MEGATHREAD: Who is Hero 27?

As the title says: here’s a thread we could put together in efforts to reduce the spam here as it seems there’s a new thread about Brigitte/Cat/etc nearly every 5 minutes… to start I’ll throw in some information and speculation. Feel free to contribute more evidence/leaks and I’ll maybe edit it in.


  • Torbjorn’s only(?) daughter
  • First appears (?) in animated short “Honor and Glory”Blizzcon 2017
  • Overwatch (JP) on Twitter made an oops posting the filename and location of a Twitter teaser (now deleted) named “Brigitte Teaser”
  • On the PT/BR Overwatch website, one of the teasers temporarily had a filename “BrigitteTease-AfterActionReport-ptBR_OW_JP.PNG”
  • Carolina Ravassa (Sombra VA) followed Kari Wahlgren on Twitter recently, a Swedish VA who has worked with Blizzard previously.
  • imgur(DOT)com/a/SX5zU - there are two versions of one of the teasers.


  • Not much is known other than it’s a darn cat. With a jetpack.
  • May be Brigitte’s cat, or whoever the next hero is.
  • First appeared in concept art before any development on the game itself really went underway however was shown off during the Overwatch panel this last BlizzCon as well as a few other unused/scrapped heroes.


  • An older theory than the cat and Brigitte but has been a thought ever since the release of Junkertown.

  • On a forum post about her and a player asking if she’d ever be added, Jeff jumps in to only say “She’s soooooo not nice.”

  • An article came out before the end of the year mentioning there was already a hint out there for this new hero, so someone we’ve heard about once or multiple times. Again this could point to both JQ and Brigitte.

  • As far back as the reveal for Junkertown, Jeff/Michael Chu said - “We want to explore these other groups like the Junkers, instead of just focusing on Overwatch and Talon. We hope this map will be just the tip of the iceburg for what’s to come, for Junkrat, Roadhog, AND THE QUEEN.”

  • During an interview with a FX artist on the Overwatch team (Rachel Day), she left a small hint at something new in the world of Overwatch, related to Junkertown and the Queen - “right now, she’s just a voice”"

SVEN (?):

  • Least mentioned of all the other names here. Still a “real” character in the Overwatch universe. He’s got connections to our buddy Torbjorn.


There is a great chance that with how quick the teasers are coming out now, that the new hero could be revealed today and may have a playable state on the PTR servers. As to who is still up for debate…

Brigitte matches the profile for most (if not all!) of these hints left for us to noodle with but again, if you think back to Efi we thought SHE was the next hero but we then learned she was a contributing factor to the real revealed hero, Orisa.

Also worth mentioning is the Hammond individual, first thought to be a potential upcoming hero as Horizon Lunar Colony was open for playing - but since then there hasn’t been many hints on him, there was the debate over the “sudden” wheelchair that appeared on one of the maps but then it was found that wheelchair was nothing new.


@PlayOverwatch on Twitter

@jpPlayOverwatch on Twitter

Overwatch’s PT/BR official website

Various articles that I’m not able to link (yet, due to “trusted” restrictions)

/r/Overwatch post - “The JunkerQueen will be hero 27, lemme convince you why.”

Blog post @ /en-us/blog/21574699 (A Letter From Torbjörn to his Wife)

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Sombra will be our hero 27

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Brigitte doesn’t fit most of the teases, she fits ALL of the teases.


Bridgette, but with JetCat as sidekick/mascot? Think bastion with Ganymede. Bridgette can have the cat in her sprays, emotes, and highlight intros. Also she better get an emote like Orisa’s “Puppy”, but with Jetcat. Maybe it flies around her and she tries to catch it?


This is EXACTLY what I’m thinking

I’m thinking the jetpack cat will be Brigette’s ult somehow

There’s a link to a post that pretty much states that bridgette is the 27th hero.


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I think it’s definitely Brigitte, and I also think that Junker Queen is 100% going to be a hero in the future. The other thing you’re leaving out for Junker Queen is that Junkrat still has this unknown treasure that she’s after, and I don’t think we’ll know what it is until she’s released.

I think junkerqueen will be 28

Also this link


Yeah, that’s one I mentioned - just couldn’t link it since my “trust” level isn’t quite high enough.

Compare - look back at the Sombra ARG nearing its end, someone found some art of her on an official Blizzard page (maybe a store page?) … a day or two later - bam, BlizzCon announcement.

I’m thinking it’s possible, but one friend of mine tells me it’s probably not so because of how soon after Junkertown it is. It’s like the second or third most recent lore installment. It’s definitely possible that she’s 28, but lore wise it sounds unlikely. MAYBE hero 29, but that will be the Blizzcon hero and there was a “leak” that I’m treating as a theory that Liao will be the Blizzcon hero, most likely coming with a cinematic because of how much of an impact he has on lore being a founding member.

My money is hero 31 at the latest.

I think your first two bullet points on Brigitte are wrong? I’m not sure but didn’t she appear in the reflections comic, (which also featured bunch of little people who I at the time assumed were Torb’s as opposed to rein’s?) as well as Rein’s dragons comic? Just trying to help and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. :man_shrugging:t6:


i hope its Fräulein Brigitte :smiley:
Than we have 2 old German names in the game <3

so did Doomfist for Hero 24 but instead we got Orisa.

Hero 27 = Hammond aka specimen 8 = Evil Cat(smaller test subject from Horizon L.C, who escapes to earth using rocket pack) = Coffee stains in note pads as clues in important areas on horizon(telescope & camera room) = “8” Shaped Coffee stains on these blue print =Specimen 8= JPC

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