Mercy's nerf was unnecessary

It’s worse than a mini supercharger though???

And a Winston normally doesn’t out-damage a support ultimate.

If your team isn’t fighting together on point besides snipers then you gotta do something about that.

I used to damage boost too and then heal when people we’re critical but I can’t do that anymore I have to start healing as soon as they lose 1 hp cause they die even when I’m healing them.

Honestly not sure why they took valk down with the base kit. That seems pointless and almost spiteful on an already mostly lackluster ult.

If they ever decide to really balance Mercy again (res) I’d love to see what buffs could work with valks heal mechanics - seems like there’s a lot of options there to play with.

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There isn;t such a thing as a mini supercharger its just a term that i used lol. and even then its 30 damage across multiple teammates.

Honestly don’t want them to continue to reiterate this version of Mercy, at all.

I’m more of a rework kinda guy and Titanium’s suggestion left me speechless.

Also why should it? You can damage boost the team and you should trust your team to peel for eachother.

Omg I’m trying to say that you can’t call her ultimate a mini supercharger because one, it’s supposed to be used to sustain your team more efficiently and two, you can’t heal and dmg boost at the same time so it’s a mini supercharger at one point and a mini health bundle at another point. Her ultimate is worse than Orisa’s

Man just link the thread or something and leave it at that. Quoting all that makes scrolling a pain on phone.

But if your team is already at a good health, which you should get them to before even pushing you should damage boost as its a better choice. And I also said bundle. I damage boost but it’s up to the player on how they use it.

Oh my god. You really think an ultimate is supposed to be outdamaged by a tank who requires no aim to output damage? There’s no reasoning with you…

I’d be in for a rework too, though I hesitate to suggest them since… well, we’ve seen what happens. I was more in the club of a revert and re-balance from the old kit myself since: res in ult is pretty key imo and would be far easier to balance than what we have now. Apparently…

Always like Titanium’s threads, and I do like the res rework ideas - not sure I agree with the new second passive though.

And she still is going to average more heals then the other 2 per game plus have res plus have the best mobility.
So yea she will be a very strong main healer still

I do agree her ult is lack luster and I rather them get rid of chain healing and just up the hps to something like 80

Why are you using it when your team has full health is the question? It’s supposed to be used to sustain your team better. Otherwise, you’re just turning it into a garbage version of Orisa’s supercharger.

Having a ton of nerfs doesn’t mean that the hero will be balance, and in mercy case she is clearly op and broken even after this nerf

But the ultimate isn’t meant to be doing massive heals. It’s supposed to sort of sustain your team. Monkey is a squishy, and brig doesn’t have to aim yet she can do damage on par with monkey. Not to mention a stun.

Because of Resurrect on E which the dev team is still trying pathetically to balance :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah this is the problem rez is broken and unbalance in this form

Sustain your team with AoE heals? Hello???

Keep avoiding the fact that a tank should not be out-damaging an ultimate. Coooool.

Brig is not a tank and she needs incredible reevaluation. Tank’s are not meant to be doing damage and should certainly not be outdamaging an ultimate. End of.

Brig is known to be a DPS Tank Healer hybrid she can sustain herself very easily. If the tank is focusing him and can last even less than a brig can and doesn’t have to aim as well then why shouldn’t he be able to do more damage than mercy’s heals? Just because it is AOE doesn’t mean that it should be doing way more heals per person.