Moria is too strong she needs a nerf to fade CD

Her fade is on such a low Cool down that its impossible to duel her. I remember as a genji watching her use fade , I engage, then she faded away (again) , grabbed a health pack, and ended up killing me.

Not only is she a good dueler but she has one of the best escapes in the game on a 6 second cool down which is just stupid.


Moira has a seven-second cooldown on fade. Genji has a very high burst damage output. He can even deflect Moira’s heal orb for free HP. In no world should a decent Genji struggle against a Moira.


How are you going to sit there and say that when you dont even know what her cool downs are ?You have no frame of reference to even have an opinion.


After pressing the ability button, Moira’s fade is active for 0.75 seconds and then goes on cooldown for 6 more seconds. 6+0.75=6.75. I admit I was off by 0.25 seconds. I understand you might not count the duration of fade as part of its cooldown.


Genji can deflect ultimates every 8 seconds, he deflected my ultimate once and by the time I had my next ultimate, he used his deflect another 5 times. My one time experience is an undeniable representation of the state of the game and as such he should also get a nerf on his cooldown.


Moira was designed to counter flankers. The fade is there to make her harder to dive, but its still on a longer cooldown than a lot of diver’s mobility abilities.

While Genji should technically have the damage to burst her down, if the Genji player struggles to aim well and is consistently losing the duels (they often do in lower ranks) then you need to see if you can either focus the other support or just go swap.


You mean she outplayed someone who had every advantage over her.

Unless the genji can’t aim and has gotten by by jumping over people, Moira isn’t a problem for a half decent genji.


Can we stop saying “half-decent” when players might just be casual or new?

This is part of the reason the game is dead.

This is obviously a rank dependent issue.

The duel is won by Moira in lower ranks but by Genji in higher ranks


She’s supposed to be good at dueling - that’s why you pick her. Her survivability and ability to ward off some of the flanking heroes is why you switch to her, otherwise other heroes like Ana or Baptiste does her job equally as well and better with the added bonus of utility to boot. If the enemy team has a Moira you can’t just charge in alone, especially on heroes like Genji, and expect and easy kill. Best way to deal with her is usually by range, since her damage and leech is short range, and by burst (force her to use the heal orb on herself, that way her team will suffer). Soldier is a pretty good dps to pick against her, I suggest trying him for starters but anything with range will do.


Second worst Support in the game. Skill issue.


Pure skill issue. If you improve your mechanics and she dies in that situation.


Why is it always spelled Moria specifically in nerf posts? :rofl:


Because they don’t know a single thing about her, including how to spell her name.


It’s the result of a never-ending process:

  1. Player loses 1v1 duel to a tickling Moira because they can’t aim.
  2. They become so fueled with rage that they can’t think straight anymore.
  3. They run to the forum to publicly cry about it.
  4. They get told by several experienced and high-ranking players that Moira is not a problem like they think she is.
  5. Furious player refuses to admit they could be wrong and quietly goes back to playing the game again.
  6. Repeat every 1-3 months.

She’s not even a viable pick in 90% of scenarios, and I’ve never had any trouble against her. Personally to me it just sounds like a skill issue.


Moira is literally a free kill for even average Genji players. It’s a skill issue on your part.


Skill issue :clown_face: this place sometimes

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I’m sure Lifeweaver is thrilled to be first at something…


See the thing is… they are not wrong.

The balance is different for different ranks.

Overwatch being a complex and difficult game is completely lost on experienced players and makes the new player experience a nightmare.

I’ve tried to get people into the game and they get told to “get good” by a player who has only just hit diamond after 7 years and 2000 hours on Genji.

They are correct at their level of play, which is more relevant than ever now since everyone complain OW2 is dying and matchmaking is bad.

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It’s a big moment for him!