Mercy is the perfect support

Honestly, even 60 h/s is not enough most of the time to heal up tanks in the direct line of fire. What you really need is dual healing on a main tank to keep them up and I think that is mainly where people have noticed mercy get shut down.

60 h/s might have been just barely enough to keep an entire team up herself and no other support at all provided you had a shield tank or other characters with self-sustain.

The 50 h/s hit tipped it just enough where you really need another support and most people don’t recognize that and just move to Moira.

lol here have gif my friend.

But at least you have fun which is nice. :slight_smile:

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It is his weakness and must remain so. Also with 60 hps you have constant healing greater than all other support (which the blizzard wants that they themselves have stated). Too bad that data in the hand on this moira has exceeded it widely. 60 hps as you said, it is not enough to keep on the main tank, but this does not succeed in it, even ana or moira, the point and that must mitigate not cancel. But 50 hps is too few for your team to react to the damage. The best thing if you want to keep yourself mercy in team, and put it side by side with another main support (ana or moira, moira would be better). But you have not ultimate the defensive, so you lose the match for sure if the opponents are awake and coordinated.

It feels like I’m playing a different game. Mercy having a huge impact on the game? :rofl:

I mean, if you said Moira or Ana then yeah there’s potential to have a huge impact, but Mercy… :rofl:.

Ana makes an impact but she never got POTG. I remember back in the day Mercy used to own POTG with mass Rez.
Anyhow POTG doesn’t prove anything.

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And you know it and you have it. So you don’t need a Potg.
And now Ana has MORE changes to get Potg, because at least she goes on fire and doesn’t have a 2% on fire time.
Ofc, we are still waiting the Potg 2.0 system

I want more players to like Mercy and if the devs improve her gameplay, then I’m all for it. And as I’ve also said before, I do support the other Mercy suggestion threads to improve her gameplay. Valk is very much like spectator mode, and although it’s subjectively “fun” for me, I understand the hate and a change to it is fine with me.

Now that’s out of the way, I want to say a few more things that might make a few more players like Mercy better, even in her current state:

I see a lot of people saying that Mercy is not able to zip off anymore because of the reduced healing. But I think that’s just not true.

  • You don’t have to keep everyone in 100% health during a team fight.
  • Contrary to popular belief (based on my experience), “TICKLING” all critical teammates with a bit of heals each is usually enough in most circumstances.
    • Focusing a single teammate with all your heals MIGHT save that person but that’s useless when the rest of your team is dead.
      • 1 person dying is better than 2, especially since Mercy has Rez and can revive that 1 person.
      • A lot of times, focus healing won’t even work, and you’d end up with no living teammates left.
      • An exception to this is focus healing the critical Rein to at least half health even when everybody else is critical, as long as everybody else is behind the Rein shield.
    • If that’s not enough and everyone dies anyway, then what makes you sure that the other healers can help you win that fight anyway.
      • NOTE: I acknowledge that the other supports could, I’m just saying that it also depends, please don’t just blame the Mercy.

And finally:

  • I also hate the idea of EXCLUSIVE pocketing as much as the next Mercy main.

    • A bit of exclusive pocketing is fine in certain situations, like when your Pharah wants to do a sick flank play behind the enemy.
    • I DO agree that pocketing is boring as well.
    • But my main issue is that I think exclusive pocketing goes against what makes Mercy the perfect support.
      • Keeping 1 person in perfect condition while the rest of your team is dying is the exact opposite to what a support should do.
  • What I do instead:

    1. Keep your key target alive and in perfect condition (i.e. heal and damage boost depending on the situation).
      • In most cases, it’s the sniper or the Pharah.
    2. Keep track of the situation and support the rest of your team when needed.
      • But still keep an eye on your key target.
        • If you leave your Pharah to heal your main tank, you should be able to return to her in a moment’s notice.
    3. You can return to your key target depending on the situation:
      a. The rest of your team becomes safe.
      b. The rest of your team has died (R.I.P.)
      c. Your key target gets in danger.
  • And guess what. I win more games with this method than when I exclusively pocket someone.

I am a Moira player, but I even have to admit, Mercy right now takes more risk and is more rewarding to play.
The higher the risk a hero is to play, the lower the pick rate.
Compare to Brigitte.


Really glad to see one Mercy topic that’s worth reading in the sea of countless low effort topics about her.

The OP is really knowledgable about her and seem to have a good gamesense

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Moira trying to heal Genji, Tracer, Soldier or any mobile hero is pathetic.
She’s only good for supporting tanks and other stationary heroes.
Mercy on the other hand, is your dps best friend because she can pocket reliably and she can damage boost whenever the need.
More Utility.
And yes, I still disagree with Mercy’s last nerf. But she still manages to stay relevant.

Oddly specific and quite wrong tbh. All she needs to do is get close up and start spraying.

She’s a main healer? All main healers are supposed to be good at healing tanks.

So she’s only good for pocketting? That quite literally still doesn’t prove your assertion that Moira’s heals are bad. They are, in a competitive environment, way better than Mercy’s heals.

And Moira has a long beam that infinitely does 50dmg/s. Also, now Mercy has to use dmg boost more sparingly because of her heals nerf.

Resurrect on E is indeed good utility however it is almost always used before or after a fight.

People are starting to call her an off-healer now. :man_shrugging:

Obvious. If it has 25 hps less than ana and 35 less moira, without combos. With the combo of ana and moira, the distance becomes abysmal. And with the damage of OW, mercy is now an off support, but has no ultimate defensive or damage to do the off support.
This nerf is stupid.

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I play Moira a lot in Quick Play recently because I’m achievement hunting so I have a bit of experience with her. Not enough experience as Moira mains, but enough for me to have an opinion.

This aspect of Moira is more difficult, and does require more skill to accomplish than Mercy. I can do this from time to time but not reliably since I don’t have much experience with her. But I can see how a skilled Moira can do this no problem, especially with her healing orb.

I like that you’re trying to bring Mercy up as well, but we can do that by bringing her best qualities up rather than bring the other supports down :slight_smile:

Blizzard is fantastic at hero balancing! :smiley:


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One thing i’d like to add is the fact that healing stats aren’t adequate arguments without context. For example, Lucio has higher heals than Ana, but most of those heals are trash, small healing and not the awesome burst heals Ana gives that tilt team-fights.

Mercy may have the second best healing stat, but that doesn’t mean she is a main healer. The little, fragile healing she gives to a single target won’t make a difference if they are bursted down immediately, but that will still pad her stats.

The potential to save an ally in danger is more important than the potential to have high healing by keeping everyone topped-off.

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I created a comment earlier if you wanted to read. But I basically said that I also hate the idea of exclusive pocketting and explained why. I also showed my playstyle with Mercy that works and that doesn’t involve exclusive pocketting.

It’s quite long that’s why I’m only linking it instead of quoting.

Link to comment above (Post #74)

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This, we’re supposed to accept her being unfun, but the reason she got reworked was because she was unfun. Its a double standard.

I add, the blizzard has made it clear that they want mercy to be a healer with the highest healing media in the game, but it is now behind moira.

Yeah, I don’t like the concept of exclusive pocketting either.

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I agree with you that stats aren’t adequate. Even if I had the highest heals in the game, it won’t matter if our team dies in every team fight anyway.

But I don’t agree with your other points.

  • I don’t really care about padded stats. Although it does feel good, nobody sees your stats anyway unless they dig for it.
  • Although her healing has been reduced, it could still be a difference of 1-2 additional hits before your heal target dies. You can’t deny the importance of an additional hit.
  • Ana should be able to burst heal a target since the enemy has the ability to block her line-of-sight so she can’t heal said target.
    • When I play as tank, and we engage an enemy, I usually position myself at the side of the enemy so that their Ana can’t heal our target.
    • In that situation, I’d say that an Ana’s burst healing is useless compared to a Mercy’s “trickle” healing. Even Zen’s minimal healing is better in that situation, but of course, the higher the heal the better, so Mercy or Moira takes this position.