Merge Mercy beams + New Ability 💥

You can hack Orisa while she’s using fortify, so any new anti-CC wouldn’t be hack proof either (you can even cancel Orisa’s ult while while she’s using fortify)

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Im just going to talk specifically about this one line. Not talking about the validity of this rework concept, but you are completely wrong. At the height of the mercy meta, her weakness was never her inability to do damage. Never. She probably contributed the most damage to a game out of any support. How? Because ressurect. There isnt a number anywhere in the game that mentions the damage done by a tank or a dps, or healing done by a fellow support in the seconds after they were ressed. Thats probably 10 seconds AT LEAST of doing more damage, just from the rest of the respawn timer and the walking back from spawn.

I dont deny what you say but with ur logic almoat all supports are damage dealers. Ana keeps tanks alive forever so that they can deal damage. Zen or lucio ult keep their team alive so that they can deal damage. Mercy resurrects her team so thst they can deal damage
I can even branch out and say ana uses anti nade on the enemy and prevents enemy healers from dealing damage lol

Yeah I guess but at that peak that I was talking about she could heal as good as any other support as well as ressurrect. But the other supports never had the advantage of doing damage over her, except an exceptionally good ana who landed clutch nades, which is reasonably harder and rarer than a mercy who has E taped down.

I like the idea of a combined beam and the gist of the ability

I think that the cooldown should probably be a little longer or that the cooldown does not start until the ability ends because that is a strong utility

not wild about the rez changes, seems risky to use unless the teammate is in cover, but the current rez is also questionable so I’m down to give anything a try

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Are you sure if these are facts, or just your assumption? Could you post where any of the devs have actually stated that they don’t want to revert Mercy, or that they don’t want to make Mercy a better healer? I’d love to see the quotes. :blush:

  • I think the damage boost is fine… There’s no need to nerf it.

  • Not a fan of the green beam idea for her normal healing ability. While interesting, it takes away even more complexity from her already simple kit. Mercy is already struggling to be impactful, I don’t think that making her staff even easier to use helps her impact in any way… Unless there’s some added complexity to her kit in other areas - maybe if it was exclusively in her ultimate though!

  • The new ability is interesting, and it’s bad at all. It’s very similar to a past idea I’ve seen. Pacify. I would personally prefer those changes suggested for her E move.

Another idea would be an ability I’ve called “Halo” that may fit quite well.

  • I think for Ressurect, as long as the ability is on a cooldown, it will continue to be unengaging to play. Also how many people is Mercy able to res when in Valk? If it’s just one person, I don’t think it would make sense to give them half health. It seems to be an unnecessary punish on an already weakened ability.

Just my 2 cents :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

I fully understand your concerns. I know that these ideas aren’t perfect, but they are the only thing I can possibly think of rn. There are some facts that make removing rez from E a challenging/unlikely thing to happen

  1. I might not be able to find the source but I certainly did watch an overwatch youtube channel (Your Overwatch I think) video and Jeff said he’s not a fan of reverting Mercy and believes that rez on E can be balanced. Even if he didn’t say that, you can see that from their actions. More than a year passed, 13 nerfs went thru live server and the sad part is, they did make Mercy balanced (a bit underpowered maybe). This indicates that they still are against reverting mercy. So I didn’t talk about replacing rez.

  2. Also on consoles, rez and angelic decent have the same key and they can’t be seperated. Mercy keys are so sophisticated on a controller for camera control reasons. Moving camera and Jump key are both managed by ur thumb so they had to move angelic decent to another button otherwise Mercy can’t look around while hovering.

These were the reasons I decided not to remove rez from E
But there are also reasons behind why I decided to replace damage boost.
Damage boost is Mercy’s core damage source but with the recent healing nerfs she finds even less opportunities to use damage boost over healing beam. I invite you to play a normal game and at the end of the game check ur stats and see how much damage you could actually amplify compared to your healing.
I agree that having only one beam will make mercy gameplay a bit more simple but with the new ability (which I like to call ‘Guadian Halo’) she is going to have more sophistication in her gameplay. Also this utility is unique between supports and also will counter stun meta so people will find it more likeable to play tanks or dive again. Her healing will stay the same so hopefully she won’t be meta BUT VIABLE which means she won’t change metas. Also stuns are really hated by the community so maybe this change would actually bring some love for Mercy.

Also about rez, since I couldn’t find a way to replace it with something else, I tried to make it less frustrating for both mercy and the enemy team.

  • Instant rez during valk makes her ult less useless
  • no movement restrictions make rez less hated by mercy players
  • half the normal hp makes the rezzed target more vulnerable therefore more counterable

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Bringing back mass Resurrect with tweaks is not a revert so if you suggest changes to mass Resurrect, it isn’t a revert.

Why? Dmg boost has never been a problem.

This would make her even more boring to play… Like, don’t you know that a huge concern Mercy players have is how fun she is?

Her gun is extremely strong when in the right hands and to compensate for this, she already has high mobility.

So basically, a worse version of “Cleanse”. (Cleanse is also a worse version of Zarya’s bubble).

Just no… This is just an unnecessary nerf to Resurrect and it won’t do anything either. Mercy will just heal said teammate back to full HP.

Why would they need to heal their teammate whilst they are invulnerable? She can just wait and then bang, no point of this nerf existing because it is just dumb.

I actually have a post talking about bringin back mass rez with tweaks for like 5 months ago. In fact a lot of people did the same thing as me but all they did was taking all thos feedbacks and putting them in mercy mega thread aka trashcan

Not true. Ana has 75healing per shot. Delay between shots is less than 1s so she does around 90hps. Her nade heals instant 100hp and has a 50% healing boost which means 90 × 1.5 hps. Not to mention her nano 300 heal.
Mercy? 50hps and that’s it

Then whyAna is ruling the supports right now?

Bs. Seriously if you still believe that, then you must’ve not been playing ow for over a year!

I’m not nerfing damage boost cuz it’s a problem. I’m replacing it with something useful and more engaging because damage boost has no use right now. 50hps gives you zero chances to pick damage boost over healing. The only reason I’m keeping damage boost is because it’s pretty much Mercy’s core damage source.

We’re not leaving her left click unoccupied. We are replacing it with another unique ability that is actually more engaging than changing between right click and left click.

Her gun is only for self defense. There are 4 non-support team mates that are out there to excel at dealing damage.
You know that You can’t compare Ana’s 70 damage, anti heal and sleep dart or moira’s lock-on grasp and damage orb to mercy’s pistol

I dont know about cleanse but 4s of damage resistance + invulnerability against stun is worthy enough to decrease damage boost by 10-15%

This nerf is a trade with being able to move while rezzing and to have instant rez in valk. And I believe it’s a good trade. Which brings this thing up:

If the rezzed target is going to have half hp, then mercy shouldn’t be able to heal them while they’re invulnerable. Otherwise that is not half hp!!

The megadump is dead.

Not true? I literally quoted what the devs said. Also, her average heals are the 2nd highest amongst the supports.

Quoted from devs. You claimed that Bliz doesn’t want Mercy to be better at healing. These quotes disprove that. They just ended up flopping but their intentions don’t change.

Obviously I don’t believe that. That being said, other than resorting to ad hominem, I have no reason not to believe them.

Then buff her heals back to 60? Don’t go messing with something that isn’t a problem.

Yeah, no. That’s just unneccessary and a waste of time. I don’t even understand how you can even put a CD ability on left click.

Nope. False.

Mercy’s pistol does 100 dmg per second and Moira doesn’t have a lock-on.

It isn’t.

It’s a pointless trade because again, either the other support on your team will heal said teammate or you’ll just heal the teammate yourself after invulnerability finishes. Pointless.

So they have half HP when they get ressed. But wait! They’re only going to have half HP whilst they are invulnerable meaning half HP is completely pointless… After invulnerability runs out, it’s just a matter of healing the target which any competent Mercy can do.

That’s the thing about Mercy, she doesn’t have time to bring forth her utility as she has to spend 100% of the time healing, before the nerf I could top people off and damage boost/rez. Now I’m trying to buy time to resurrect by getting people into safeish levels of hp pools, and almost never damage boosting as there is always healing that needs to be done.

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from a design perspective and the fact that many already think that Mercy’s gameplay is now really boring, that’s a very bad idea.
Not only are you removing one of the last things which are still really skillful to use and differentiating good from bad Mercy players, you also create a permanent Nano boost with that which can change the teammate in a very flexible way.
That’s just the same as with E res.
You take an Ult and make it far easier to use and available all the time (With that, it even has literally no CD).

So… Overall you just give Mercy the ability to use Nano boost all the time, while drastically reducing her skill requirement, again. And the New ability makes that only worse, but more to that now-

This again just adds to the already permanent Nano boost and gives it even more power on a CD. Just think of a Genji with Mercy’s beam and this ability. That’s just utter frustration for the enemy, because of all the easy to use and very strong buff’s that Genji gets thrown at him.
As soon as you have no way to stop the enemy, the hero which causes this will be a must pick for sure.

If Val stays just the same, this is just overpowered with the idea for her base kit.
On top of that Val would be just again Res and not Valkyrie. Players would save it just for that. Only now, the new side effect is that you can Nano boost your entire team as well.

Valkyrie is not only the fundamental issue in her current kit (If you like it or not) it also allows no buff’s or nerf anymore, because non can fix the problem Mercy really has.

The first point is something everyone agrees on. A pure revert is a bad idea.
But using the concept of Mass Res again on her is not a revert and something of which many very good ideas exist.
If it still counts as a revert than we can say just as much that Valkyrie Mercy is also nothing than a revert. More than a change back to Mass Res with major changes to it’s functionality.

The second point is flawed as well as contradicting. While other sups are now better at healing they nerf Mercy’s healing, although 60HP/s was very weak with weaker support counterparts. And that Valkyrie made her healing go up is no argument because it literally went down after her rework and increased by almost nothing over time.

At the end, I don’t like your idea because it’s just as badly thought out as Mercy 2.0. Don’t take that offensive or so. It’s just that Mercy can’t be fixed while keeping Valkyrie in her kit.

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Pretty nice ideas but the ress…no pls, i dont like this one

My friend I didn’t come up with these ideas just from my guts! I’ve been playing this game since beta. In three different ranks of platinum, diamond and masters. 500hrs sombra, 300hrs Mercy and 200hrs Ana. All these points are made from the perspectives of every type of player. Mercy mains Ana mains and dps mains. So with that out of the way,

  • we are replacing damage boost with something else, not removing it
  • changing from right click to left click is not that exciting either

I agree that decision making is what separates good and bad Mercys but right now, with her healing nerfed, damage boosting isn’t really a good option. You barely find an opportunity to prefer damage boosting over healing. Im suggesting you to go and play a Competitive game and see for urself, how much damage u amplified at the end of the match.


  • 50% damage boost
  • 300 instant hp
  • 50% damage reduction


  • 50hps
  • 15-20% damage boost

I wouldn’t make that comparison. I mean with ur logic, zen has a stronger nano with 35% more damage taken and 30hps. Heal orb on tracer, damage orb on tracer’s target. Not to mention he can shoot while doing all these.

And even if it was a mini nano boost, it aint “far easier” nano is just pressing Q. Mercy has to be in close range

I honestly think you’re overreacting.

  • Brigitte can instantly heal for 150hp evey 6s and has a 16hps passive and ppl are okay with it. They only complain about her ult and how offensive she is
  • Ana can throw a nade at a tank that is about to die and bring them back to full health in 2s while anti healing anyone near them.

Now look at this genji thing u said.

  • Has 25% damage resistance for 4s
  • Can’t get stunned for 4s
  • Gets 15% damage boost. (28 per shuriken is now 32! Literally 4 more damage!)

Damage boost isn’t really doing anything, stun invincibility has no affect against heroes that don’t use stun. It’s just 25% damage resistance for 4s.
This ability is mostly designed to enable tanks against stuns and prevent them from being an ult battery. Not to mention, the 4s damage resistance can be easily countered by a discord orb.

I don’t agree with that. Ultimate abilities are supposed to “change the course of a game”. If genji can get 4 kills with his ult, then resurrecting one person nack to life with half hp isn’t overpowered

Again I dont agree with that. U can barely connect ur beam to 2 or 3 people at the same time. Ur team is never thst grouped up. Widow is in the back. Tracer in in enemy backline. Tanks are in the frontline and ur fellow support is either stayin with ur tanks or in ur backline. Mwrcy chain beam has only a 5m radius so…

I totally agree with you. I am one of those people who have made a post about bringing mass rez back but with tweaks
But the problem is simple. THEY. WON’T. DO. IT

Anyways I do understand ur concerns my friend I really do. But I also think these changes are worthy enough to try on ptr. I mean at this point anything is better than the current mercy

i disagree it should 100% work on Sombra’s hack. right now there’s NOTHING to counter hacks and EMP is worse than a stun and lasts waaaaay longer. If Mercy uses this on a hacked target it should cleanse them of it or prevent its use. Introduce some counterplay to her outside of ‘let me hope i’m far enough from my team to not be caught in an EMP radius that makes everyone’s abilities useless and ez pickings for any combination of enemy ults’. This scenario still would require MERCY not to be hacked and would 100% be balanced with that in mind.

Can you provide proof that they won’t do it?

There isn’t a need of any counter to Sombra. She would be a useless pick otherwise. Her normal hack can already be countered by a shield,a bit of damage or can be obsolete if there’s no follow up on her hack.

How about nerfing mercy 13 times in a row instead of changing her rez? Or the fact that they put almost every single mercy thread into mercy mega thread /TRASHCAN?
or the fact that jeff himself said he believes that rez on E is balancable?

This doesn’t prove your assertion. All it does is make the claim that mass Res can be brought back slightly unlikely.

Firstly, that was crowd-control. Secondly, it doesn’t prove your assertion.

He also said that he believes that DeathMatch won’t fit Overwatch and that he won’t implement it into Overwatch. What point are you trying to make? :rofl:

Ok, lets get this straight, its not always about healing factor. There is a reason why in the higher ranks and pro play Moira is less used than Lucio and Zen.

This is utility(and crazy strong utility at that). By your description, Imagine a Tracer imune to flashbangs, shield bash, freeze, slows, hack, hooks and pins(and maybe boops since they ARE cc, unlike hack, that is a silence, a debuff )… Anti dive is simply no longer usable. It will force Mcree, Mei, Sombra, Hogs and Symm to be even worst.

I get the hate of CC. I hate being CC’ed and would wellcome another character that can give a cleanse that is not Zarya, but not imunity. Maybe resist but imunity…Never.