Mercy has a lower winrate in bronze than Ana


Apologies… Who are you again? And why did you ping me with your non-constructive opinion? :thinking:

I must say, I do find it quite amusing the amount of misinformation. I wonder how many people here claiming that “she’s fine”, actually play her a decent amount in competitive.

“This was a huge success!” :blush:

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You’re lying to yourself with your signature. Nothing you post is constructive. You are a lover of what you see as fun, mass Rez mercy. That is not what is considered fun or balanced by the majority of the community.


Ah, so in other words:

“Here is my opinion, I speak for everyone, so it’s automatically fact.”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You have really make a huge contribution towards this community, and me and my staff will be sure to take your concerns into consideration. In the meantime, I will continue to share my views and make my voice heard on Mercy’s current state in the forums. You have a nice day now! :blush:

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It’s an “Us vs Them” mentality. Quite honestly, it’s pretty petty to see.

Funny, all of this animosity against Mercy and Mercy mains didn’t exist with such strength before the rework. How convenient that the amount of toxicity has exponentially grown in tandem with Mercy’s new kit. :blush:


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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Wow. Easy there man child. You clearly are to toxic for no reason lol

I hope they teach manners in middle school where you’re at.


I hate how her winrate and pickrate are now falling down below Ana in every rank. This should really show someone that something is wrong.

When this was Ana everyone begged for buffs, but they weren’t shamed for it. Mercy mains want to see her back in working order, but we only want her OP in their eyes.


In bronze, as said, with Overbuff…
Mercy has a 45.44% winrate and Ana has a 44.01% winrate.
I don’t really see your point here.


Agreed, the double standard is simply uncalled for. I think there’s a bit of people that don’t realize that just like nobody wanted Ana to have a lower winrate than Mercy (heck, lots of Mercy mains, myself included, actually WANTED Ana to be viable and surpass her), nobody wanted Mercy to be forced into an OP state for so long either.

We as a community should be advocating for ALL heroes to be fun and engaging. Not just the heroes we personally main, while writing off everyone else. This type of elitist behavior is what I think is one of the major problems with this community in the first place. No other game with defined characters or roles can I think of that has such amounts of hatred thrown at people simply for playing a video game character.

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


I mean… idk I guess I’d want Mercy’s win rate to be higher in bottom tiers than Ana. But then again have you seen silver Mercy’s? Some of them have great movement somehow. And others literally stick to damage boost for two full seconds of looking at you with critical health before they realize “oops I should switch to healing”. From a basic level of value scenario it probably is flat out easier to just pump shots into your tanks as Ana and get higher value than it is to do anything with Mercy. So I’m not too surprised by the WR thing. I think Mercy’s overnerfed tho so I’d be happy for 55HPS. No more reworks for a while. Give her a few months of non must pick status before you gamble it going back to that.


Thing is even with 55hps so many will still be unhappy, and the gap might not even change. I think 1 more rework might help if done correctly.

Now that is just an example. So many ideas have been told, and I hope Blizzard will fix it some way other than a simple 5hps buff.

I personally want rez as a ult. Not mass rez mind you, but I want rez on her ult


tfw when a beginner friendly hero is worse than a mechanically intensive hero in the lowest rank. GJ overwatch team.


Ngl. Stuff like this annoys me.

You have a point. And I am of the position that Mercy could use a buff etc. At the same time, with how you said what you did it annoys tf out of me as its referring to a hero that was straight up must pick for so many seasons.

Amazing what just -10hps can do, right? Before -10hps, “shell always be must pick with rez on e.” After -10hps, “ree so bad.”

She is a bad pick. Like many heroes at many times. Just how it is.

Now we know what it takes for her post rework to be a bad pick. That’s progress, as much as you might hate it.


Pick rates in Bronze certainly do not tell a Hero’s skill ceiling.

Bloodeh hell, Ana requires less skill to bring more value? Damn son, maybe its not because of Mercy needing more skill but because her abilities are currently weak?

Use the brain that you hopefully were born with, gee.


No, it gives a clue about their skill floor. Looking at Ana’s stats tells you she has a lower skill floor than Mercy and isn’t that much higher than Moira.
Either she’s too easy to play or too easy to be efficient with. Both are a major issue for a supposedly high skill character.


Have you played Ana for more than 2 minutes?

Do you still take overbuff as a viable source after private Profiles?

If its no and yes, then please, do not tell me Ana is easy to play, especially not with Brigitte in the roster. It’s time to stop.


I have over 40 hours on her.
Overbuff is still reliable, it still has a big sample size.


It’s simple. Good ana mains don’t have anything to hide so they made their profile public proudly. Mercy mains on the other hand tends to hide it cuz they’re ashamed of their main. Don’t try to deny it, it’s a fact that there are discrimination on what choice of hero you like to play. Hence I believe overbuff has inherent bias and you can’t really rely on it. If you want to quote stats why don’t you quote the recent owwc group stages. Ana and mercy has about the same amount of pick rate.


This nonsense again. Go check Mercy’s pickrate graph when private profiles were introduced. Do you see a big drop? Do you see a big increase in Ana’s pickrate at the same time? Spoiler - you don’t. At all.


Overbuff is no longer a reliable source, due to private profiles


Eh it is but yeah rough estimates are y’know rough