Mouse sensitivity was reset forcibly after 07.02.2023 update

i literally cannot play


’ * There is an issue where the Mouse Sensitivity setting may reset to full integers when you return to the setting in your control options.

  • Workaround: This setting will save at your specified value when you leave the control options each time.’

This “workaround” doesnt work.


It does for me, when I change my sense and don’t go back to the settings

The workaround only allows one sensitivity setting for all the heros and also, scoped sens. setting -we just supposed to guess whats happening with that?
Can they just actually fix this already -really unreal that an fps is letting something as major as this go for over a week now.


Pretty sure the devs abandoned the game


Imagine having OW as your main game HAHAHAHA

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is this real life?? wtf


Geeez what an a-hole

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i seen at least 5 post now is the dev or mod purposely ignoring it never seen any of it got reply also

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I’m experiencing this bug after returning from a short break. I was surprised to find out how old this post is and the bug is still there. I’ve been playing since Day 1 OW and this is up there with one of the most game breaking bugs OW1 and 2 has ever had to deal with.

Thanks for saying what was on my mind as I read through the post :stuck_out_tongue:

just change your dpi so that your edpi is the same with a whole number in game so for example i played on 800dpi 7.5 in game so 6000 edpi, now its on 750 dpi and 8 in game also 6000 edpi

Spam aaron keller’s twitter about this trash pls

“Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity values with a decimal would be rounded to a whole number”

Finally, it has been fixed :partying_face:

Where does it say that? I cant find it.

Yep thx for the Fix

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i still have that bug???

I noticed yesterday that the bug no longer existed. I can now set my proper sensitivity and do a perfect 180 like normal. I’m pretty upset that this wasn’t a next day fix, but at least it’s fixed.

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Is this related to the hero specific settings not saving properly?

My ofuda sensitivity settings are not saving and I cannot turn off the ofuda ui either, same for the toggle ofuda settings, nothing is saving for me.


same with me and widowmaker relative aim while zoomed not being able to set on 32

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