Since The All Time Top Thread Points out Mercy's Issues


Could we finally get the issues addressed in said thread on her current state? For reference, the thread I am referring to is this one by Titanium.

Over 1200 likes, and over 2 thousand posts, and counting. I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people in this community would like the devs to look into it. What say you, dev team? :slight_smile:


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Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why

I wish I still believed they cared at all. But that ceased long ago.


Once again, you are posting non-constructive spam in the thread, and are going offtopic. That is against the CoC. I would kindly suggest that you show restraint from doing so.
Thanks for your cooperation! :blush:

Well, if they do respond, I will say that I would be quite impressed. Worth a shot! :wink:

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The devs did respond a while ago, saying they had no plans to Revert Mercy.

Even though I don’t think that the current state of Mercy is good for her players (I don’t play her), the devs have responded to her state.

Obviously, that could change! But as it stands now, all we know is that the devs don’t have any plans to revert her or give her another rework.

You are free to continue discussion. I respect that. But the devs have responded, months ago. As far as we know? Nothing has changed.

Maybe the devs will change their minds. I don’t know. I’m not a dev.


They have never directly shot down the idea of a new rework
A revert sure that went up in smoke but a rework has never been shot down
And it’s the only way to fix this dumpster fire


pretty sure Jeph already anwered about Mercy…you can find it in his posts. most didnt like the answer but he did answer it, when and if they had any plans for her they will say it, right now they like where shes at and no changes are planned, i think his post said something like that.


While yes the Devs have responded in the past, that was indeed the past. We are now a full year into this rework and it still remains one of the worst things to happen to this gane in my opinion. We have had nothing but radio silence from all the devs in months, and its almost certain that their position has changed a little, if not entirely.


I don’t know what the devs are thinking either, but I do know that they did revert her healing as of recently. They also said that they have 10 other iterations of Mercy that hasn’t been tried yet. So who knows? It’s really up for anyone’s judgement as to what their plans are at this point.

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Fact : there are too many mercy mains in the forums, opinion about her on the forums are to be taken with a bit of distance.
Let’s keep her off meta for a while
-From a support main who would rather play any support than mercy without being asked to swap


Blizzard really needs to start giving us info on these problems. But in all honesty, I just don’t think they care anymore. All of their reworks failed and Hanzo is still OP, they need to focus on their own game and not OWL.


please show where it is black and white. cause until now they ever did revert a rework and wont do so now.


First time for everything.


And who is to say the first will be Mercy?

If you ask me the hero most deserving of a revert is Roadhog. He’s objectively in a worse place than Mercy is.


No one said that. From what I understand.

That’s not fact… That’s an opinion, that you believe is factual.

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Roadhog doesn’t need a revert.

he just needs tweaks and then he’ll be fine.

same with sym and hanzo.

mercy as is cant be fixed in this state a rework needs to happen. (preferably after torbjorn gets his rework and after bastion gets his after that.)


Old Roadhog would be worse off than current Roadhog.


Its been like 3 months since they last responded to you guys. It seems you just plug your ears and pretend they haven’t said anything so you can keep spamming the forums.

With the recent nerf to her HPS you might seem some more adjustments, but nothing they have done or said in the past year indicates they are even considering a rework or a revert.


It’s ridiculous how much Mercy spam is going on on these forums, you guys are just a complete joke.
You know that you are not going to get heard by the Devs because they already stated their opinion? Spamming the same nonsense over and over again wont get you anywhere, you are just going to completely destroy the reputation of Mercy players out there.


I don’t see how you posting here saying its spam (when its not) and spamming what is seemingly nearly the same thing you’ve said the last 15 times and nothing happened.

its almost like the threads aren’t spam.

  • Mercy had 50hps before the rework.
  • Mercy was given 60hps before the rework was announced.
  • Mercy was brought back to 50hps in the recent patch.

Edit: Corrected second point - thanks Titanium! :smile:

return to (a previous state, practice, topic, etc.).

So by definition, the devs have already reverted Mercy, despite what they said previously. I’m looking forward towards seeing if more reverts to the hero happen in the future! :wink:

This was a huge success.

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