Mercy's nerf was unnecessary

I don’t think so.

  1. Haven’t excessively communicated the same or similar phrase
  2. havent created a thread for the sole purpose of causing unrest
  3. haven’t caused a disturbance in a forum thread (unless posting a different opinion is disturbance, which would prove my point)
  4. I am making very constructive posts
  5. Haven’t abused the reported post
  6. havent nubmered threads

Thank you for your feedback, you are now the second person to not be constructive and give an appropriate response to my opinion.

That whole Mercy spammers cult thread isn’t making fun of. It’s a very interesting observation.

Don’t over invest/identify with the balance changes within this game. All that will do is stress you out.

I disagree with all your points there.

you’ve recycled a lot of the same of what your saying and your going out of your way to disagree with Every mercy thread possible.

O yes much like the owl mercy skit didn’t promote toxicity yea right sure m8.

I believe you.

This will only lead to more unwanted toxicity to mercy players and your stirring the pot.

It isn’t? Then why is he encouraging for name calling/nicknaming people?

I don’t care about balance or what happens to the heroes I play. I’m pretty chilled out.

That skit was so unprofessional… this thread is just antagonising the Mercy community. I’m sure most others wouldn’t want to be associated with a fake cult.

Come read this one as its probably one of the best feedback threads you’ll find for recent mercy posts.

Theres no cult to be seen there at all.

I find it weird how they say they’re against toxicity yet the skit is still up.

(I would upvote u BDEU but im fresh out of upvotes)

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I’m not going to defend all his responses and word choices and etc etc. That’s ridiculous.

The overall application of that analogy however, is very much interesting and not derogatory.

Members of various cults around the world are usually mentally unstable people.
By saying that the Mercy players are a cult, he mocks them for that possibility.

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I don’t go that far. I just look at the measures within which his course established cult characteristics, apply it to the whole Mercy fiasco, and think. I have no reason to believe that, because he put forward this analogy, that he is doing so in an effort to insult or harm. I do appreciate his mention of it, as it gives me another angle to consider things from.

The eagerness to be insulted/offended around here is quite high. It’s unfortunate, as it naturally discourages discussion.

I’m not insulted or offended, that’s the way of Americans and I’m not one.
However, it’s not cool to see time and time again Mercy players getting attacked and made fun of by everyone.
I’m gonna keep calling people out on their BS.

Why do you think you shoudn’t be able to outheal incoming damage?

Only reason Mercy will ‘still be fine and prosper’ is because all the other main healers have been constantly nerfed into the floor. Doesn’t mean she’s still good, just means she’s the only one that doesn’t completely suck.

not really. I am just pointed out that they function like one, and operate very much with a “mob mentality”. I’m not being mean or vindictive, I’m just making an observation. I think you are reading into what I said too much.

Saying a group of people act like a mob isn’t being mean? I’m shook

Mercy was and still is OP. a nerf was super necessary

What do you mean by not really?
Not really the members being mentally unstable or not really mocking the players?
If it’s “mob mentality” then you should be specific about that, because mob mentality is something way different than a cult.
You’re not making an observation, or whatever you wanna call it, your whole post in the thread you made is full of bad sarcasm and mocking.

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The nerf that was given was not necessary and completely avoids the problem at hand.

It’s a phycological term called mob mentality. When a group of people all act the same way/say the same thing. What’s wrong with mob mentality? should I call it Hive mind?

Don’t compare us to mob mentalities.

a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence.
“a mob of protesters”
synonyms: crowd, horde, multitude, rabble, mass, body, throng; More
the Mafia or a similar criminal organization.
“he gambled at a time when the Mob ran gaming”
crowd round (someone) or into (a place) in an unruly way.
“he was mobbed by autograph hunters”
synonyms: surround, swarm around, besiege, jostle; More

100% this (20 chars)

the devs are too scared to do the right thing and just remove rez. (As the mercy loving community will scream stupid things like “its her signature ability” and such)
that’s why they had to nerf diffrent things in her kit instead.