Mercy is still fun to play, you guys are just mean

OHHHH :wink: but you are welcome!

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Uhm… ok? I don’t know why you decided to tell me all that, but ok w/e

I don’t mean it with strangers. I mean it when it comes to friends. Your argument is weak, thinking I was talking about strangers. I have friends who know I play Mercy and wish to see me continue playing her.

Welll… the next 5 nerf patches are already planed for her. Why? Because she is still a must pick and Blizzard still considers her rework a full success omegalul. Its not that the hero overall is OP, she has an OP AF^1000 ability. You could cut of her limbs make her not able to move nerf her heal by 75% and a hero has to carry her on his back the whole time and she still would be a mustpick. Why? Because rezz on E is the best ability in the whole game. Its better than a whole hero itself.

If you read what I said you’d actually understand why I told you that… but ehh w/e lets dismiss any logical comment like always.

This is a bug they sold as a feature.

Could do it before the rework and I did.

Good for you but in my opinion its terribly boring. Plus it is best used to heal/dmg boost people from the backline/safespot. While battle Mercy might be fun it is not a thing people like to see.

Again you can do this since forever with every character. starts t-bagging

Same as above.

Can be good can be bad. Either way it is hard to pull off with or withour rework doesnt really matter here.

Yes maybe she is fun for some but for some others she isnt anymore. And no we are not going to stop pointing out bad game design, terrible balance and hypocrisy from the devs.


I forgot to add this one. A lot of us arent mean and do try to come up with constructive feedback just like Titanium with this thread.

It is very long and has input from several other people. GLHF reading if anybody wants it.

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Mechanically Mercy is still fun for me to play.

Having most of that match’s SR truly be at the mercy of whether my team actually communicates, actually works together, actually targets the 50th Junkrat tire of the round, etc., is not.

And don’t even get me started on the occasional impatient player who keeps spamming “I need healing” after both supports just got killed.

I’d love to have some fun but blizz decided to kill solosupporting for me since I dare play QP where nobody supports. Or if they do, they play the crappiest non healing anas I’ve ever seen and make it impossible to play zen with them.

I don’t find my team dying around me because I lack neccesary healing to even outheal one enemy Hanzo, tracer, genji or doomfist that much fun. =p

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Stinky DeePeeEss mains are just big ol’ meanies!

-circle jerking mercy mains (while everyone else just rolls their eyes at them)

Noone ever said everybody find Mercy unfun. Your reaction is irelevant to the topic.

Nooo bunny hop is the only thing I like about this garbage rework. T_T

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There is a reason they have refused to touch GA thus far. Because it is the only redeeming part of this rework. I’m sure they know how good GA is, especially with bunny hop, and they KNOW not to touch it or they would lose their entire Mercy fan base in a heartbeat. Me included.

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As a support main (all supports but Brig are in my top 6 most played), this is actually me when I play Sombra… LOL



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They could probably increase the CD another 0,5 seconds in compensation for the GA buff, but nothing more - the suggestions I’ve seen for 4-7 seconds would actually ruin her in ways I think people who don’t play her can’t imagine.

She definitely can still be fun (to the right people!), I love her movement. It’s just that it’ll be hard to find all that fun when people are still dying around you with lower hps.

I haven’t played much of the new change but as a whole she doesn’t seem that different (still 1k + healing per minute) but with closer observation she fails in more important situations like saving your Zen from a Winston dive, healing your soldier through his ult, helping Widow against a That’s what people wont enjoy about her; trying to save somebody but not being able to and not because of their own failures.

Easier to balance, as in they have multiple points to work with when it comes to nerfing her. Compared to old Mercy the only thing they could and ever would be able to target is her res, and as long as res is able to multi res then Mercy will be the best pick.

Throwing an insult at me and then saying no offence lol. Yea I did play the game when she had mass res and she was in every game, in fact the only time she wasn’t prevalent was when Ana was really strong during the triple tank meta, and besides that then yea the dive meta also, which a majority of the player base (if your a distasteful silver like me) were not even playing dive. So even then you’d be seeing Mercy all the time and by this point Ana was not favorable to choose either way.

Every one thinks they know balance, but it’s simply that easy, and instead all people like to do is bash the developers.

I can totally understand that, especially from someone with more experience than I, thanks for sharing. I haven’t really watched any footage or gotten into the mass rez era but now I’m considering looking into it lol

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old mercy would have been much easier to balance.

LOS check
little cast time
no invurnerability,maybe damage reduction at most

a good e to compensate


also where have you been?
the last months have proved temporez every 30 seconds is MUCH Stronger then ult rez ever was because its FREE

Massrez was nowhere near this powerful because you had to EARN it.