Mercy wasn't actually nerfed

It really isn’t neccessary, but cool. I’ll still be using statistics in my arguments though.

Let’s say, the deadline is 2 weeks after the Halloween event starts.

Oh, well if we are only looking at GM stats I can see your point, however basing the worth of a character by a selective grouping of stats, however good those players are, seems unfair as a whole.

I am a Mercy main and I never intended to be toxic. I myself had a really hard time adapting to this new change. I was high platinum and then then nerf hit and I’m now low gold. I’m not saying it isn’t rough out there but it took me some time and now I feel like I can play her well. That’s simply my experience and I would never suggest that I am the bar and everyone else is bad or something, I’m sorry that you are taking what I am saying to be so toxic but I don’t mean it that way at all.

I’m well aware, however if we are looking at statistics to determine whether or not a character is “ridiculously underpowered” then it’s important to look at averages compared with other characters in their role. It would be silly to ignore that, on average, she gets more healing done per match than all but one other healer. Of course it’s situational, but she is obviously capable of doing some great healing, even if it isn’t how it used to be.


hey I rather this than the “feel” thing so, kudos to you

I think that’s around the time when the nerfs hit a few months old so I agree, let’s measure the data on the second month and the first month as well as the weekly trend

Did you even read the rest of my reply?

Again, it is ridiculous for any hero to have a 54% winrate in GM. That would mean Mercy is a troll pick in those ranks. This, for most normal people, is enough.

Again, personal experiences amount to nothing in debates.

Again, you can’t be bringing up average heals as a way to prove she’s not underpowered because:

  • the whole data is entirely situational.

  • She is played predominantly in low ranks because of how easy she is. With that in mind, the low tier players are going to skew the data since it’s mind-bogglingly easy to get high heals in those ranks.

I’m definitely not going to take someone, who only uses healing averages as an argument to prove that she isn’t underpowered and ignores everything else that suggests the opposite, seriously. This discussion is over if that really is the best you can do to prove she isn’t underpowered:

  • personal experiences

  • healing averages

Look, I’ve said what I needed to say and it’s clear to me that you’d rather be rude than have an actual debate, which is what I was trying to do. I didn’t comment here with the intent of being belittled over how I view statistics just because you don’t consider the statistics I am seeing as worthwhile.

I know Mercy is a very sensitive subject and I admire how much you obviously care about her. I care about her a lot too. I hope that things change, I really do, but right now it’s very unclear. I hope you have a great day, cheers.


You shouldn’t expect to have a debate after ignoring most of the points I made. Maybe act like you want to have a debate and I’ll deliver accordingly.

Not just me. Any person who looks at statistics on the daily would say the same thing. What’s funny is that you even acknowledged that healing averages are skewed because it is in entirely situational but then proceed to try and defend it as if it isn’t skewed. You contradicted yourself there.

I guess ignoring points is something you do often. It was nice chat and I’m just going to continue saying that she’s underpowered. Also, read this:

I do want to clarify what I meant here before I take off. Individual healing per match is entirely situational, yes. However statistical averages are not as they gather the data from all sources to come to an average rather that show case by case healing stats. I know I didn’t clarify that earlier so I understand why you see this as a flawed thought process on my part.

Anyways, I see you’re still being demeaning, so again I take my leave. Peace.

You do know that this still doesn’t change the fact that average heals are still skewed because of how situation the amount of heals you get are? Besides, it doesn’t even help your argument because that would mean Zen, Lúcio and Brigitte are all underpowered. Also, would mean that Ana is less powerful than Mercy in GM right now. That is objectively false.

What a joke. And you’re the same person wondering why I’m being “demeaning”. Here’s a hint: it’s because you ignored most of my argument and only replied to the ones you thought you can refute. That isn’t helpful or constructive for anyone.

Also, might I add that you’re leaving a thread you decided to make. Maybe don’t make threads in the first place if you’re just going to leave after getting refuted. :confused:

I didn’t make this thread…

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Welp, damn. You’re actually right. But now, you just ended up reinforcing the point I made. A double edged sword, really.

Anyway, have a nice day! I expect to see you again maybe after a hour or two when you reply to something you think you can refute. Also,

Heroes Never Die! except Mercy.

(Apologies for being so passive-aggressive. It’s just the way I talk).

It’s been 2 months since the nerf, how much longer are we going to keep using the “players are still adapting” excuse? It’s not like Mercy was reworked in any way this time and people had to learn new abilities or get used to new mechanics.

Her healing output isnt a problem. It’s fine if she moves more into a secondary role.

Valkyrie could use a buff though if her healing stays at 50. Make it as impactful as Trans or Sound Barrier by increasing Valk healing to 100 but lowering the duration to 8 seconds.

Mercy would be fine.

tbh mercy feels so different in lower elos compared to higher, so you cant really speak for every tier

Im speaking hypothetically. No matter how you dress it up your still achieving 1000 less healing for every 5000. Its huge.

This claim is blatantly false. In fact Hide and Rez was associated with a number of documented <40% winrate Mercies, demonstrating clearly that they were able to climb due to the SR bug only and not because hiding and rezzing was a viable, winning strategy.
It is a fact that GM and Pro Mercies tempo rezzed because tempo rezzes are more reliable, harder to counter, and less disastrous if they should fail. If a GM Mercy tried to hide, the GM Tracer would hunt her down and kill her immediately.

Also blatantly false. There have been pro tournaments since Season 1. Just because it’s pre-OWL doesn’t mean it isn’t pro. If it’s professional gamers competing for money, it’s pro.

False again. There were no hero limits in Season 1. This enabled KOTH matches where both teams had two Tracers, two Lucios, and two Winstons. Twelve players playing three heroes. This meta was seen almost exclusively in pro gameplay because it was so boring that you literally had to pay people to do it.

I just wanted to mention that this accusation is is hilarious coming from you.

Gets called “fool” in the Mr. T fashion
“that’s more than enough proof of who is the side with the most negative people”

Your evidence is not satisfactory given the scope of your hypothesis.
Anyway considering that most half of what you’ve said here has been either blatantly false or taken out of context in a misleading manner, there are only a few possible explanations. I think I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming you’re merely ignorant and are trying, unsuccessfully, to form a meaningful argument about things you know nothing about… but if you prefer I can call you a pants-on-fire liar instead.
In any case don’t expect to be respected when you have such an aversion to telling the truth.

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Can we just rework her again and get rid of valk? I would prefer that tbh.

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Mercy got nerfed because the pro players were crying so loud that Blizzard heard them.

lol, alright buddy, I’ll keep on “lying” and playing the game I love, hope you do too

and I wanna make clear that this is my answer because you cannot provide reliable data that supports neither of your claims but you know? there is just something so annoying of asking for stuff the community doesn’t have access to on an opinion based forum that I just rather move my hand like a puppet next to your face, have a wonderful day

You cant just calculate it like that though. Mercy does a TON of overhealing and topping up.

Its 1000 per 5000 if shes glued to a dva that never uses defense matrix.

Most of her healing isnt that though. Mercy had a lot more time to damage boost previously cuz ner healing was so efficient. Now she has to heal more cuz it’s not and the end result is her overall output being pretty comparable.

What’s even more weird is that Ana did that Mercy for the first year of Overwatch before the Mercy rework even happened! HaahA!