Mercy is the perfect support

those seasons were ages ago.

She’s boring to play because her Valkyrie is literally the same thing that she does the entire game. Just slightly better.
She’s “balanced”, but res on a cooldown is OP. She needs to be reverted to 1.0 before invuln to res.


Wtf, you said she was OP pre-rework, which I proved she wasn’t by showing her pickrates when she had mass-rez. Now you’re saying it doesn’t matter? I don’t even know what you’re trying to argue lol.


If they can’t be bother to look to see that Mercy wasn’t a must pick for all seasons then providing facts wouldn’t conceive them.

Oh Look I was right.


I stand by my statement that we shouldn’t JUST suck it up. I said that we must FIRST suck it up and enjoy since the devs have their reasons. THEN with a clear mind work on our “complaints” and “suggestions”.

As for the post you quoted without pitchforks etc. That’s the kind of Mercy crowd that I’m talking about that I want to see more of. I myself have a few suggestions in this forum as well. And we never know what the devs are doing. They might even be working on something like that right now (although unlikely).

You told us to be happy that she exists… That is what I’d call telling people to suck it up… Nonetheless, I agree with what you are saying. More people like Titanium should exist.

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Please, show me it with at least 10 play of the games


That’s the thing about Mercy that I was describing in my post. Her impact is that she makes her teammates have an impact. She “enables” them. If that makes any sense.

So if you see a teammate of yours have a play of the game that you helped achieve (by keeping that person alive, damage boosting, or by rezzing) then you know that you did your job well. Sometimes that kind of rez actually gets the Mercy the play of the game.

P.S. I actually want to have those as my Mercy’s play of the game instead. But hey, we can only hope (I hope the devs are listening).

Things change. That’s what happens in video games.

“McCree was fun, but then-“
“Tracer was fun, but then-“
“Sombra was fun, but-“
“Symmetra was fun-“
“Call of Duty was -“

She isn’t for you anymore, and I’m sorry, but that isn’t the issue with every mercy player. It sucks that you can’t enjoy her anymore, but there’s 27 more heroes.

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I understand what you say, but it doesn’t work. ALL heroes has this “ability”. How much you see other heroes in assist? Many and many times. That’s isn’t a Mercy specific.
ALL heroes have impact and you can notice it, but Mercy. In her process of rework and nerf over nerf, she lost her impact. She CAN’T keep alive her teammates, NEITHER in Valkyrie, that is supposed to be an Ultimate. An Ultimate MUST or make many Kills, or keep the teammates alive.
Symmetra, example, put her giga-shield. All teammates are protected, and they pass through to continue “parrying” the enemies’ attack.

The only ultimate that can’t make its job, it’s Valkyrie


Mercy has quite a good pistol and can do things on her own. The problem with using her pistol, however, is that people get really pissed about it. This is the treatment someone received from using the pistol in competitive:

People would threaten to rape you, or tell you to go kill yourself (that one has happened to me) if you ever pulled your gun (the aforementioned example is from pistol only, but I was told to go kill myself when I pulled my gun even though I was primarily healing in a game). I think asking Mercy haters to stop giving Mercy players crap is a futile effort. There are Mercy haters, they have their mind set on hating those who play Mercy, and there are those among them who would wish actual harm to come to the people who choose to play Mercy. I do not have any information of suicide or self-harm resulting from the cyber-bullying that goes on in Overwatch, but when/if I hear of such things in relation to Overwatch it will sadden me greatly, yet will come as no surprise.

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Well Bliz can kiss their community goodbye if they make every hero boring af to play and expect their former fanbase to suck it up. Also, I’d gladly take a refund on this game and I would not have purchased it if I knew they would treat their playerbase like this while messing heroes up to the point where they’re unbelievably boring to play.


Well, she already took skill, but now she takes less than ever before since valk removes all challenge and weakness from her and E rez is reduced to being forced to hide for any rez. So that’s what people are complaining about. Mercy WAS for a lot of people because she was easy to play but hard to master, now she is just so easy that she is boring because she is not even good at her work (unless pocketing snipers), she is incredibly easy both to play and to master thanks to her ez mode pro simulator valk.

About changes to her, considering that we are now back to alpha’s Mercy, I’d like to go forward and see her a bit harder, better and healthier again, as you said with her essence back again, because even that has been twisted with this revert.

Also, I’d like to point out that Mercy’s main concept is being a mobile strong consistent single target support. Valk makes her multitarget and encourages her to dps, so that’s messed. Having 50 pathetic hp/s she is not a strong support anymore, and the fact that she is no longer a main support is more than enough to back up this. E rez destroys her mobility and wrecks all her balance and game. Immobility has no placement in a mobile character, period. Finally, her signature in the game, rez, is just a cruel joke of its original form. It’s hideous to play.

Just fyi, valk existed before game’s release, same as stationary rez and 50 hp/s healing. Valk and stationary rez were removed for good because of great reasons, and trash healing was buffed to 60 hp/s exactly because of what’s happening now. All this happened in the past, so we are living now three huge mistakes from the past.

How to balance this nightmare? Tbh, without an entire rework I find it impossible. Her design is based on mistakes from the past, things that never worked and were never going to work or even things that contradicted the own character like stationary rez. This design will always be either trash or op, as this last year has proved. Now Mercy is the worst support in the game, excepting for the fact that she is incredibly easy to play.

Just to finish. I’d like to give you 100% the truth. I’d really like. However, since this revert she is not fine at all. She needs a rework because this design has no redemption.

And that reason simply required a few QoL changes and a real E ability, never a revert back to all her worst mistakes from the past. The hide and rez bs has been debunked even by the creators of that stereotype. About being “unfun”, Blizz said that “unfun is subjective”. I find a lot of things unfun in the game like tactical visor, deflect, 3x blinks, dragon blade, grav, and a large etcetera, but I would never cry for those things to be removed. I’ll simply say that I find valk like the zombie version of Molten Core, and it was removed because of being unfun. Valk should be removed for good because it’s not only unfun, but also unhealthy and bad design.

Finally, you should take into consideration that a lot of people didn’t find Mercy fun even when she was op. A lot of people has been suffering thanks to her revert since it was done, and they are not enjoying the game yet. I think that the Mercy player’s fun should be taken into consideration too. Op =/= fun, necessarily.

Oh, and about pithforks and those things, you should watch Titanium’s post. Usually when you see pitchforks they are pointing to the Mercy players.

According to almost everyone but 2-3, yes it is. Her pickrate and winrate are falling with no stop below all the other supports, even her players say that she is horrible to play, if you like having a brainless character glued to Widow’s… back, that’s okay, but please, don’t come with the “pick another character” spam, because that’s what people are doing, but a really obnoxious situation too because they want to play their favourite character, not the one they are forced to play (even if they enjoy it, they’ll miss their old main and will want to play it again, that’s called feelings). Mercy is trash and she must be reworked for good, exactly as she was in the past. Valk, E rez and trash 50 hp/s are cancerous mistakes from the past and NEVER should have returned to the game.

That’s how Mercy worked in the past too. I had a great potg where I just rezzed two guys, Rein and Bastion and kept them alive while they smashed the entire enemy team with some help from Mccree. Now I couldn’t rez anyone unless I could hide. I couldn’t keep them alive neither since 50 hp/s are too weak. Mercy is no more a good support. Currently her job is pocketing snipers and I’m sorry but that’s really boring and takes very little to no skill at all. That’s what I miss the most, having to think or having some real chances to improve my game.


It’s funny, a lot of mercy players I’ve met in game loved her rework. Only here have I seen real “massive” complaining, which, well, are opinions. “She’s not fun”, no, but she needed to be nerfed. Period.

Fun, by the way, is subjective. Your opinion on fun is not a source for balance.

She can’t have high heals along with the most consistent. THATS “cancerous” and makes her too strong for her easy gameplay. Her rez is an awesome ability, it makes up for her low heals. So does her amazing mobility, damage boost, and self regeneration. Sorry that your super easy hero isn’t super good now?

To be honest, she SHOULD be outshined by Ana. High skill, high reward. That’s how it should be. Yet, until Mercy was nerfed AND Ana was buffed, it was never the case.

I’m not sure gamesense counts as skill tbh

Her healing was buffed in 2016, it was never a problem. Moira heals more than her now, while being able to damage and have an impactful ult, that’s cancerous too then right? Also, rez WAS an awesome abili- ultimate. Now, it’s useless because you stop healing to use it.


I will start by saying that I do appreciate giving your opinion on Mercy. I feel the same way you do in that I too think that Mercy is the perfect definition of that it should be to be a perfect support.

Unfortunately I say “should” because I used to enjoy her not only because she had dedicated healing or because she zipped between team mates, but also because of resurrect.

While I’m glad that there are mercy mains who are happy with Valkyrie, and I feel that they are completely obligated to their own feelings about it, I personally don’t think that us Mercy mains who did NOT want a rework nor ressurect as her ultimate to be replaced with Valk and a 30 second res cooldown, was treated fairly.

I would have had a difference in opinion if they spent all that time they have / are using in trying to justify that the rework wasn’t a complete failure with the wave of nerfs that followed after she was made OP for 5 months, with actually tweaking mass res with a simple LOS check and a damage reduction instead of invincibility. But sadly, I just can’t shake that they could have done a LOT better with her. Like… a lot better.

I feel that they gave into pressure from random “elite” players who justified their hate for the ability on the “hide and rez” myth. A game strategy that this rework was intended to “solve”, while doing nothing but making Mercy players make such a strategy mandatory just to be effective with rez on E.

There is also the lack of impact. Right now I average out at 9 rezzes per game. That’s my AVERAGE. So much rezzing would have never even happened in the 1.0 days, in a world where the average was 3-maybe 4 rezzes, simply because it was earned, not just handed out to you whether you did good or bad as the hero. That, along with an ultimate that can hardly outheal a team wipe, let alone a single Winston, and the fact that rez is actually slower during it’s duration, are just some of the things that I also have a huge problem with as a Mercy player.

Do I still love Mercy? As a character, I do. I love her design, I love her personality, and I love the whole “Heroes Never Die” theme. But I would be lying to you and my fellow mercy mains if I said that I currently find her extremely fun and engaging to play right now, especially compared to the other supports who are both more fun to play, and more engaging in the fight. Ressurect is an ultimate that I personally related to with Mercy, because it made all her weaknesses worth it. It was her huge game-changing play, and her moment to shine, while still being balanced and fair to play against (Note I didn’t say fun, since just about EVERY ultimate is unfun to play against).

I hope they somehow revert her ultimate, or in the very least, put rez back to being earn-able on Q, and tweak her from there, so I will continue to voice my opinion on it until something is done. No matter how long that takes. And hey, even though I highly doubt it happening, if they somehow come up with yet another rework of the hero that is actually just as balanced as she was in 1.0, and also amazing enough that I’ll no longer have a need for Res, I’d be open to it too. But that would be one hell of a sell for me personally.

Just my 2 cents… :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.



You aren’t working on it by playing Mercy. THATS why I give them grief sometimes. You are not going to improve generally if you only play the easiest hero in the game.

You have to play the heros you suck at to become better.

This then explains why her healing was reverted; she got rez and utility and she can’t have high healing WITH consistant healing WITH rez WITH mobility.

That’s what broke her into thee most OP spot of any hero in OW, ever.

She was the textbook definition of perfect.

I don’t agree with her rework, or even rez on E, but I didn’t agree with rez invuln way back when because THATS what sent her down this dark path. THATS what ruined her. It took any punishment out of her ult. It made her more braindead than her base kit (I played her enough to make her my 4th most played hero due to seasons 3 and 4).

I have seen sick Reinhardt plays that turned a fight all by himself. Although in the tank category, Rein is my go to pick since I want to help my team. But that’s not his “SOLE PURPOSE”. He wacks people with his hammer.

As for your 2nd point, I’m a Mercy MAIN not a Mercy ONE-TRICK. My 2nd go to support is Ana. And you can imagine what a leap that is from Mercy. I also play D.Va and Roadhog. And my FFA hero is McCree. That’s how I know my mechanical skill is bad as of now.

That’s how you get better at playing other heroes. It may also be how you lose interest in playing the game at all. If you find yourself only enjoying Mercy because of the way she plays I see no reason to play any other hero than Mercy, though perhaps you should stay away from competitive unless you have a 6-man premade.