Mercy is DEAD. Can we FIX her now!?

I respect that. After all, whether you like something or not is just an opinion.

Yeah, taste arguments are subjective. I would both rather play the current Mercy and play into the current Mercy than Mercy 1.0. I think a lot of it is just investment people had in Mercy 1.0.

Asking for a revert is what is killing any chance at helping Mercy. Stop it, for Mercy’s sake.

Also, if it was any other hero or ability that I abused, you’d say it was broke, but cos it’s Mercy, I must somehow be lucky. Nice logic there lol.

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A lot of people used hide and resurrect because it was a perfectly valid strategy but it was extremely frustrating to play against which is why it was removed. People who tell you it was “luck” are just saying that because they liked Mass Resurrect.


What about a single, instant rez for her ultimate? This would make it more fluid to use for the player, while potentially reducing the number of rezzes in a match.

I’m sorry, I don’t remember ever asking for a revert. This is the rework I want:

You are saying you abused it because of “Hide n Res”. In actuality, you abused nothing except a SR system and just got really lucky or was always against bad teammates because it has been statistically and theoretically proven that “Hide n Res” was an one way ticket to losing the fight. Also, here, hold this:

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That would be way more underpowered than her current state, 60 hp or not.

Also I really don’t get all the hate for valkyrie. I don’t play Mercy a lot, but when I have Valk feels fine as an ult to me. It’s a lot like coalescence, another ult people inexplicably dislike.

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It’s a jack of all trades, remotely insufficient in none.

Then they could give her a new E. Something that can be used with GA, solidifying her role as a mobile, consistent healer. Something like a “fly to beam target” that has its own cool down.

Valk is one of those ultimates that: If you lost the team fight, it’s because valk couldn’t do enough. OR if you did win, you probably could have won without it. The only way it could have any sort of impact is if you hunt down the enemy Widow, and even that is risky because you aren’t healing.

But that’s just my opinion.

Also, I love using coalescence. It’s really good to keep the push going, seeing how fast it charges.

Statistically, it wasn’t. It actually underperforms compared to Mercy now.

She has the same, if not more resurrects per game now than she had with the ultimate, as well as having another ultimate on top of that that largely inflated her survival. Her average deaths also went down, which is the problem. A dead support is a huge advantage for your team, especially with it being the main support. With her average deaths being lowered, that means she’s even more strong and reliable.

As an ultimate is actually balanced her power and survival/reliability. With what she has now is what threw her balance off.

I think people don’t give any credit to just how strong Valk is. It’s a pocket mercy for the entire team! That’s freaking huge! And if you don’t need healing, bam, pocket damage boost mercy for the entire team. That’s better than supercharger by a mile. Plus you get huge survivability on top of it and some offensive capability. And it lasts for ages!

Yeah, it’s a jack of all trades, but versatility is hardly a bad thing.


I don’t know if you remember, but she had her moment of shine for an entire year. What about Ana? She can’t have her moment of shine at all because you’re too selfish and want your hero to be the optimal pick in every situation?
& that’s exactly how it should be.
If a hero is harder to play than another hero, the more difficult hero should get more value.

Okay? I’m a Roadhog main that switched to Rein/Zarya/Brig. It happens. Your character is good then it becomes less good. It’s called ADAPTING.

Congratulations! You can adapt! Many Mercy one-tricks can’t adapt because Mercy has little to no transferable skills to any other hero.

sure Kappa

Oh did you? Because I didn’t see any posts during the time of Mercy meta by Mercy mains saying “Our character is too overpowered… We must nerf her.”
NOPE! It was just silence. You didn’t want your hero to get away from how powerful and how dominant she was… Sure, I saw a few “revert mercy!!!” posts here and there, but that still doesn’t help your argument at all.

Like I said, I was a Roadhog player. After they reworked him, you think I was happy? No, because his entire playstyle was changed. All of his previous playstyles were not possible with new Hog, but after they did the rework… Guess what I did? I swapped to Rein/Zarya later on. See, I had transferable skills. I used to create space with my main tank with Roadhog, and I transferred both my skills into Zarya. With Rein, I had to learn him because he was kinda needed for the team, so I filled and learned. I also play Zenyatta, one of my least played hero in Overwatch. I picked him up and I win games. 64% winrate in 4300+ SR, but I had transferable skills (aim, positioning, ult tracking, projectile skills).
With Mercy, I don’t think you can main Mercy throughout the entirety that she was Meta, and player her 75% of the time, then be able to swap to another hero easily. There are little to no heroes that you can transfer your skills over. You could maybe make the swap to Lucio or Moira, but that’s about it.
Listen, I understand how it is to have your hero to be butchered because of someone else’s whining. However, you must understand that my character was actually changed because of whining, but your character was recently nerfed due to balance issues. (pickrates tell the story in these scenarios)
Could Rez as an ultimate be balanced? Yeah.
Do I think Mercy is pretty balanced right now? Yeah. She is better than Ana in some situations.

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LMAOOO boi you think

Lmao, revert threads and asking for a rework would count as nerf threads… Also, there were so many revert threads, the devs even took notice and gave an official response. Sorry but you’re trying to purposefully be ignorant.

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Learn how to play a different character? Like seriously? Why do mercy white knights get super scared when their ALREADY-STILL op hero is getting nerfed?

like literally pick up ana 4head

i mean your still gonna get people calling you a mercy main in compet regardless shrug

you mean the same 12 year olds making your mom jokes? right they seem better at game design than pros

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Literally how many times do we have to state that we do not want Mercy to outshine other supports, jesus f*cking christ. Sorry for the swearing but god damn how dense can you be to still not get it? We’re not jealous of Ana being better, on the contrary. We support every other support player and hero, they all deserve to be the best they can be. Get that in your head and stop being so god damn ignorant, I’m tired.

No we didn’t ask for nerfs because we knew nerfs wouldn’t do anything. And they didn’t. We asked for a revert because it was obvious that the rework was a massive failure and, as you can see, the nerfs did nothing to make it better. They made it worse, Mercy feels sluggish and terrible to use. Instead of screaming for nerfs, like literally every other player on this forum, we wanted a solution that would actually be one. Nerfing everything isn’t.

See and this is blatant ignorance. Not every Mercy main has to be a support only main. Just because you main Mercy in Competitive doesn’t mean you can’t work on your skills on other heroes and branch out into other classes. Again, weird concept and I know it’s a surprising fact for the majority of the playerbase but it does happen. I adapted, I already told you. You don’t have to rub your winrate, SR or hero pool in my face because I don’t care about that. That’s not really a valid argument if you ask me. You don’t think people can play something else when they played Mercy 75% of the time? Great. But just because you think so, doesn’t mean it’s a fact.

Oh and Mercy wasn’t changed because of whining? So the rework wasn’t because a certain streamer started crying and the hive mind picked it up? Then we must’ve been playing a different game and listened to two completely different playerbases and developer updates. Hm.
And I always love how people bring up balance issues when Mercy started with 50 HP/s but it was buffed to 60 HP/s because the devs didn’t think it was enough healing for her to be a pure and raw, dedicated solo healer.
So you’re telling me that nerfing her healing to a place where she used to be, a place where it was buffed because it was deemed too weak, just because the devs can’t admit their wrongs is balanced and fair? We all know the only reason why Mercy is being nerfed is because they can’t seem to balance Rez on E. And they never will be able to because it’s impossible. So don’t tell me the nerfs were because of balance issues because as far as I know, her healing has nothing to do with the broken mess that is Rez as a normal ability. And the only reason her pickrate has been that high is because of the Rez ability and the already removed damage boost on Dragonstrike.

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she already basically had that tho

the problem with things and op combos is usually the minority. if a group even a small one can gain a large play with a tactic leaving the tactic in is not a solution. if theres an op gun small group uses in a certain way that feels horrible to fight against leaving it in causes its own issues and could become meta bc it is so good or could cause frustrations when people…

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Can’t agree more
To begin with many blame Mercy mains for Spam in the Forums, all this is not 100% justified, but the Megathread is closed by false flags created by trolls so that you don’t know where to lean then the Forum is Disordered.

so blame goes to this order:

The Comunity managers for not taking care to create an orderly and friendly environment in this forum

The trolls for putting up fake flags and not being blocked

The feedback For Being ignored and taken as a response “Mercy is fine” from the devs and then Nerfing her twice more

If I were Dev, instead of behaving so childishly as not to recognize my own mistakes, I would try to take the greatest feedback from Main Mercys Diamonds with 300~400h and its Arguments.

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She is not dead. She is just not the go-to healer in every single freaking match.

Look at my career, I played a lot of Mercy. But I am so happy she is balanced now.