Mercy's "Buff"...?

Can someone explain the idea behind the Mercy change in the experimental patch?

Like of all the tens of thousands of suggestions for Mercy in these forums, I would be willing to bet money that no one ever suggested: “Reset the 1.75 second cooldown on Guardian Angel when Mercy gets a kill”

This honestly just feels like a troll.


they had to do something without actually doing something, so that’s what yall got. to be fair though if they’d given her a legitimate buff people probably would have demanded it be put through to live and afaik none of the changes in this patch are going to live.


The guy was a troll lmao he also wanted to make bastion float and give his ult extra duration on kill like genji right now and give pharah a boosted magazine on environmental kill


Most likely not, this patch looks utterly ridiculous for the most part, but there are a few good ideas here and there.

i’m a big fan of the lucio changes and i’d kill for them to go live. it feels so nice to main heal w him.


I’d love to see something similar for Mercy’s healing beam, increase the healing if you’re closer, decrease it it at max range so you have to try and measure how safe you want to play versus how much healing you want to put out.


I politely disagree. Mercy does not need healing “fall-off” mechanic. Her healing is supposed to be consistent at any time.

The Exp Card change for Mercy is straight trolling. So many interesting ideas out there in community, all ignored.

But what you expect from people who suggested the changes that will delete Sombra from the game :smiley:


I dont know it seems niche I mean its SOMETHING, which I guess is cool but how many times in games do you actually get a finishing blow as mercy-- if anything it would have been nice to see the CD reset after you rez or something or change rez to being a valk ability only but make the cast time instant-- like everyone else got dumb and fun experimental changes : |

I think I can explain it. The person who suggested it has never played Mercy, doesn’t know how the character works, has no idea what she needs and doesn’t need, and had to say something anyway. They knew that dash reset is pretty critical for Genji and figured - how different could it really be for Mercy?

The change is so ridiculous. It will basically never have any effect in any game. It’s on par with giving Mercy 65 hps while her and her heal target are both in the spawn room, or giving Mercy a GA reset whenver a child by the name of Angela is born in Switzerland. The best that can be said for it is that it’s harmless.

Mercy didn’t need any changes, but if they wanted to try something out there were a few things they could have done that would have been nice to try. They could have shortened the switch time from staff to gun. They could have made Valkyrie not disconnect beams on activation. They could have requested a hybrid option for GA.

It’s not just this. It’s actually much more specific. You need a finishing blow, after using GA to engage (which you never do), you need to get it almost immediately after the GA in order to get any kind of cooldown reset on a 1.5 second cooldown, you need to almost immediately acquire a new team mate to target, and then you need to have whatever sliver of a second you salvaged off of GA’s cooldown to be meaningful. And all of this needs to happen in Valkyrie, where mobility isn’t even a problem.

Even if you go full, pistol only, battle Mercy, this change will very rarely result in a GA cooldown reset, and it will be much rarer than that for the reset to matter.


well at least the mercy boxing community is happy about those changes…jokes aside they missed so many opportunities with mercy. I think they could have made her flight speed faster in valk since its more like hovering than flying… or even let her CD for rez reset if she gets a finishing blow would have been something better than this lol


Hurr durr, Mercy will be able to get a killing blow once the bullet travels for 2 seconds to reach the target…OH WAIT NOW THE COOLDOWN’S OVER LMAOOO


Yeah, I love not being able to see the game because I’m literally bisecting rein’s hitbox in order to maximize healing.

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He seemed drunk too.


like this is such a slap in the face after everything she’s been through lol, what’s more sad is how they try and justify her position now. I had many people ask me to switch off mercy because she isn’t a viable main healer. Not going to say their ranks because it was mixed, but it was enough for me to start expressing my concerns about her now. This just encourages her to do less healing and more pistol-ing bottom line.


On one hand I do like the concept of Mercy getting some kind of bonus for finishing someone off, because I do usually play a hybrid Mercy and it usually feels like there’s very little reward for pulling out the pistol, because you have to legitimately have perfect aim to do anything due to both the low damage output and projectile travel. I would want to see something like five seconds off the rez counter for every finishing blow or getting a kill reloads the pistol, though. Both of those would still fall into the ‘lol not a buff’ range but would actually be useful in niche situations.

God, this card could have been WAY more interesting but they came up with this. SMH


I respecfully disagree. It’s nothiing. It makes 0 difference. In literally slim-to-no hecking scenario will you kill someone during guardian angel for the cooldown to reset and have a quick enough reaction to fly to someone else you see. Let alone the bullet travel speed being like slow as hecc with it reaching its target by the time the Guardian Angel cooldown resets.

Yea, that’s why I mentioned

The concept behind the reset is good, there just needs to be a bit of a different reset to actually make this something usable for people who use Mercy’s full kit.


Yup. Exactly this.

Its the equivalent of saying, “Soldier 76 now deals 1% more damage if he has Gold Healing.”

The situation alone is technically possible, but feasibly will never ever happen, and even if it DID happen, the reward is so absolutely miniscule that it’s completely irrelevant, not to mention completely antithetical to their intended playstyle.


It is. That’s the point.

It’s literally pinned.

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