[Mei-gathread] Does Mei feels balanced and underpowered at the same time?


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Fixing the stun Cryofreeze bug would help a long way

Lost count how many times a Roadhog hooked me when I was using Cryofreeze


I haven’t been able to play on the PTR (I’m a console scrub :frowning: ) How does she feel?


I love mei, but the Iceblock bug, no reg issues, and the ult cancelling have put me off ever playing her again until they get changed.

Honestly she is broken to the point that, in my honest opinion, she should be removed from play until these game breaking bugs are fixed.


Yay! Thank You for continuing this important thread here in the new forums!


Mei had a 0% pickrate during puppy rumble

Please buff Mei further, Blizzard


Glad this was reposted! Memes aside, Mei really does need some work done on her.


I’m very happy to see again support from you in the new forum. I kinda needed this because i needed to start again, have a cleaner thread, get refreshed. Btw i’ve got the idea to do a video about Mei problems and possible solutions…


Videos sound like a good idea, maybe more people will be aware of her countless issues this way and maybe even the devs see that something should be fixed.

What I personally would like to see is her ult disappearing vs her ult back then when it still popped off but just fell to the ground (might be a bit hard to find a video this old including her old ult behavior).

Anyways, thank you so much for all your effort


Hi everyone from eu mei main!

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I really Hope Mei will get another buff, this isn’t enough, and She still have the bugs


And we’re back. Not going anywhere until the F-tiers get their much deserved respect and buffs, reworks if necessary.


let’s hope for a now orange post to come here and tell us what we already know


Good to see this thread back in action. Now the waiting game :confused:


Well, any thoughts? Any suggestions?
BTW i should start to get the basis for the video


in all honesty, the two extra shots is okay but not really needed, and the other one unless someone specifically told you it was there, i don’t think any except the analytical of people would actually spot the difference


In the video i suggest you showcase some of the bugs in slow mo when possible, things like dying behind her wall, seeing her ult disappear, and getting hooked despite pressing shift is really difficult to see in a 60fps video, also in the case of getting hooked i imagine hard to show case also.

for the solution part it will be tough, i suppose you can propose certain changes using the custom game settings, but other things will require theory and speculative thinking which is also hard to showcase unless you good orator and manage to speak your point across.

But you managed to great things here on the thread so imagine you will also do well on this video, I do suggest you post screen tests for feedback before officially posting the final product though


I have a problem: why picking Mei in comp equals to a istant loss? I try to do my best, but i feel she’s useless, i try to defend and blocking enemies with the wall but i get outplayed. Also how do i counter that damned cancer of the spam comp (Orisa + Rein + Thorb + Bastion)? Only for these issues i risk to don’t be able to climb


Still thinking Mei as having the “Sombra/Mercy issue”. She is very situational because only one part of her kit justifies her pick.

I’d rather improve other aspects of her kit so she is more well-rounded and can be justified in more situations. Blaster buffs potentially answers some of the problems(we will still have to see tho), but cryo and blizzard (with cryo having massive priority) still need to be looked at. I would even trade some wall cooldown to improve the others if power creep is too much.

Oh, btw, WhyAlwaysMe checking in the new Mei-gathread!!