Matchmaker is RIGGED

Had a HUGE loss streak last week pulling in about 10 losses.

This week I’ve been on a win streak.

3 or 4 straight wins followed by a loss or so followed by more wins.

Today, I hit 4 wins in a row and the next game I get put into a group where EVERYONE is endorsement level 1. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. INCLUDING THE OPPOSING TEAM. except me who has been bouncing between endorsement 4 and 5.

Screw you Jeff Kaplan and you’re crazy rigged matchmaking system.


You should’ve stopped playing right there.



System is not rigged, provide evidence for rigged system please, sharing replay codes from your loss streak should be enough.


Some games are unwinnable. I don’t know why players get so peeved when an unwinnable game follows a win streak. If an unwinnable game occurs during a loss streak, it’s because Blizzard is just trying to keep you on a loss streak. If an unwinnable game happens during a win streak, it’s because Blizzard wants to end your win streak.

Unwinnable games happen. It’s not because Blizzard is targeting you.

And also, why do players seem to think that when they’re on a win streak, it should continue? What else other than a loss can possibly follow a win streak?


The matchmaking in this game is awful because it requires you to play with 6 people. Most people don’t have 5 others to queue with.

Compare it to WoW. The time I made it to 2200 in WoW I had a win streak, we were getting an increasing amount of points as we were queued against people higher every time we won. It was only me and my partner that had an influence on how bad we as a team performed. Meanwhile in OW, “GIVE ME BAP OR I THROW”. “sry i didnt mean to queue ranked”. Guy stands in base flaming team. “why don’t you queue support if you want heals?” - dps moira.

The matchmaking is downright trash in this game. They should make the rating gain/loss based on your personal performance rather than team or win/lose dependent. Throwers rating would crash, people who play well would increase. People who play bad would lose rating even if their teams win. People who play well with a trash team would still gain rating if they lose. This would be the best solution, we’d get good matchmaking compared to now with this.


TIL, endorsement = skill.


Why are you blaming the match maker for people’s actions?

What power does an automated software algorithm have over someone throwing the game…?

Everything you described above is a human problem not a software problem.


and? Endorsements don’t mean anything except getting lootboxes once in a while so I don’t see the point?


A lot of power considering it knows who gets reported for throwing frequently. It makes the deliberate choice to match them with you, despite knowing they are throwers.


You call 10 losses huge? Win 10 and youre back

I get put into a group where EVERYONE is endorsement level 1. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. INCLUDING THE OPPOSING TEAM

lvl1 endorsment is normal for GM players who play comp only.

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We’re both making a lot of unintelligent Assumptions about the software.

That notwithstanding, let’s assume the match maker does in fact keep track of who is reportedly accused of gameplay sabotage…

For one, the match maker is attempting to balance the game so you’ll have the same amount of saboteurs on each team.

Two, the MM can’t control that they woke up that morning and decided to try hard on Overwatch on the enemy team.

Three, it’s just as likely you’ve been reported for sabotage for you to consistently get placed with them on your team.

Deliberate is an interesting word to use when talking about software. Especially since deliberate regards to human thinking… The MM isn’t out to get anyone. Your team simply isn’t out performing the other team.

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have you tried being better at the game?


Have you tried playing a hero that isn’t mercy?


Deliberate is implying that the humans that created and programmed the software had specifically created the matchmaker to make you stumble and trip rather than climb like you should.

they used to make games super hard back in the day to extend out the play time, how is this any different? making it ridiculously unfair matching you with literal anchors every single game to drag you down PURPOSEFULLY.

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But if that’s the case, then why are there so many players in Diamond, masters and grand masters?

Play a different game

I went into a lot more detail here, but my assumption is that players are distributed between teams in a 12 person lobby based on their personal performance relative to their rank.

This would mean anyone who belongs several ranks higher will have high enough impact regularly enough that nobody in the lobby can balance them. Someone who’s at the high end of the lobby, but not high enough to hard carry, is going to continually get poor teammates to try to make an even match, which will cause stagnation.

I approached it from the standpoint of a developer, and explained both how and why it could exist. If you’re not opposed to entertaining opposing viewpoints, please give it a read.


Cause it is normal in competitive games and sports for people to fluctuate between skill brackets like a bouncing ball. Oh wait there is about zero data to ever support this as the most common curve across all sports activities and video games, competitive ones go in a straight curve upwards as players progressive improve depending on how much time they spend with the game until they reach a plateau with minimal fluctuations. There is legit thousands of data logs to follow of this phenomenon.

So tell me, why would OW be any different, why would a players measured skill level variate on a daily basis as their consolidated knowledge and progress with the game disappeared over night? People can play a minimal amount of games, experiencing absolute close to zero impact on their results due to tilt and deepening loss streaks still occure and they will fluctuate going on losing high amount of SR from previously achieved levels only to be followed with win streaks.


Low endorsement players = leavers / throwers / inactive people

He never said it had anything to do with skill

Streaks: exist.

Some players: the evidence that my rank is not my fault

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