(Mig) art of ow delayed by a month and half

Was wondering where the book was.

But could not check with my local bookstore because been puppy sitting.

Though I was wondering if it was delayed because of the recent shipping delays with everyone. (Aka you know this if your a Ben and Jerry’s fan.)

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It’s probably because of the McCree name change.


Not completely sure, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is related to the world wide list of items that have been delayed… like fish sticks.

Shipping delays likely effect everyone everywhere.

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Cue The Price Is Right loser’s music


With a little Cyberpunk mixed in,

because the delay is having me have flashbacks to last year due to the timing.

Would not surprised me if November 30 became December.


Right?! Did they throw the Hope Diamond at a black cat sitting under a ladder or something? Because everything seems cursed atm



Who would do that?

(hides the voodoo dolls)

(reminder: I am forced retired Support Sym main.)


Actually I did not consider that, that’s a good point.


To expand on other items being delay due to the shipping crisis:

  1. Canned goods
  2. Turkeys
  3. Chicken
  4. Pet Food
  5. Lunchables
  6. Bottled Water
  7. Liquor

Unconfirmed if the “art of OW” is sharing in the delay… but would not surprise.


I was thinking either that or some of the things that are OW2 related arent revealed yet and they thought it would be sooner.

(Also the video acts as if the tease was the sole purpose of this book. Gonna feel really dumb if its just ow2 stuff we’ve already seen on the ow2 section huh.)


Honestly this is note worthy enough to get a response about. (looking for AndyB or Myst or someone else.)

The delay does not surprise me in the least, was actually expecting an announcement about it.

We are having trouble at Fedex this week as well.

We didn’t have enough “elves” for the Christmas rush before all this.

If we get another snowstorm like we did 6 years ago…

It’s likely going make some records for this century.

It makes me wonder if they plan to reveal anything OW2 related later this month or earlier next month.

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Might be silently delayed as well.

(Hoping to get a response soon, but meanwhile got to go afk, only have so much time today.)

At this point you’re surprised blizz don’t release a single crumb of content?


Where the hell have you been in the past weeks?

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(Been busy moving into a new apartment, puppy sitting while parents are in Italy, the above mention delays that been affecting my job at Fedex.)

It’s been rough, literally my heels been killing me from all the running around. Been putting them on ice.

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Oh i was talking to Kuhaku cause we’ve been getting a tons of crumb in the past weeks.

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Oh no, not the uhhh…squints art book. Whatever will we do.


Welp, bumping this as I just got back from some errands, also gonna start making bacon for a grilled cheese. :bacon: :sandwich:

Joel vs ashe

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