Micro cuts and why i have to pay so high for them

the thing is… i have a connection over air (the only possible way for me to have internet) and sometime this connection gets micro cuts so… when i have them the game kicks me out of my account just because it lost momentary connection to the servers i guess, the bad part of this is that the micro cuts only last for 1-2 seconds and that is everything it takes for overwatch to kick me out of everything…

in other games like say… tf2 when i have them the game keeps me in the server por 25 seconds (the game itself gives you 25 seconds to return) and when my connection resumes i continue to play like it never happened… its also less severe in say MW the game freezes for 5 seconds and then resumes like it never happened… why overwatch is different?

why this game is like this? i mean i got to play the game when i can (its not that often anymore) and i have a penalty of 12 rounds just because of this thing… its not fair at all.

its not fair that i have to wait 10 minutes to find a match and then get f***d just because i got a 1 sec internet cut.

look at this lovely video… i already had a 1 match penalty and when it logs back in again i have 12…noice.

and the even worst part is that the game doesn’t even bothers to throw you back in the same match you where again… it just get a better internet next time"…

for a game about inclusion its pretty clear you don’t like people with bad internet like i have.

i hope that this post reaches some higher place so the devs can do something about this… it’s sad that i pre-purchased the game and now i can’t play it cause of this.

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Do you refer to a mobile 4G or 5G cellular network? Blizzard officially states that these types of connections are not supported and is subject to disconnections that you describe. So unfortunately this is a problem that you are responsible for and will need to consider a landline based connection (DSL, T1, Cable, Fiber Optic, etc.) to reliably play online games like that of Overwatch.

To learn about Blizzard’s stance about why penalties are issued for disconnections, see this topic:


no, its not that, its broadband over air… so is my fault that the game is really eager to kick you out into the login screen just because i lost connection for a second?..

nice… glad to know.

why all other games work different? i mean why all other games and i mean ALL other games don’t punish you when you get a momentary loss of internet?

for a game that screams inclusiveness that is not very inclusive.

and btw i posted here because a the tech support told me… i know this will get lost and no one will do nothing about this… just wanted to tell how glad i am that being master in comp now i’m plat just cause my connection wasn’t reliable enough in quarantine with all the country using it at the same time.

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Any over-the-air transmission is going to be subjected to all forms of radio and microwave interference in combination with user traffic (which as you pointed out is more increased due to the pandemic). For most applications with the internet (web surfing, email, watching videos, etc.), this is not an issue, but open-air internet connections really are never meant for online gaming.

Also note, most competitive online team based games do have strict leaver penalties. Also note, Overwatch does allow a player to return to finish a Competitive Match under certain conditions, but they have to return quickly to avoid penalties (this is due to the fast-paced nature of the game). In the end, based on what you have told me, I do not recommend that you attempt to keep playing Competitive until a better connection solution can be found.


I counted about 10 seconds of connection trouble in that video.

Another 20 before you managed to log back in.

You’re welcome to play.

Just not in a competitive environment where you have 5 team mates gambling on your connectivity issues.

If you know you have connection issues- don’t play competitive.


it takes that long just because the blizzard app disconnects too it wouldn’t take that long if the games keeps the log in details stored for 10 seconds after you get disconnected… no wonder this is the only game that does this… no other game manages log ins like this…

ahhh and don’t forget waiting 15 minutes to play a match in comp and then being thrown into a siberian server with 300ms… just perfect, the perfect way of playing the game.

and i will keep going into comp, i don’t care anymore.

you think its not your problem that my connection sometimes fails, well i don’t think its my problem either (because its really not).

i spoke with my ISP and they say that for now with all the people in quarantine this is normal and there nothing they can do about it.


the reason it’s booting you is because “micro cuts” are a great way to lag switch.

i don’t know WTH is that but the reason the game kicks me out is because the platform doesn’t store credential unless you are 100% of time connected to the internet… that’s disgusting.

really poor excuses at least for my problem, a problem that is HONESTLY not my fault and is NOTHING that i am doing on purpose.

like i said before 95% heck 99% of games don’t do this… even 100% online games like fortnite. or pubg…

I mean- it kind of is your problem.

It’s not your “fault” that your internet drops randomly- But it is your problem. It may not be “fair”- but that’s life in a nutshell.

By all means keep it up- the suspensions / bans will start accumulating automatically.


you are missing the point buddy… but ok… keep ignoring the real issue here.

besides i live in the middle of the mountain so the only way i can get internet its via wireless antennas just because of that i can’t play the game because i’m not good enough for maintaining a constant connection to the game…like i said… overwatch is the only game that does this… so i’m not wrong here.

in competitive i can understand but in casual? wtf…just add a button that says “rejoin your match” and if you chose not to do it get a penalty…

simple as that, problem solved.

I understand your point, buddy.

I just dont agree with you.

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It’s that simple.

If your internet is not fit to play fast paced online games, don’t play fast paced online games.

It is your fault. Stop crying, fix your internet or dedicate yourself to other games.


Why doesn’t the game put you straight back into the match after logging in then? Surely this would be beneficial to literally every party involved.

its because the devs are lazy… this is a thing that affects lots of people… but the game can’t differentiate between a involuntary internet loss and a voluntary one… but they don’t even care at all and put everything in the same sack.
and don’t bother asking honest to god questions in this type of forums, this people are so brainwashed that they will say anything besides addressing the point. its like asking for help in a microsoft forum.

in response to “ТһеІмрӏѥатюи”… if you don’t know about stuff, don’t answer about stuff you don’t know bud… you missed the point by far… the problem here is somewhere else.

Explain how the game will make the difference. I have yet to find a game that can tell the difference.

If there are any, maybe give me one? I’m curious.

Probably because if someone leaves intentionally, they don’t want to get put right back into that same game. Which will just make them leave again until they’re season banned.

How is it the devs fault that you live in the mountains, have a bad internet connection, decide to play an online team based multiplayer game on a connection susceptible to interference and get disconnected because of that connection? Also no, it doesn’t affect a lot of people, most players have an internet connection that isn’t air based.


I gotta say, I agree.

you are still missing the point i can’t believe it… just leave it there… i’m done… you don’t know how to think outside of your little boxes.

and i’ve never said that any game can discern if you leave intentionally or not… like i said 34 times you are missing the point.

the most fun part is people telling me that i can’t play a game just because the devs are so lazy to figure a system that punish intentional leavers and not punishing the others that don’t have a choice.

the point is so so far above you that you can’t catch it even if you get help from drax.

I asked you how this system would/could work, but you’re ignoring my question. I have yet to know of a pvp game that can do this without problems.

A DC is just that, a DC. Your connection is cut. Without invasive software, it’d be difficult to tell the difference.

It sucks, but I highly doubt this has much to do with laziness than how complex it is. And there are other issues that need fixing that will come before that.

They should be punished as such. They should either sit through the game or not play at all. I still see no reason for the player not to be added back immediately.

Again, how is this a bad thing? Removing intentional leavers sounds like nothing but a good thing.