Mei is honestly

Really strong right now. Not saying she needs nerfs… but this definitely feels like the most powerful she’s been, possibly ever


I’m a Mei main. And yeah I’m kinda nervous about her getting CC back next season.
I have come to enjoy her damage output and surely they will have to lower it to compensate for added CC right?
I also don’t want her to become as hated, or even more hated, than she was in Overwatch 1.


Enjoy it while it lasts. Her damage is almost definitely getting nuked next season.


Mei is legitimately one of the worst heroes in the game at this point in time, I do not know what you are on when you decided to create this thread, but it must be really good.


This does not align with my experience playing her or against her at all. Mei is a stone-cold menace.

Probably partly due to how many people share your opinion. Easier to kill opponents when they automatically underestimate you :smile:


… is this because she’s good at the new event? Cause I could have told you when people are forced to CQC or lose that Mei would do well. Especially since her sustain lets her operate without support in small engagements.


Reaper fulfills that role better in this event.

i also think symmetra is pretty good now also. both those heroes are fun and im glad they are in a good spot. hitscans are still the best tho… no surprise there, this coming from someone who has the most hours on widow heh

Between the two I’ve done far better as Mei since she can threaten multiple people when in a group, divide the opposing team to 1v1 people, has better escape options and doesn’t require her gun to be up someones … rear… to do enough damage.

Take this thread with a lot of salt though. it’s Poy.

This is what they’re doing today to get reactions.

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I don’t know about balance, but she certainly is very fun to play in her current state. I’m kinda nervous about the changes they have planned for her, hopefully she’ll still be fun and doesn’t become the new most hated hero that everyone asks to get nerfed. (That’s already happened to so many other heroes I enjoy, I don’t want to keep going through that ordeal)

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Ive been camping the jump pads with reaper and junkrat, people cant help it, people and jump pads are like moths to a flame.

what confounds me the most is that they nerf non-hitscan heroes before other ones. junkrat got a nerf while mccree and soldier got a buff… i mean there are some head scratching moments with the dev team.

only exception is hanzo, who gets a buff here and there but really still is worse than hitscans heh at the highest levels.

having this much eccentricity in a hero shooter is the reason tho. a hero shooter that wants to be more of an fps? and not smite???

i wouldnt want to balance this game so i cant judge to be honest

Mei’s always been strong people are just learning how to play her in 5v5 now. Also the recent Blizzard buffs have made Blizzard a top tier zoning ultimate.

Im scared about her CC change because tanks are to important in the game right now. So she will become public enemy number one.

She’s only going to get stronger if the meta shifts away from Cassidy and Widow as they are Mei’s primary threats.


We don’t always agree, so it should be notable when it happens.

This is one of those times.

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She was always a strong pick, everyone just vastly underestimated her strength in 5v5 because losing her CC freeze on primary fire=Crap to people who didn’t pay attention that she got a 100dps damage buff and has slow which makes it harder to escape. In the right hands Mei is an absolute menace to play against IMO, especially on control.


I welcome the change in hopes some creativity is applied to Mei. She is blander than ever with a flimsy wall and an ultimate anyone can walk out of.

I feel less threat from current Mei than OW 1 Mei who had piercing freeze, strong wall with further placement.

It irks me she forgot how Ice works.

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The only people saying she’s weak are those who struggle to hit moving targets. I despised OW1 Mei but have no issue dying to her or playing as her now.


her main strength still comes from wall and the ability to section off heroes from their support.

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She was certainly stronger during a period of double barrier. And got many many nerfs after that. Losing the good ol double headshot in a freeze. Lower slow, slow lasted less, longer cd on wall, less ammo etc.

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To be fair, rat was performing better than both cree and soldier in the first 2 seasons. Also the soldier recoil buff is pretty much non existent, I bet they could remove it and barely anyone would even notice. Cree buff for falloff is pretty big tho.