Mercy could become the cc counter this game needs

You see, idea’s like this are awesome. Even if they do not pan out they are far more productive.

@idea. Just for clarification it would not be something that targets allies? It instead targets the enemy player and strips them of their CC effects for the duration?

I see how this could be a much fairer interaction if that is the case as Mercy would only be able to anti cc a single target at a time.

However, I do think the CD on it might be a little short. I would rather start at 10 seconds and reduce/increase it as needed from there.

As for the damage reduction… I am not game for that part at all. Already stripping a target of CC is a big play. Preventing the target from doing devastating damage at the same time would be a bit much in my book.

However, What I would be willing to do is exchange it for: all enemy targets within 2.5m of Mercy’s pacify target are also pacified if they are hit while Mercy is in valkrie.

Overall not a bad idea though. Thanks for being constructive.


Thank you for the input!

The effect includes damage suppression for viability purposes - The CC meta will come to an end (eventually…). When that happens, Pacify will need to do more than just anti cc or else it would become extremely niche.

At least, that’s the idea.

Also I’ve read people’s feedback about the cooldown, and they make a good point. I’ve extended the cooldown to 8 seconds: whether it begins immediately, or after Pacify wears off, would depend on how it plays out in an actual fight.


This poses a question though. What do you do with the current E?

I don’t think CC will ever become fully unviable so this should not be an issue.

Load it into a rocket and jettison it into the sun! Muahaha!

There could be a Non Voyage party, and everyone would wear party hats in colors that clash horribly with their outfits.

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There is a a different version of Pacify in Titanium’s post, in the solution part

some ult combos are just stupid strong, plus it only takes one enemy’s cc out of the match for 2 seconds if it lands, wont be that detrimental

I remember helping brainstorm on that! We (as in the Mercies who cobbled the rework proposal) all came up with ability ideas, helped each other fine-tune, and voted on which ones we liked best.

Fun fact: the Pacify proposal in Titanium’s thread is from a forum veteran by the name of Brawl. He’s a very cool person!


This ability is too weak considering it only lasts 2 seconds and you greatly need to predict when the enemy is going to be using CC. Half the time you’d have the use the ability before the enemy even decides on using CC.

I cannot get behind this particular form of anti CC for one simple reason
When reffering to Console players the E ability goes where the reload button is, which for them is the same finger (the thumb) that is used for their aiming
So giving any form of skillshot to Mercy is a no-go for them

Now an anti CC shield on her allies that is just a temporary buff to her beam, now that could work

I would prefer anti-CC be given to other heroes. Such as giving Orisa’s Supercharger the ability to grant the “fortify” passive to everyone in range (if at the cost of some of the damage boost), then giving “cleanse” mechanics to another healer.

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8 seconds of complete CC Immunity from one ability would be a little OP

Anti cc buffs are a bad idea. CC is always a reliable counter for troublesome heroes. Pairing anti cc will be pretty annoying

Plus I like rez

I don’t necessarily see that as a deal breaker…

CC in Overwatch general comes in two categories: CC from range that has an obvious windup that gives you time to react (Roadhog hook, Doom punch), and cc that’s meant to be used in close quarters but requires the user to put themselves in a vulnerable position to get in range (flashbang, Mei freeze).

Pacifying the first category shuts the enemy down in a way that forces them to waste a cooldown and rescues your teammate in a flashy way.

Pacifying the second category ends with the enemy’s gamble of “take risk, do cc to get out alive” backfiring spectacularly. Imagine a Doomfist diving into your team, only to get Pacified. They’d have to immediately GTFO or die.

How come you feel this is more impactful than Rez

Good thing Supercharger is an Ultimate, then.

1: you get to use it way more often

2: it adds an extra skill to master to mercy’s kit. Higher skill ceiling, Yay!

3: you get to be proactive. Mercy could use that, to give the player a better sense of agency in their match

4: Pacify has shutdown potential. Shoo, Doomfist, shoo!

Rez is an ult squeezed into a slot too small for its power, and that’s done crazy bad things to the rest of her kit. It’s balanced now, but at the price of it feeling really clunky! I want an E that feels smooth and natural to use. Rez on E…doesn’t.

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Stop giving Mercy a debuff. Also, the way the OP write it would be quite a pain to code. I’m willing to bet the current code for abilities wouldn’t support it and would need to rewrite the code for all abilities.

The best method is for Mercy to place a buff on a team mate that cleanses CC and protects against CC for a short time.

It would require the loss of Rez. Something the devs have been trying to avoid to balance Mercy’s kit. I highly doubt they’d do that now. If anything a CC resist may come by way of a new Support hero.

Here’s the pobl with a CC negation power bring cast on team mates:

If one hero has it, they become the msim counter to multiple heroes. Indeed making some heroes completely useless. Players may think this is good but they aren’t thinking like a game dev.

What this would eventually result in is not limiting CC but proliferating it into more kits as new heroes cones out. So, once a castanle CC resists ability ( not self like Orisa - cadtable on team mates), enters the game, expect more CC to enter the game too.

Also note: devs seem careful to make a distnction with CC that knock back isn’t a CC yo them. Listen to Jeff talk about Ashe and her Coach Gun and hie her kit is them walking back from CC.

Who said anything about removing rez from mercy’s kit?

I think giving 2 seconds of invulnerability to a teammate would be better than a partial hack and slight damage decrease.