Moira is the better pick over mercy

I don’t know. If the comp has specific heroes or even players who like to be spread out and about, my go-to usually isn’t Moira unless specific conditions are met. A Mercy Guardian Angel to a player who needs healing is a lot better than a Moira Naruto running. And I’m not going to phase willy nilly. :c You learn very quickly that if you engage in combat to try and heal, it could definitely lead to some bad times.

Mercy and Moira are my top 2 and 3 most played respectively, so from my perspective, it just really depends.

But then again you know. I also play only QP.

This very much, too.

I was thinking it but forgot to say it. XD


He’s got an AoE heal and immortality field. Field is pretty good, but most of the time I see a Mercy use rez it turns the fight. When an enemy Baptiste uses his field I shut it down most of the time and we get a double kill off of their misplay.

I think the reason people think Mercy is bad is simply that she’s not stimulating for some of her players and people want her to be more like the other main supports.

Players are attached to Mercy when they would have more fun just picking someone else. Mercy is strong in the hands of players that actually enjoy her playstyle.

QP people tend to spread apart more, and they run a LOT more dps, so Mercy would work well there.

In comp people are a little more organised, and you usually get 2 tanks, which makes Moira do really well.

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yes that’s why in theory mercy should be good in dive but even with the damage buffs, 50hps really isn’t enough to sustain a winston and dva taking critical damage. we all have to understand that rez is suppose to compensate for the healing but when it’s on a 30 second cd, it’s just not worth it. mercy is kind of like a glass cannon and it’s not good


I find she is good if you have an outstanding DPS on your team, you damage boost your way to victory.

The standard line from overwatch university on Mercy play is, find your carry, and pocket them.

Which is why the only way I’ll run her is with people I know now. We have a person who is a crazy good DPS? They get the Mercy. Otherwise it is Mei for me, and I try to be that carry.

Mercy has a better pickrate in GM than Moiraa. Also a lot of tanks have burst damage. also who cares if one team mate dies when mercy can rez them. mercy provides as much healing as moira. without a resource meter and mercy has utility unlike moira. I play both mercy is a better pick than ,oira. the only time mercy is not optimal and moira is a tank heavey comp.

At GM, people don’t Moira over her, but they do Ana over her.

It is like, there isn’t a rank where she is a better pick than Moira OR Ana. One of them will be better than her.

The rank just determines which one.

(Vast generalisation of course, but you get the point)


moira is a borderline throwpick above diamond.
Also, depends on your comp. If you have dps mercy is superior to moira.
If you have lots of tanks and cant play ana moira is better

Yeah, I figured. XD That’s why I thought I should clarify I only play QP anyway because in QP, being Mercy to dash from that Widow up in the corner to that Genji trying to disengage from a 1v1 combat to that tank over there being a giant target for the enemy team makes it easier.

she’s ‘bad’ because she’s not the optimal pick anymore like she was before. now this isn’t a buff mercy thread, if anything she is balanced because apparently 1 man rez is still op so…

Here is where we actually disagree. I think she is bad, because her game play is trash, not because she can’t be made to work.

People are not shying away from her, because they don’t think she is viable, they just don’t like playing her with all the pauses in her play style now.

She has had times were she has had VASTLY higher pick rates, with worse win rate than she has now.

I didn’t give up on playing her because I didn’t think she wasn’t viable, but because I would rather play any other hero in the game over what she feels like to play now.

I think it is a shame they had such a good hero, loved by so many, and she is reduced to this mess.

I can see how it happened, they had VERY high hopes for Mercy 2.0, but given it was crazy OP, they had to nerf her down, and her game play was lose along the way.

It didn’t have to be like this.


I mainly play Mercy and Moira and I can tell you this is not true. Each one has their strength and weaknesses. For me I can do more healing with Moira but I do a lot of amplified damage with Mercy (and resses). It all depends on your teams composition.

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Rez isn’t OP, its just strong. Unfortunately, that means Mercy’s shining moments are spent sitting still. The meta can shift whenever and Mercy would be on top again, making her OP to rush a meta shift isn’t going to go well.

living > doing damage

this has been the case in goats where it’s all about the sustain (with healing) then combining/coordinating damage.

I would say here that not everyone feels her gameplay is trash

I certaintly dont feel that way

No, not everyone, but, we lost a LOT of Mercy mains over the changes.

I can’t stand her new state, and given the pick rates, I can see I am not alone.

I’m just disappointed by the whole thing. I can see how we could have ended up in a better place than this.


so many people believe GM is when you see what stragies are viable. even in gold and plat mercy and moira are separated by one percent between their pickrate. yet Moira completely falls of after plat mercy is much more of a optimal pick than moira .also, typing on this laptop is annoying.

Yeah, my issue isn’t viability with her, but, it is the pauses in game play.

Valk is a damn good ult, and Rez is pretty strong, but, I’d trade them both away for a more flowing playstyle.

They had it, once, this crazy fast flowing playstyle, and then they lost it. It isn’t that she is bad, but, just not fun any more.


i definitely agree. i mainly stopped playing her because she stopped being impactful and useful. like 50hps really isn’t enough for her to be a main healer. thats where it went down and i personally like to make a difference when i’m playing an type of match on any hero