Mercy "Buff" not fixing any of her issues


It’s not a secret a lot of Mercy players are not happy with this. This is like throwing a bone for the sake of throwing a bone. Sure it’s a buff on paper. The problem with it is that it’s simply going back on the part of the HPS nerf that caused it and took the part that was fine down with it.
A change that would make more sense would have been :

Caduceus Staff

Healing per second increased from 50 to 60.

Chain Heal Beam heals main target for 60 and any linked players for 50.

That is… if we still don’t just drop the concept on Chain Beams and in the long run Valkyrie alltogether as it has been proven to not be a success, to not be workable in her kit at all.
The problem with Valk at this point is that it can’t be balanced to cater to everyone.
If it is impactful and in that case likely also seen as “fun to use” it’s also likely again seen as “Overpowered” since it’s basically a temporary removal of all of Mercy’s weaknesses.
If it’s “Balanced” as it’s claimed to be right now it feels incredibly unrewarding and brainless to use (in the general view of Mercy Players as seen by the feedback given).
This has gone for over a year now and that should be more than enough time of collecting data to realize that Valkyrie cannot be balanced for everyone … it can only be “Overpowered” or “Unimpactful/Unfun” There is no middle ground here… if there was we would have found it by now.

So… how could we fix Mercy?
The way I see it there are only 2 options left to actually fix the mess that Mercy’s rework and the introduction of Valkyrie has caused, both in Gameplay and Community aspects.

  1. Reverting her Back to Mass Rez and balancing around this
    (which had already a lot of people giving tons of workable feedback and solutions to work with this as her ultimate, including LoS changes, radius reduction or even a cast time)

  2. Reworking her again.
    We have already seen that reworking a rework isn’t in the realm of impossibility just by looking at Symmetra. So I don’T see why it should be out of the question to once again change Mercy’s ultimate to be different from the Mess we know as Valkyrie.


Did you try pressing buttons during the ultimate?

It actually worked!
You can play your hero during the ultimate!

Maybe now that you have this “new” information you can start having fun and make an impact on your games.


Sorry, m8… pressing Buttons during Valk will likely get you killed as it is currently… or your team… even harder… if you decide to go for the Battle Angel approach.
Other than that. The Ult does the same thing… regardless of you even sitting behind your keyboard during it’s duration.
But I belive you that you didn’t have than knowledge since you probably never even touched Mercy.


Shh shh my child… it’s allright…
I know it’s hard for you to think that someone who has played a hero less than you actually knows more about the game than you.

You’re not supposed to just hold W.
Actually put some thought into your gampelay instead.


Now she is op again.


Funny, she wasnt OP when she had it before her rework.

Hmm, I wonder what DID make her OP I wonder. You know something before her rework.


Wasn’t she? Did she have an above 50% win rate?
Anything above 50% is op.


looks at anyone above 50% winrate

Looks like the devs need to nerf every hero.


Yep. They need to balance the game.


Don’t you need something like a 54% WR to maintain rank in GM?


Guess you will have a lot of work to do xd


Note that pickrate also needs to be balanced.


Nah you said winrate not pickrate lmao.


Really?.. Really?..


I actually think this buff is directly addressing her issues, like really directly trying to address them.

They nerfed her to 50hps because she was simply healing too much when not in her ultimate, many games were running solo Mercy because she was capable enough in and out of ult to keep a full team going while evasive enough to not be a good target. Even with Ana overtaking as the current lead support she is a massive liability if you dare take her as a solo support.

Since the change to 50hps, one thing that’s felt off is how slow her ultimate charge is, she was simply not getting it on pace with where you would expect.

Then another issue with her previous change was that you’d finally get her ultimate and then when you use it feel like it’s really not having enough impact, this addresses that by restoring the same power as before directly to the ultimate. Previously her ultimate was significant enough to demand attention but currently your team can get by with basic abilities and Mercy might actually be better off just using her blaster, in theory this should bring her back to a point where her ultimate impacts enough to demand more ult usage from the enemy team.

She is extremely close to balance right now, becoming underpowered was actually the best sign for balance because it gave is upper and lower bounds - Previously she’d get nerfed and we’d still only have the upper bounds because she was still OP.

When she is this close to a balanced state then it seems ludicrous to recommend she gets another rework or a revert for the sake of balance.

We’re literally at the point where it’s just a numbers game, she’s really really close.

Once we get her balanced then sure I guess you could argue that she should have a rework for some non-balance reasons but I honestly think a lot of players like this version of Mercy not just from a playing but also a playing against.


Mercy’s fine on payload/hybrid maps if your team stays on point though. You just can’t run the hero on 2CP and KotH. Bfd.


Mercy shouldn’t heal more than Ana or Moira who kits are limited by resources/walls/shields/ not able to follow people around the map properly etc.

Keep thinking that the most basic / auto-pilot hero should be above in terms of heal/utility than others who at least takes more than aim to be played properly.

Mercy does well from Bronze to Diamond and even Master, being Niche in GM.

If you complain about Mercy being unfun, i’m glad you finally realized after almost 3 years that holding m1 and spam shift isn’t fun to anybody and instead of begging 24/7 for mass ress to come start asking for a fully rework who can make Mercy a high skill hero.

Almost every single people complaining day and nigh on Mercy are deluded ones with 30-40% win rate, specially the leader who for some reason think she knows about the game after being hard stuck in silver-gold all her carrier.


She doesn’t heal more even with 60hps.

She’s the most support of all supports. All the others can be more agressive toward an enemy trying to flank them.
You’re saying she should be passive and trash. Great balancing.

What is this irony where I see everyone begging for Mercy to rez them in the middle of the enemy team ?
Why is it on forums people like you will say this, but in game they’ll want it ? Mh ?
Besides, “just holding M1” works with a lot of characters you conviniently forget about, yet they’re not weak, so I guess you don’t wanna see them around either.

This part doesn’t concern me, I don’t main Mercy, I’m a bit higher in elo, but I think she’s weak for a character who can’t fight back and heal at the same time.


They just brought back her normal healing state but to her ult now lol

its like they stole 25$ from us and gave us back 5$ then expect us to shut up and be thankful LMAO

are they drunk??


Why she would?

-She requires to aim her healing? no

-She needs to manage a resource/CD while healing/Boosting? No (Ana needs to scope/reload/use her grenade Moira runs out of healing and her orbs are nullify by DM both of them cannot heal tru walls unlike Mercy healing beam

-She needs to press anything else than M1 in order to be effective? No, she is the most basic hero in the game even more than Brigitte.

Are you implying she should be flying across the map shootings things with her current auto-pilot kit? nice balance there.

She is the most flexible low effort-skill support who can do many things for her own team all the game.

?? I didn’t say that because she have been since game release a passive support who always pocketed 1 people all the game with the occasionally press Q and die on point (Before the invulnerability buff)