Mercy: Face it Blizzard, Rez is simply too powerful to be a base ability

Just wouldn’t work Mercy needs something else reworked in her kit, like her pistol

I once stood on B on Temple of a Anubis right on the edge of the Graviton my team was in… they all died… did the enemy team see me? Nah… good rez going off and the enemy prolly went to the forums to complain about their own failiure.

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Again, with this in mind, Transcendance should not exist because I’ve gotten cases where my teammates would just tell me to never use ult until the enemy team expends an ultimate.

You’d be incredibly surprised how many people in GM have asked me to not ult unless the enemy team ults or just to wait for the enemy team to use Grav or something.

Fortunately, this does happen and it is just as common as ”Hide n Res”; both strategies are uncommon.

Her pistol is barely a problem. It is there just for trying to keep you alive against a flanker, really, or just Battle Mercy.And whole thing with “it wouldn’t work”: how did it work for one year and suddently it doesn’t anymore? If they knew what to do to her Res, instead of just making it really safe to use, then everything would have been fine. She was fine before the whole rework. Yeah, there were some minor problems with her Res, but it was in a way better shape than what we have today. This will go down in history as the worst rework Overwatch has ever faced. And the fact that they deny it, and try to cover it with nerfs, don’t listen to the people who actually play her, and say “It is fine lol, we got this” makes it even worse. Her STILL being meta is not right, but wrong because of the fact that Resurrect- an ultimate forced to be an ability, and Valkyrie- an ability forced to be an ultimate. This is bad game designing, and what Goldlantern, Carver and DvaSlaysEU said is all true. Props to them for writing what I am too lazy to do ^^

If hide and res was so popular why is Mercy’s avrg healing then and her avrg healing now is basically the same even tho she has valk now? I’ll tell you why, because most mercies weren’t hiding. Only players that were new to Mercy liked to play her as “hide and res”

And bug fixes.

”Mercy being able to boost Dragonstrike and D’Va bomb was a bug” – That was in the game for more than a year… NICE TRY. Also, this:

I can see what you’re saying here, basically what I see is that it boils down to the idea that while other defensive ults still can be knocked away in some fashion to get a kill, Res was instant. That is again why I said why the only thing she needed was a hair slower Res - it would have given players just a bit more time to counter her without it being instant cast (or this super slow self stun garbage she has going on now) without ruining her completely. I would also be fine with her ult charge being slower so that it’s less of an advantage to the team, but I think making it charge too slowly could risk urging Mercy players to be even more conservatives waiting for their clutch Res of the game and so that can be a bit problematic as well.

Ultimately though I think it doesn’t make sense why people act like Mercy shouldn’t be able to have sway over the course of the game when other heroes do. Why should she not be able to do something that kills or saves a bunch of people when everyone else in the game gets a free pass to do just that? It makes no logical sense. There are plenty of ults that have no ‘counterplay’, so the idea that hers needs it is kind of a logical fallacy in and of itself, even if I do agree with you that it needed to be a touch more balanced. But that’s just it, it only needed a touch, not a shotgun blast to the face.

Mercy was the character that was like: “Ok, you just wasted EMP, Blade, and Grav on my team, and didn’t even care for me? Then here, take this!” and that was it. She was and STILL IS a priority target, but she was built to highlight the mistakes of the enemy team and repair some of hers as well. I find it fair if you got a 5 man rez in your face, and Mercy was near the corner, healing every now and then. Like HOW, WHY. How are you going to ignore such a character, when you know she is going to erase all of this? Why are you just going straight for the kill, instead of the priority target? If you did this in the past, you asked for a 3 man res or 5 man res in the face, really.

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This is the disconnect between us. Something has to happen enough for the expectations related to it to change. With rez, it absolutely did happen often enough that that’s exactly what happened. A couple of people saying something dumb about how to use Transcendence isn’t enough to massively shape its usage. It’s not comparable at all. I dealt with the hide and rez expectations EVERY game. So did a lot of people. Blizzard agreed and that’s why the change was made.

Hide and Res was never a thing on Xbox plat, at least in my games.

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That must’ve been nice. It was a thing in enough games, though, for the developers to change it.

So… are you against the Mass Res or do you think it should come back with a few tweaks?

I’m against it coming back because I know it’ll be abused again. I’m most in favor of removing rez from the game. If it has to be replaced with anything, it should be something that helps her keep her team alive instead of reversing mistakes.

What if she had Valkyrie on E? That would help her team.

We can’t officially measure it. We can only give our personal experiences on the matter. For you it was uncommon for people to tell Zen’s to just wait until the enemy team ults to ult. For me it was very common.

On the contrary, we won’t know that because you can’t measure it. We can only give our personal experiences. Same thing applies to mass Resurrect. No one can measure how common it was. They can only give their own experience. The one thing disproving ”Hide n Res” being common however is the fact that the average resses back then is 6.

It is.

And I dealt with the Zen expectation almost every game…

Blizzard can’t prove how common both strategies are. They played it off as an issue with the ultimate rather than the people.

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Yet Mercy can only Res 5
people :slight_smile: I am sorry I had to be that guy XD

No, they didn’t. They stated that it wasn’t being used in the way that it was intended and that’s why it was being changed. They don’t have to prove it or measure it; It’s their game. They heard about it and/or experienced it often enough that they knew it to be a pervasive problem. Those decisions aren’t made based on anecdotal evidence, which is all that exists with the Zenyatta example.

I think he meant 6 per match. Not 6 per rez usage.

Oh, per match. Quite a low number if you ask me, since she could get her Rez in less that 40 seconds.

It’s better than rez, but I really don’t have a problem with Valk. I like it as an ult. It’s very versatile.