Mass Rez promoted "Suicide Playstyle"

Except the point that mass rez had to go, i agree with the post about valk is boring but still powerful.
Glorified spectator mode can’t be categorized as fun.

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I’ve heard that exact phrase a lot in QP. There were a lot of people who thought that it genuinely helped their team. For casual players the idea of tempo rezzing being better was very counterintuitive.

The SR abusers were the ones rezzing after the fight was finished.

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I’m a casual player but i always played with tempo rezzing when mass rez is on.

I’m talking about competitive here. I have barely 20-30 hrs on QP. I usually ressed 2-3 people with ults. 5 man resses usually were making my team easy target for a grav/shatter combo, or just pure deadeye/hanzo ult/pharah ult etc etc.

Tempo resses were far superior, considering how fast res charged, sadly not many realized it and because of them people started complaining mass res was op and she was essentially reworked and brought to this… miserable state.

Also the SR abusers are the guys screaming “die on point”. As they hid and just went in for the 4-5 man res…


This never happened to me

Besides “die on point” means the team was nowhere near the point to begin with, so it also means “get on point”



found a few threads, i don’t think that everyone is bashing on them for not asking for a revert


It happened in comp too, I’m just saying there were a lot more people other than the SR abusers that said die on point and went for 5 man rezzes.

Personally I’ve always called for a third rework based around fluid tempo rezzes.

I think mass would’ve been fine if invuln wasn’t granted for Mercy and it had around the same cost as valk has now. (after the 50 hps nerf, it’s cost is basically increased by 17%)

If you have a zen/lucio accompanying mercy then she wouldnt have to take cover after earthshatter/grav as these 2 supps can saave the fallen with their ults. Then again comes the problem with people wanting to play her like HideNRes, which I guess could not be avoided easily.

As others have said, die on point meant “If you’re going to die, try to die on or near the objective so you don’t end up out of range or unable to get on point before time runs out”.

Okay, so elaborate on what the hidden correct and fun usage is then?


This is absolutely the truth. No matter how many players tell you that it wasn’t a “thing,” or wasn’t the popular way to use her ult, it definitely was very often used in that manner. “EVERYONE! DIE ON POINT!” was spoken to frequently in games it became nauseating.

I hope they never bring back Mass Resurrection. It promoted a very boring playstyle for everyone.


Still better designed than valk

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I’m talking about when the rework was newer. Even some of these suggest reverts.

You don’t like Mass Rez and think it had problems?

Yes. It did.

But they were fixable problems. Mercy 1.0 was:

1: extremely ult dependent
2: had no proactive counterplay for rez
3: had an ult that pressured Mercy to be the last woman standing, which is counterintuitive on a main healer

Again, all these issues were fixable.

1: Add a midfight E to Mercy’s kit. If the devs are serious about wanting to “de-epmphasise rez”, them Mercy needs more to do than just stay alive, juggle beams, and plan for the next rez

2: Add a cast time and LoS limitation to rez. Kill or cast Mercy as she casts rez to stop it (and make Mercy lose all her ult charge).

3: add an AoE burst heal effect at the end of the cast; healing living allies at the same time as rezzing dead ones. This pushes rez to be a midfight ult - Mercy wouldn’t have to wait for her teammates to die in order to save them.


r u dum? When Mercy players said “Die on point” it meant. “I have Res, so if you have to die, make sure it is on point, together, so I don’t miss anyone.”

You were yelled at because you went off on your own, dying in the enemy back lines, so when the rest of the team ended up dying together, (refer above to what “die on point” means) you were missed in the Res, keeping the fight at a 5v6 disadvantage. You were yelled at for being dumb with positioning. Not because you didn’t give Mercy POG.


I feel like there’s a common misconception with the term “die on point”.

Many who used it, including myself, said it more as a “don’t run off on your own. If you have to die, die together where you’re supposed to be”.

I don’t think anyone called it out with the intention of “lol kys I want PotG”.

Nah, what people are doing is trying to use it like Trans and save it for those last minute clutch heals.

Then when it can’t do what it obviously wasn’t intended for, that’s when they come on here to complain that it’s boring and unimpactful.

But you’re right about the base of the problem, it all stems from the fact that people insist on misusing the ult then complaining it doesn’t work or isn’t fun when they do so.


I would say that Mercy is Number 4. McCree, then Widow, then Moira (relatively controversial), THEN Mercy.

I always said, “Stay on point, I’ve got Rez”, and only when I was currently walking back from spawn, so my team knew I’d have a backup plan should they die before I’d get back to them. Only potato teams need instructions on how to play.


Ah yes, FLYING AROUND THE MAP WEAVING THROUGH TEAMMATES is a very boring ult indeed. My handy supercharger is so much damn fun that I literally can’t do anything with it other than mockingly plant it on dead Mercy corpses. And don’t get me started on Nano Boost it’s so fun watching the OTHER person do all the damn work while I sit there.




Ofc it did. How successful it was depended on a lot of different things, but there was enough success to warrant guides, discussions, etc. The tactic was gaining popularity.

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