Merging Question/Problem

Just after a bit of clarification.

I used to play ow exclusively on ps4. I sold it and bought a xbox series x and obviously I now use my xbox only to play ow. I’ve noticed my battlenet account still has my old playstation account linked to it… BUT, if I’m understanding correctly I will still need to physically log on to a playstation and open up ow on there to confirm the merge? Seeing as I no longer own a playstation, I’m not sure how I’m suppose to make this happen?? Will the account that’s already linked on there just not be assumed to be the one I want merged?

You should be able to merge them via your Xbox. Open the game, navigate down your main menu to the account merge option, and confirm what account or accounts it lists there. Does it show both the PS and Xbox accounts? Or does it just show one?

I only see my xbox account, which I have confirmed for merging…

And if you click on the switch account button?

I just get a “switch accounts” QR image…

I think scanning the code/going to the page, you should be able to link your PS account

This is where it sends me, I don’t get any option to link my psn account… Other than steps on how to do it… My battlenet connections is definitely saying connected to my psn account though!

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Damn, that sucks. I really hope they find a way to allow merging without needing the physical consoles. Otherwise it’s gonna screw over a lot of players who no longer have those systems.


Yeah, it seems daft. There’s got to loads of people who have more than one account simply because they changed platform. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or finances to simultaneously run multiple systems.

Is annoying because my battlenet account is definitely linked to my old psn account and saying “connected” on the battlenet connections page so surely it can’t be that difficult to “confirm” it on blizzard’s end?? Hoping they find a fix to this unless I really am missing something obvious already.

If I really do have to log on to a playstation then I guess I’ll have to try and borrow my nephew’s although that’ll be a bit of mission (not to mention downloading ow on to it). But honestly, don’t want to lose the chance to get all my season 1 stuff back, pink mercy etc… as sad as that may seem.

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You can verify all of your account connections and link them from


Thanks Craig, so to confirm… if I can see the accounts I want linked at the connection page you just linked above, I don’t need to physically confirm anything else through the in-game client(s)?

I’d say that, to add into people who might get screwed over, those who no longer pay for online for one or another reason

Like imagine having to buy a month of the subscription just to merge accounts, that’d suck

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You do want to confirm in-game, because that tells us those are the accounts you want and we are good to go to merge them when we launch.


But that’s what the whole thread is about… I no longer have my PlayStation to go on and confirm…

I‘d love some help to because I dont get it at all lol. How am I gonna get my PS4 progress onto my xbox? I only had the option to merge my xbox account with battlenet. My PS account is nowhere to be seen lol
It does however say that my PS account is already linked to my battlenet.
Am I missing something?

Yeah. Are we supposed to be seeing some way of confirming our psn accounts in-game through xbox? Cos I’m not seeing anything like that at all.

To clarify, you can confirm in-game on the PC for all console accounts, right? When I logged in on my PC I saw both my Xbox and Switch accounts, so I think you can confirm all consoles when logging in on PC without physically booting up any console.

That would require me to have the game on pc tho right? Which I don’t!

I was under the impression you didn’t need to go on to the console/s in question to confirm. I thought that as long as you linked the accoutns to your bnet account any/all information stored by those account will be merged.

Are we now being told we have to actually log in on each console and confirm something?

Log in to your xbox and confirm the account there. As long as you’ve connected the accounts in your actual settings, you can log in on any platform and confirm in-game. I confirmed my PS4 connection on the PC client. I wasn’t forced to go dig it out and pay for a PS+ membership to confirm the connection.

Edit: I just saw your post saying you don’t see anything on the xbox to confirm you account. Check it again, there should be an option on the main menu of OW that says, “Account Merge” right at the bottom of the menu list.