Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why

And you can also take it as the small tweaks as something to hold everyone off until later (like after the Torb changes go through) before drastically changing another character. Honestly, it’s all about perspective, and why I said it’s possible that they changed their minds.

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That’s a long road from Mass Res Will Return.

As I’ve said, your mind is made up, despite the facts on her already being reverted being given. I am not here to convince you on why I believe Mass res will return, I am giving 10 reasons why I believe it will. You are mature enough to make your own decisions, and my opinions is just that, my opinion. You are free to believe whatever you wish.

That is your assumption. I made this thread literally starting with “Why I Believe…” That should have indicated to you that the post was infact my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your opinion! We’ll have to agree to disagree on that then. :blush:

Since none of us are devs, we’re just giving an opinion, so the only answer I have for you is - You’re going to have to just wait and see if both a revert / pacify will actually make her F-tier before we make assumptions. I can tell you everything under the sun about Mercy based on her past events.

At the end of the day, whether anything I’ve said makes you cry with how beautifully written it is, or makes you rage with anger, or indifferent is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not Mass Rez will Return at the end of the day, and if it will be a good healthy change for the game as a whole. One side believes it will, and the other side believes it won’t. I believe it will return, and you do not. And we’re all voicing our thoughts on the matter. And that is fine. :blush:

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This is what we call wishful thinking.

No, All actions up to this point show they want to work with what she has. Not to tie anyone over. Especially considering that in the most recent dev update video Jeff Kaplan stated he believed the support category as a whole (which includes mercy) were in a good state.

He would not have said that if he believed that Mercy needed some drastic changes or if they were already preparing to do so.

If I used your train of thought I could draw any conclusion I wanted despite any evidence to the contrary.

Oh, and if you want a link to prove Jeff said this.


What a reach. I’m surprised this thread went as far as it did. Luckily you got Roblox for your mass rez fix.

This is a mighty popular one that discusses Mercy’s current state so it is pretty on topic for these discussions on her current state.

I figured people would know about this since it’s posted in any thread that talks about Mercy at least once.

Love you too Quest :heart:

That was the joke I believe, lol.

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It’s not really a megathread but okay.

I’m sorry but where in your post did you ever mention it needing to be a megathread?

You simply asked for something you can use and that is something you can and HAVE been using just in a different way.

What I meant by this:

Is to try and redirect us to a megathread that we can use. :confused:

People were already complaining that mod controlled megathreads were not effective. That thread is already structured to talk about Mercy in current state. I don’t see a problem in making that the makeshift megathread. Did Blizzard ban Mercy Mains from doing this sort of thing? If so then Bastion mains are doing it all wrong.

I know. That’s why I said, “okay”. The problem is that if the OP doesn’t want it to be used as a megathread, we can’t really use it as a megathread. We would need to ask Titanium first. The odds are, she probably will say no because she hates the concept of megathreads.

Well then what prevents you from making your own then? You can ask for something else but there is nothing preventing you from making it yourself. It’s like telling the person across the table to get the ketchup for you when it’s right next to you.

I don’t want to make one because I already know people won’t use it. This idea isn’t the first time being suggested. It has already happened but people just end up ignoring it. That’s honestly why the concept of megathreads are so flawed. If it isn’t being managed by the mods, it shouldn’t exist.

The you should probably change the title.

Can I choose provide something interesting in my day.

Agree to disagree.

She is currently pretty much in Alpha state now. So realistically her rework, was a revert.
If they were happy to revert to this, with everything that it did to the game. Why would they not consider reverting back to when she wasn’t considered such a monster to the game and provide fixes that will not return it to the state it was in before that people got so upset with.

I hope they bring back old Mercy.

“The Doctor Is In!”

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I would love to see a megathread made again simply because I hate seeing the same 5 Mercy topics talked about all day every day by a new person every thread.

I feel like everything that could possibly have been addressed in a year has been addressed and people are just making threads to repeat what someone else has already said.

Like this one for example.

The only thing this thread exists to serve is to clog up the forums by posting that Titanium thread link and adding in NO new information when they could have simply bumped that thread instead. It’s unnecessary.

Bumping is against CoC.

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Yeah that only applies when the thread is old enough to make it a necro. There are so many posts going into that thread that it’s always active.

This also goes into the point of making a new thread simply to just post a link to a thread that already exists is not a form of bumping already? Technically no but if your post adds nothing new other than someone elses work copy/pasted onto it then I believe it should be considered spam as well.