Mei is honestly

Mei has been strong for all of OW2. She’s just situational. Walling off a tank can literally be a free team-fight. Her primary can do insane damage when you factor in the cleave, and it slows which is honestly huge against certain targets, or anyone for that matter if your team are also putting damage in. Movement is one of the best ways to mitigate damage in this game even for big tanks and slowing people means they take a crud-ton more damage.

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If Mei didn’t exist , Genji GODs will obliterate your entire team backline. How about you stop complaining about the few anti flank dps that we have left ?

Strong or weak . What did you mean?

Yeah and she could do that in OW1 with freeze and combo kill people

What? Are they giving her primary freeze again?

Nah, not quite. They’ve talked about letting her inflict a slow debuff and adding back the ramping slow.

No way she’s powerful. She’s good. Decent. Worse than her OW1 counterpart for sure, mainly because her wall has trash hp and they nerfed its range for OW2. Ranged heroes, and burst damage, and flying heroes too counter her. Her ult is trash. Slow. Too many weaknesses and her time to kill is huge compared to other heroes. You can definitely get away with more value easier with other heroes.


I just don’t think this is true. She’s strong against heroes who don’t know to keep their distance, or those who don’t know how to dodge her M2, but those are skill issues. At best, I think she’s mid. At worst, she’s getting beaten by people who she should counter from what I’ve seen.

But Mei is literally meta now???

My issue with Mei has always been her actually extremely powerful right click (Which is honestly what gets her the most kills) and how long she can stall. She even contests point in cryo and there’s literally nothing you can do about it.

I get headshot by more Meis than I do Hanzos.

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Left click gets me so many more kills. Right click is good for building ult charge and softening people up. Right click isn’t consistent unlike left click.


You are delusional. She was getting mirrored in owl.


I think her ablilities are not designed for a team based game for numerous reasons. I could list them. But instead of adjusting her as a DPS. I think she would be better as a TANK. I few minutes prior, I posted this:

She’s been pretty good although her ult is still pretty trashy.

So weird they buffed Mei’s ult when heroes like Cassidy/ Pharah have far worse ultimate’s.

Mei is such a cheese hero with her wall. You just wall the single tank

Up there as one of the worst balance changes ever made.

Neither of them needed any kind of buff.

Mccree you could argue yes - but he should have lost the HP or damage mitigation as compensation.

Soldier absolutely didn’t need it, just power creep pure and simple.


How many of us are in OWL?

None? I think it is none.

Outside of OWL, mei is one of the lowest picked heroes in the game, so much for being meta.

Talk about delusional.


Tell me you’re in the metals without telling me you’re in the metals.
Thinking mei is bad in a game where rein and bap are strong is a hilariously bad take.


Tell me you are bronze without telling me you are bronze thinking mei is anywhere near the hitscans in effectiveness.

It’s funny because you think they’d realize that Mei is decent at this point. She counters a good amount of heroes that are popular in metal ranks such as Rein, Bap, Rammattra,, and TikTok Moira’s. Can also sort of do decent against the bane of all metal rank players Orisa as well.

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Yeah only plat players use bronze as a benchmark, great talking to you mate. Lmk when you make it out, we can go over this again.