Mercy doesn't need to be one of the most picked hero all the time

So, if she went back to 60/hps, she would go up in pickrate up near rein?

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She shouldn’t be overpowered or under powered. No hero should be. She should be well designed. Every hero should be well designed. Mercy isn’t well designed. She has flaws in her kit that require fixing. Everyone who cares about the game being well designed and balance should want this fixed. Forget pick rates. Forget “introductory” heroes. There aren’t and shouldn’t be any “introductory” heroes. Good design always allows for skill expression to achieve higher results. When a hero doesn’t allow that, it’s bad design.

I really wish you people would stop being so simplistic about this stuff and indulging in tribalism when there’s an issue in the game design that could easily be fixed. Just try to look at it from a sober game design point of view and go in with the mind set of “I want to make the game better” rather than “Mercy deserves to be gutted because she was picked a lot”.


You are right. Mercy doesn’t need buffs because buffs won’t fix her boring, uninteresting kit or give her an actual ultimate ability. She needs a rework, but one, that doesn’t leave her in an overpowered state for a year.

Yes probably, but not due to 60hp/s healing, but due to the combination of Rezz on a cooldown, chain beams and 60hp/s. And that’s the problem! Blizzard nerfed every part of Mercys kit in order to make Rezz on E a somewhat balanced ability. As long as Rezz stays on E, other parts of her have to suffer. She needs a rework. Get rid of those chain beams, connect Rezz to her ult (doesn’t have to be mass rezz) and suddenly 60hp/s aren’t a problem anymore.


yes thats true every ult in the game needs to change the course of the game #tutorial so the mass rez is the best thing to balance mercy (withno invicibility



In case you didnt notice I edited this one

I mean yeah she’s closer to zenyattas healing than anas or moiras so I can see where that comes from

Just a few from the first non mercy stop spam or mercy is fine posts I came across

She is, making the player have fun.


No but she never has the 60 hps was in response to ana’s extremely high healing making her even more of a troll pick than she already was

No I want E rez gone preferably with the return of mass rez but not necessary

Of course not

Its the only fun thing about her plus its already tied to teammates making her mobility pretty limited in certain situations giving her weakness with her mobility

That average damage per game tho

Yep yep

Which is why most want a rework or revert because we think E rez is absolutely busted and causes her to have a lot of her fun toned down and will always have her be op or up because of it heck most mercy players wouldnt even think the hps nerf would do much they thought E rez was so op but who knew reducing a healers main purpose of healing by a 6th would do the trick to put her in troll pick again

I mean simple healing yeah but so can zen and I’d argue its better to have him over mercy

Multiple high ranking mercy mains from even back when she was a troll pick with mass rez have dropped a lot of sr


You’re right any BUFF without compensation nerfs would be bad.
A series of several buffs and nerfs is what we need. In other words A REWORK


Sure let’s take hero who’s main purpose is healing and make her bad at it because nobody is perfect.

There’s big difference between healing output and ability to save allies. Mercy can’t insta heal or boost her healing anyhow. She have FIXED hp/s output while Ana can insta-heal with anti-nade and have hp/s boost on top of that(not to mention her utility with healing debuff, sleep dart and nano). Even now Mercy pretty easy gets her top-healing plate at the end of a match but that explains nothing but her suitability to heal constantly while not able to burst/insta heal in difficult situations then there’s only her E-Rez why we need her at battlefield wich is pretty dumb.


am going to get hate but, YEES. just becuase ana does a simailr job to mercy but harder doesnt automatically mean she should better at it. its like saying orisa should be the better main tank because its harder for her to do reinhardts job at protecting teams and pushing forward or that mei should be the best dps character becuase it a lot harder for her to land shots as consistently as mcree or widow. its like saying reaper should be the best flanker because its harder for him to well compared to tracer or gengi. its a petty argument and it needs stop being such a driving force between these two.

Ana has always been capable of higher HPS than mercy even after she was gutted. Even before this rework and whilst ana was gutted, ana was still capable of more HPS with enough skills. had vastly superior effectiveness in her utility and had vastly more dmg capability.

its already so much easier to use than mass res, its just a pain to use and it goes against her design ethos of being a high mobility consistency healer. not one mercy main want it to be better because full well know what its like if blizzard dont do proper balance checks.

no we dont, its already the most fun and best part of her kit we shouldn’t change whats not broken

i think in the past year, in the absence of high skill character that used to dominate, people have overly romanticized the efforts required to make many characters work effectively at their basic form.

you can say ana is one the hardest characters in the game to use at the end of the day most of the time for the vast majority of us are going to be so close to our teams behinds that we could manually inject them with health, no gun required and that works wonders.

sure the higher you gp the better equiped people are to take advantage of your weaknesses and she should have higher impact not just in pure number of health healed. her impact should come from her nades her sleep and ability to do decent amounts of dmg. to better gauge how good you are ana shouldn’t be about comparing youre healing numbers to people who better equipped to do it but it should come from and how you are able to use her kit in all its form to your best advantage which fyi is a lot better than what mercy is capable of nowadays.

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She was bad at something once. Before the rework she had no midfight utility and that’s why many preferred Ana. And mercy should not be bad at healing, it’s literally the only thing she’s doing, while Ana and Moira can deal damage.


Considering mercy still out heals ana at ever rank still. Also ana can actually deal damage. Ana shouldn’t heal more than a character that doesn’t provide any damage for her team Mercy. Mercy and ana both have two utility on cooldown. Mercy heals more. Ana deals more damage.

Compared to all other heros with mobility. Mercy is the only one that relies on her teammates to use that crazy mobility. Also yes mercy should have the avereage healing output. Valk Her new ult is basically been Watertown into a ability on long cooldown.

Excuse me what??? There are tons of people explaining why Mass Res before the invuln patch was actually UP and that it should return as it will be the only reliable to counter to bad ult management.


Mercy used to dictate every single match.
If you didn’t have her on your team and your opponent did you were instantly at a disadvantage.
This current state is soooooo much better.

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Mercy players don’t care whether she’s the most popular hero or not. A lot of players gravitated to Mercy because they wanted to play a pure healer, wanted to be able to help their team in an impactful way despite maybe not having aim, or they were new to FPS games and Mercy was a good start for them.

As for the second part of that, people do suggest changes…at lot…if you’re looking for a detailed thread, check out Titanium’s. If you’re looking for a video, there are plenty of those too. There are lots of suggestions that have been concise and well thought out by people on all levels of the ladder.

She is in a bad state right now. She is an off healer. I don’t play Mercy anymore because her healing output simply can’t keep up and her utility simply isn’t worth it when I could be running someone like a Moira, Brig, or Ana. One rez just isn’t cutting it (and no, I’m not calling for going back to having 2-3 rezzes in valk I’m just saying that it’s not worth running her for the one rez), especially if you have to leave your team to go do it, meaning that they’re getting even less healing, causing even more people to go down (and yes,–I do call out rezzes so our other healing is aware).

Yes and no. Mercy is easy to pick up, but you won’t survive long on the ladder with her if you don’t learn how to use her kit to the fullest, especially when it comes to her mobility, knowing when to move and out of cover during fights, who to pocket and when to dmg boost vs heal, and when to use valk in an impactful way. A player using her has to have a strong awareness and game sense in order to be good with her, especially in higher tiers.

I think what a lot of people ignore is that Mercy is the only pure healer in the game. Every other support character has a kit that allows them to help their team in multiple ways be it through cc’ing or offsetting the dps if their team’s dps isn’t pulling their weight. Mercy’s options currently (other than healing) are dmg boost (which she doesn’t often have time for now that her healing has been nerfed) and taking out her pistol (which will get her in trouble with her team because “stupid Mercy isn’t playing her role”). Mercy should have the best healing output because that is literally what she was designed for. If not healing, then give her dmg boost a buff to offset the fact that they’re not using her as a pure healer anymore.

No, and personally, I would even be fine with a revert that made rez not grant invulnerability. As many have suggested, that was where the trouble started for her.

No. Her mobility is fine.

By that logic, we should make any character with simpler mechanics less impactful and less of a desired pick in their given category. Simple mechanics does not equal minimal effort to play. In the past, bad Mercy players would get punished on the ladder. You know why? They wouldn’t rez at the right time. They wouldn’t know who to dmg boost or when. They wouldn’t be able to get away from flankers. Those sorts of things took skill and game sense to learn. Just like with any hero, you have to learn not just their kit, but their playstyle too–and NO hero is minimal effort, no matter what their kit, be it a character like Widow who requires good aim, or Rein who requires impeccable game sense.

The tl;dr: It’s not that players want Mercy to be a must pick. They just want to be able to pick her and feel like they’re actually contributing to their team again.


So you acknowledge that one of the main reasons Mercy is picked so much is because she is popular?

Yeah! Cause if you have a Mercy on your team, you are instantly at a disadvantage.


All I could find behind this wall text is “more mercy nerfs, nerf her into the ground!”


No, actually.

Most people want Res to either be her ult again or even gone completely so they have room to buff her somewhere else.

Literally no one wants to buff Res as it is.

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I’m relieved that you’re not on the development team.

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