Mercy changes were unjust

Problem wasn’t the dmg boost in my opinion. They just need to freaking die when they’re supposed to. Bad positioning cant outheal your stupidity no matter how good the dps is. Cant tell you how many times ive had to do dmg to a stupid pocketed dps and lost because he would literally just never die. Im happy they won’t be full healed every 1 second now. They will finally lose their handicapped fights. People really use mercy as their ego booster telling other players theyre better than them because of the pocket lol. Its sad but now seeing her healing get nerfed??? Theyre gonna hate that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: not like mercys heal their team anyways. Its always some egotistic dps player.

its so upsetting honestly

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And make the only non-pew pewer in the game have to pew pew ?

No thanks.

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“balancing skills” yes, ah, pure skill

But her critical healing became better, so possibly you will have a harder time finishing your enemy off when they are pocketed by mercy.


Yes, those changes are confirmed.

Wait til you lose to that 1 dps player because of it. It happens. Higher sr games. All the time… pocket diff

I’m not a Mercy hater and i still wanted her GA to get an increased cooldown.

Had i been in charge however, i’d increase the cooldown on GA far more, to say, 4-5 seconds, because the tiny increase right now, doesn’t change nor impact her that much…

Well theres other options than just pocketing dps players all game. Games honestly more fun when you play the support in a mixed way. In higher sr games USUALLY support heal from time to time because theyre good at getting picks themselves and add dmg. Also the other players dont need as much healing due to having better positioning. I honestly blame the fact that we lost a tank slot as one of the reasons support feels bad. A) you have 1 less tank peeling for you if the other one even can at this point doing it solo, meaning youre inherently targeted all game with 0 help. And two people take more damage now with less shields to prevent it meaning people need constant healing all game long and more of it than before.

‘sexist hate’

they’re both women so this isn’t sexist but okay

Makes me glad I learned Echo

considering how many people were calling for mercy nerfs and explicitly saying they wanted to see her mains cry, i don’t think it’s just about the hero themselves but who people assume plays them too


…the changes seem fine to me…? :thinking:

She’s a flying champ shes supposed to be difficult to hit without hitscan


I’m an advocate for changes but honestly they should change the cutoff to 60% health instead of 50% for the increased healing. Healing someone from 1 hp is not a common occurrence and that’s not a good comparison. They should be comparing to a more common starting health number like 20 or 25 for judging the healing adjustments, not 1 health.

They missed the mark with the changes overall though either way

Obviously you didn’t read the notes, ONLY pocketing.


Blizzard opting to cave in to its favorite toxic crowd. I just uninstalled the game, I’m going to get my fps fix some place else.


One way or another we’ll stop those pockets lol. The mobility nerf kinda dumb tbh but i dont mind the healing nerfs. It’s just somehow gotta make her more team based. Idk if she needs a rework or some sort of passive change…

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Are you kidding me! Mercy is the most team reliant support in the game


Blizzard just can’t win when it comes to Mercy, they nerf her even slightly and people go bonkers, they buff her slightly and people go bonkers.

Therefore, I think it would be best if she was just removed from the game.

Win win :grin: