people climb, and others don’t. If you’re consistently performing better on your role than others at your rank, you climb.

Toxic players exist in every game that allows you to make excuses for your losses.

They cant fix it. 10 seasons and they cant do it. Just dont even expect them to care at this point.

lvl 25? smells like smurf to me.

You can’t blame your teammates for your abject performances.

I was watching Kabaji he was playing on horizon and his team was not the best to put it mildly. He somehow wound up in a 1 vs 4 after a team fight and he managed to get 3 of them before dying. Afterwards he was saying something to the effect of “it’s not my teams fault, if I did x y and z better I could have got all 4 of them, I wasn’t good enough this time”

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Self reflection is nice and all, but you can’t really imply that one has to boost potatoes consistently so then someone else has to do the same and so on.
Oh wait actually that sounds exactly like the system OW got right now.


The only way I get around this is to just make a 6-stack. At least then they’ll have a less chance of throwing.

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im hoping to just play the game so much that i get gold borders around my portrait and hopefully be properly matched up at that point… thats my only hope.

I cant wait for LFG just because of this. The teams I find are pitiful and laughable in their blatant disregard for team construction and communication. Beyond saying 2 words then getting silent after dying once or twice, No one seems to have any game sense, or ability to NOT walk right into a fight that’s already lost. I am trying my BEST to keep communications live, but when you LITERALLY have to tell someone, “don’t do that, your going to die” and they repeat their mistakes more than twice, how can you say you’ve been equally matched with someone, let alone a team of people you want to call “teammates” but end up calling “Idiots”. No matter how good I get, or better I become, the adjacent players I match with are seemingly getting worse and worse. And sure, that’s probably a good allusion to where I WAS in rank and skill, but after hours of play and clear reflection of better skills, HOW CAN YOU SAY THEY ARE MY EQUAL. They are easily less then. The Matchmaker seems to deem ones personal growth at such a small scale Null and Void. Like the difference needs to be in the Hundreds of SR, and not in the minor, but impactful gains of accuracy %, Healing done, Deaths avoided, and Final Blows made that is the difference between even ten’s of SR

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