[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?

There are 3 types of ultimates.

  1. Channeled Ultimates
  2. Cast time Ultimates
  3. Transformation Ultimates.
  • Mei’s ultimate, along with all the other projectile ultimates, are part of the Cast Time Ultimates and can be cancelled by stunning in the cast animation.

  • Channeled Ultimates can be cancelled the entire duration of the ultimate.

  • But Transformation Ultimates are different.
    Heroes like Genji, Bastion and Soldier don’t lose their ultimate if they are stunned in the transformation animation of their ultimate.
    (The part when Genji grab and swings his blade, Bastion becomes a tank and Soldier turns on his goggles with his hand.)
    They only lose their ultimate if they are killed in the transformation animation.

What if heroes with projectile ultimates didn’t lose their ultimate if they got stunned in the cast animation just like Transformation Ultimates?
What if there was a fourth type of ultimates called Projectile Ultimates?


The problem is that this game makes what is a projectile or not. Like Rein’s ult… Isn’t it a sort of short lived “projectile” that if it comes in contract with a hit-box, it will cause certain affects?

Should Rein keep his ult if stunned?

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I think he should keep his ultimate yes.

Just like Lucio, is Reinhardt’s ultimate designed to be used in group/team fight and there are plenty heroes who can stun faster than Reinhardt can use his ultimate.

To be honest, I think they should undo the ultimate changes from the Junkenstein 2017 event. It has made ultimates more inconsistent.

Couldn’t agree more. The Ultimate changes were supposed to make ultimates more “consistent” across all heroes but all it’s created is more problems.

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Especially when they made it sound like every got the same channel part, yet genji, bastion, soldier and winston do not have to worry about a flashbang or hook while ulting, they’ll just continue on afterwards, while everyone else loses 100%. they do not even have a very minor channel time, they get their effects immediatly, there’s not even 1 server tick cancel chance.

This is so untrue. Mei’s ammo buff is a huge help as often in fights you’d find yourself running out of ammo and 2 extra shots is massive. Also the slow duration buff means that you can use left click for partial freezing a lot better now, allowing you to pull off the 9 tick freeze, headshot, melee combo. I liked the way the PTR changes went, they definitely make Mei better but I do understand that she’s still not going to be hugely meta or anything.

Regarding her ultimate, the animations could be a bit faster I guess, but it really isn’t a bad ultimate like so many of you make it out to be. I can consistently get 1-2 kills with it and it is a pretty fast charging ultimate.

Her fall-off damage is not way too much. Mei isn’t designed to be a sniper hero and she is the one exception where giving no fall-off on a projectile character would make her weapon more powerful than it should be.


The reason why they did it was because high skill plays where you’d deny an ultimate as it was being casted were then a lot less significant because they’d have their ultimate still anyway. The changes are a good thing because they reward skill rather than letting the opposition just use their ult again if it failed.

It’s not a bad change that ultimates can be cancelled, but they didn’t made it more consistent with the change. If anything I would say they made it more inconsistent.

Transformation ultimates are safe from stunning, projectile ultimates dissappear out of existence after they were thrown because of latency and some ultimates are designed to be used in a group fights like Reinhardt’s and Lucio’s ultimate which already has a pretty long cast animation in which you can stun them.

A blanket nerf to 2 of the 3 ultimates types wasn’t the right way to do this. That’s why I think the change is bad.

I agree that killing the enemy in the cast animation should cancel the ultimate, but stunning shouldn’t with some ultimates.

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Nice to see this thread back. I really hope there will be some more changes to Mei making her the hero we deserve.

I am so happy to hear that there will be changes to cryo. This was so needed as I feel Mei gets unlucky on the cast and the deactivation. With this you can more consistently bait abilities which will be a better buff than the changes on the PTR currently.

Concerning Meis ultimate there are some issues. For one having a cast animation AND a projectile travel time is kinda unfair and makes for a lot of the inconsistencies. Also should a projectile not profit from the favor the shooter mechanic? If I shoot an arrow as Hanzo and get killed while it is in the air it will not be erased. Why don’t ults work the same way. It is less unfair to Zarya or Tracer due to the short cast animation but still feels inconsistent with how every other projectile works.

Also Snowball could use a slightly bigger hitbox. I had my ult fall through the floor on Kings Row (no video evidence sadly).

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The ultimate sometimes gets stuck under the payload, in some stairs or in some rocks. Also if you throw the ultimate on the wall it will delay the activation, getting stuck and falling.
BTW i’m excited for the new season incoming, even if Mei got little buffs (i like these 2 buffs, i hope they will contribute to make her kit more effective) and a bug fix to a serious problem. I hope to see new fixes incoming


Hey guys , so i am confusion

If you throw Mei’s ult on the payload and it moves, the ult stays on the place you throw or It move with the payload


If i’m right it doesn’t move at all, it stays only in the point where it activated


Well that succs my dude


Honestly, if this goes live with the other buffs, I’ll be very happy!


Glad to see that it’s confirmed to be a bug

Now I can link people to this post every time I see someone posting excuses for how it’s intended.

Hopefully, this is going to be on the next patch. I played a match as Hog, this week, where I hooked the enemy Mei out of her cryo-freeze 3 times. It was ridiculous :confused:


I leave for 4 days and come back to hear cryo freeze fix?

POGGERS! I hope it comes with season 9, so I don’t have to lose a placements match to this cursed bug… Nothing’s worse than outplaying the enemy and being punished


I’m so happy that this bug is getting fixed. I’m looking more forward this than her buffs tbh.

I haven’t played this game in a while (I already explained in the previous thread why), but some players are reporting that Mei’s ultimate doesn’t dissappear after she threw it and got stunned.

Can anyone conform this?


This last issue is not happening much as before IMO. Let’s hope with the new patch to see this issue fixed definitely.

BTW i’m not sure if i will make a video about the Mei balancing topic or not

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Tbh Mei’s cryo freeze should have only 1 activation frame, also, it should last half as long and work twice as quickly, to discourage stalling.


This happened during the Mei yeti hunt and the ability felt better and snappier IMO. BTW i think it’s quite useful stalling with cryofreeze, but it’s also useless because out of cryo we don’t have ammos often, so we aren’t ready to fight again. If i’m right time ago Jeff talked about an invincibility window for Mei’s cryofreeze