“Mercy is fine”



How many nerfs has this “Successful Rework” gotten now? Is this the 10th?

Thanks for listening to our feedback! Thanks for acknowledging the Mega Thread! /s

Mercy is too powerful, but this is the WRONG change.

Remember when she was a troll pick with 50hps? Remember when she was balanced for a year and a half with mass rez and 60hps?

Remember when she became OP because of the rework we were forced to have?

Thank you for listening to us and acting upon our feedback instead of listening to the people who DON’T play Mercy and want her practically removed from the game.

Yes, I’m salty. I knew she needed a nerf/rework but this is completely wrong.


It was 1 year, not 1.5.


yup i member

the rework was a failure and they dont wanna admit it


It was since launch which was May, and the rework was september so almost 1.5 years.


She launched at 50hps, in sept 2016 it was buffed to 60. In sept 2017 she was reworked. Therefore 1 year.


Mercy was buffed to compete with an OP ana, and before her release she was fine. It was 1.5 years of balance.


She still has arguably the best Support-based cooldown in the game with Rez. She can still heal through barriers and she’ll still be the go-to healer for raw healing output. Nothing will change.


They’re already locking threads. They just locked mine. The devs don’t want to hear our criticism to their mistakes…


That isnt the point. She was still not launched at 60hps, and she had 60hps for 1 year b4 being reworked. My only point was that it was 1 year not 1.5, and I am correct on that.


We better let people know to not request for healing when a Winston jumps in. They will have to take him down with damage boost or fail during the attempt as healing won’t save them after this change.



Hey guys,

Going to go ahead and lock this up now before it spirals into negativity and non-constructive conversation (which can lead us to suspend some posting privileges). We recommend submitting feedback regarding Mercy or any of the other changes in this thread.