{MEGATHREAD} Console Players Still Feeling like 2nd Class Citizens. [400 likes, 1500 responses]


Got a link to that thread per chance? I’d love to see it



Thanks for sharing the thread, need as many eyes on this problem as possible to get Blizzard to finally address the missing in-game audio. I’m on PS4 and it’s been affecting other PS4 players as well as some PC users, I’m wondering at this point if it’s some kind of memory issue or something, especially with that recent patch fix note about memory causing sounds to drop out. It could be that the PS4 and low-powered PC’s sporadically don’t have sufficient memory at times (could be memory leaks somewhere in the Overwatch code?) which is causing these weird sound drops.

If anybody here has been experiencing such issues please share your experience or relevant videos in the thread righthere linked, thanks!


Do ypu by any chance mean stuff like Ultimate sound queues randoml not being heard and suddenly you die from it because you didn’t know? If so this happens regularly to me. To the point where I would say at least once every 3/5 matches and leads more times than not to a lost teamfight.

Suddenly there’s a dragonstrike straight up your face with no sound…

Btw: this is not just a good or bad hardware issue. I’ve seen streamers like XQC and seagull have this happen every now and then


So uh… how about that separate platform balancing guys? Hows that working out for yall?


Yes, I am indeed referring to the dropping of audio that includes ultimates along with footsteps, health packs, jump pad sfx, bullets firing, important character voicelines (like health requests), lootbox previews, match splash screen intro music, and others.

Do you think you could share your experience/videos/etc. in the thread we have going? The more voices we have on the subject the better. It’s very interesting that you’ve also seen this happening to popular streamers who would naturally have powerful PC builds, it would seem to suggest that the problem is related to code-related runaway memory leaks and not simply underlying technical hardware hiccups.


I think you can even find it on seagull’s youtube channel. I think that’s where I saw it. He gets hit by a dragonstrike that vomes out of a wall.

Seagull even says like: " WTF?! is it me or was there just no sound queue?" And he added ra replay because in the killcam the soundqueue does pop off.


Oh man, that would be a great video to add to the thread, a top level pro player like Seagull would have a powerful pc build and high speed connection so his experiencing this audio issue would be a powerful demonstration of how the issue affects players regardless of setup. Do you remember which video it was, or around when it released? Any information that might help me find which one so I can post it in the thread would be really useful.


… I’m not sure entirely but if I remember correctly it was while he was still a pro.
It might have been shortly after he did the interview with devs. So it must be something between hammonds release and when he quit OWL. but don’t take it for set in stone! If it’s not there it must be shortly before hammonds release!


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Incredible, how big this thread is and blizzard never bother to answer. As a costumer, this is so disrepectful to the console players.


Post 1446, still nothing…probably too focused on promoting esports with the OWL and OWC. Would be nice to at least get something.


I do wish it would at least be acknowledged the hero’s that are fine on PC can be overpowered on console or the opposite.

My biggest complaint is the keyboard and mouse users though. I wish they would either crack down harder on it or make it easier and more accessible for all players so it’s a level playing field. I believe blizzard stated the same desire but nothing has been done about it in either direction.


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I’m just wondering, has anyone gotten any sort of notification about a report having had anything done about it, I’ve reported MULTIPLE people due to them being toxic, and haven’t seen that anything was done about it


I’ve gotten two overall before on PS4. Granted, I don’t report often since I’m mainly in the arcade, where I can have more fun by playing more lightheartedly. Although, I wish I didn’t have to do it like this just to get the notifications:

I got my two in-game notifications of actioned accounts on PS4 in the same way: Reporting someone using the LFG to throw games. When I see someone doing this, I report them in two ways. The first is reporting the LFG group itself (the title is what gets reported iirc). The second is reporting the player who created the group for Gameplay Sabotage (in the text screen, I put in “Using LFG to throw games”).

Still, it is at least better than not getting any in-game notifications.


Naaah, haven’t reported that many people tho (I mostly report people who false-report me for mkb usage and bs like that).
I really hope the dude/dudette who picked Widow and proceeded to jump off a cliff an entire round gets banned tho…


I haven’t gotten a response for the few reports I’ve done, but I do know people who have been banned. One for toxic language (and he freely admits he deserved it), and another for looking like he uses a mouse and keyboard, but doesn’t actual use one.