Mercy is at her 1.0 power level again

The other thing I’ll add to this is people severally underestimate how valuable constant and nearly unbroken healing output is in OW compared to a unit like Moira who can have long droughts without healing that is outside of her control no matter how good she is and such.

Then people also overestimate how much burst healing really helps when people will still die to OHKO mechanics or 3+ person focus fire and only Mercy’s rez is the only thing that can save anybody apart from Ana’s nano, bionade, and sole focused healing.

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Indeed, but her ult would be so worthless that she might as well not even have one. So a hero with basically no ult in a cast full of heroes with ults would put her at a level so low we have never seen it before. People seem to forget that we tried no invuln Mercy and it was considered trash, but hey throwing more nerfs on top of it, that will make it not trash?

Then make it charge faster, or give it some sort of other buff other then invulnerability on mercy.

theres many options to go about making it viable.

I have yet to see a suggestion that doesn’t either reintroduce the hide and res mechanic or puts her in trash tier. If you come up with ones I’d really love to hear it though!

Other than the internal data Jeff & co. has, but yeah, keep believing that you’re right when you don’t have any real data either that it (hide 'n rez) wasn’t done outside of twitch streams/YT vids.

And whether you like this or not, nothing you say is going to make them revert Mercy. :blush:


Well there’s titanium’s thread here

and then you have a litany of ideas from the megathreads that have gone ignored.


Honestly, it is weird because I hated 1.0 and thought she was very weak, or at the very least, played incorrectly. However, this current Mercy is definitely weaker than 1.0 and yet I do not feel she is nearly the throw pick she once was. But mass rez is just objectively better than Valkyrie without the instant double rez.

at this point i seriously wonder if your keyboard broke and this is the only thing you can write.

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wouldn’t those Twitch streams and videos count as evidence? I’ve seen plenty of YT videos where I noticed mercy would be off away from the team (the person uploaded wasn’t the Mercy but it’s easy to tell), I’ve had teammates who would tell me to hide. I don’t have numbers on the stats, but to say it was a myth and act like it never happened is just delusional. the rework fit the playstyle I already had for her, but the subsequent nerfs have made it feel a lot slower now which is where I have frustrations but she’s still my highest winrate hero, especially for support.

I just laughed when reading this.

With current Mercy it’s completely irrelevant if you are good at her or not. You just press Q, fly into the air and hold one button. Your teammates die regardless of your healing and your Resurrect is on a cooldown, so not even that is earned.

Mercy is laughably dull and easy in a bad way, compared to Mercy 1.0, obviously you never played her pre rework.
They took everything from Mercy that required skill and replaced it with stupid and unnecessary things like chain beams.

The difference between a GM and a gold Mercy is minor, there is no reward for skill when playing Mercy anymore.
Don’t even try telling us that this failure of a rework ended with Mercy being as powerful in the right hands as Mercy 1.0.
Because it’s wrong.


Then you’re not playing her correctly.


I mean they’re not exactly wrong but it depends pretty heavily on the enemy team comp. One good burst damage hero and Mercy becomes pretty irrelevant, experienced this yesterday when I played her and it was NOT pleasant to play which is why the other healers are generally better choices as they can somewhat handle that burst damage. Especially Ana with tanks.

This comparison really confuses me. Valk is nothing like Meteor Strike and can’t be used in the same way due to the slow activation of the ult and the lack of impact when healing/damage boosting.


In a meta where more CC is present than in probably any other team composition, trying to find a revive in the middle of a Rein charge, a Brigitte shield bash and a D.Va boop is more difficult than ever.

That doesn’t make it a healthy ultimate. Often times it just feels like a button to press when I’m in a bad position to become invulnerable for 15 seconds, and in a tanky meta that is almost literally invulnerability since no one can challenge you when you’re in the air.

When I use Valkyrie for engagement more often than not my team just dies because the enemy uses a better ultimate. Rarely if ever do my team actually live when I’m using it, the only person who comes out alive on the top is me because nobody bothered to kill me.

Well, no, sorry, valk is irrelevant ult. It’s only useful for boosting before a fight, going battle Mercy or feeding the enemy’s ults (you can’t save your team with that amp it up). Also, you have no reason to engage at all, unlike mass rez had. You simply take no risks, press Q, hide out of LoS/range and go afk while holding a button (you can switch but that’s all). It’s not a good ultimate, not even an ult. It’s just like Lucio’s amp it up, but longer and unengaging. Mercy’s real ultimate is her E nowadays, the same as during this entire year of toxic revert back to alpha.

Oh, and we have seen how valk works with 60 hp/s. Sorry, but the results are predictible. Chances are it won’t work.


Yeah I know right? And out of all those threads not one person has made a suggestion that doesn’t make her trash or bring back hide and res.

Mercy’s old ultimate was still a “press Q to win.” There is no balancing Mercy with Mass Resurrection unless you want the rest of her kit to feel bad to accommodate having such a game changing ultimate, nor would it be interesting or exciting to watch a Mercy flying in and ressing her entire team.

Also, is there really a reason for you to go on about my “cult” and growing up? Don’t derail the topic and try to escalate it into a flame war, because people will take to that more offensively than I would and you’ll just cause this thread to lock up when there’s a healthy discussion so far.

I didnt realize Valk was her permanent state now?

When did this change?

Or are you saying she is super fun to play as, except her ult?

I’m talking moment to moment action during the entire game, with a (mostly) get out of jail free Ult that increases her effectiveness potential by over 100% and is the best mobility in the game, she has free flight! One of mans most sought after attributes!! How can you guys not enjoy that?

Anyways I use her ult to quickly top everyone up then its pure damage boost until its gone.

people need to realize healbot mercy is a dull game mechanic, and the rebalance of power from her primary heals makes damage boost more important then its ever been.

the 50HPS was the best thing for her, (once they put valk back to 60), this increases value of both DB and Valk.

And now that people realize her primary heals wont keep them alive anyways they dont scream at me for damage boosting them so they actually win the fight before dieing!

I have found so much less toxicity towards mercy since the rework too, its just some of the mains give us a bad rep trying to live in the past with mass rez all day, lol.


Yes now you do need team mates that arent potatoes andjust try and eat 100% of enemy damage.

But get a couple guys who can juke even in the smallest amount and you gonna see Mercy still gets it done.

I got play of the game yesterday as mercy!!

Just by healing, i dont even think i used my Ult??

We won that match and it was a very weird POTG.

Havent seen a mercy POTG since mass rez I dont think? Its been awhile either way.